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Weekly Look at Cop Clubs- Defiant Brotherhood . Yep, They even patch their women with a 3pc. SMH

This morning Insane Throttle did an article on the Defiant Brotherhood, it turns out that there is a cop supporting club m/c and then there is a Facebook Group that uses Defiant Brotherhood. We are re-writing this article again because the original one has mysteriously disappeared into cyberspace and one of our Admins have landed in Facebook Jail. We issued a correction of a few things in that article, which has been posted below.

“Insane Throttle has received a rebuttal from Steven Light concerning its article on Defiant Brotherhood this morning. It seems now that he runs a group called Defiant Brotherhood on Facebook and has no affiliation with the M/C that was featured in our article this morning.

When asked why he named his group after an actual MC. “Because they were not known to me. They are a very small M/C, law enforcement based and good people from what I’m told”.

He also noted that he started the Facebook group in the hopes of finding 10-15 people to ride with and didn’t know it would grow to be so large.

Insane Throttle, if this is the case, corrects that portion of the article concerning Steven Light, most of the article will stand because it’s a lemc club. They can thank guys like Steven Light for bringing them to our attention.

So you have an actual club that is called Defiant Brotherhood who wears a 3 piece patch and an Internet group that wears a 1 piece patch SMH. But we give props to the internet group. At least they chose a 1 piece patch, the cop club went the route of 3 pc and put it on women. Maybe the internet group should absorb the real m/c and teach them something.”

Officers of Defiant Brotherhood – Yes those are women wearing 3 pc patches


Defiant Brotherhood out of Mesa Arizona (You really didn’t think we would forget about you now did you?) Congratulations on being named to the “Weekly look at Cop Clubs”. Our first article might have been lost to cyberspace, but don’t worry, our opinions are still fresh on your club.

One question I do have in all this, Who started first? The Internet group or the cop club? Just had to put that out there, any normal M/C would’ve got ahold of the Facebook group and told them they were using the name of their club, but hey, you’re not a normal club, now are you? Here is the first paragraph on your website about what your club is about,

“The Defiant Brotherhood is an independent MC that enjoys the freedom of two wheels, friendship, and doing what we love – riding in the wind. Defiant Brotherhood MC believes in total equality, therefore all Sisters and Brothers wear colors. Family comes first, then work, and then the club. We respect all other clubs; however, that does not mean we condone what other clubs stand for, or what they do. We support all law enforcement and charities of the club’s choosing”.

“Law Abiding Club”, that statement from clubs drives all of us “REAL” Bikers nuts by the way. Pop-up Clubs use that because they need the protection of cops on the street because “Real Traditional” clubs will not recognize them, plain and simple. These pop-ups are fast to claim that they wear the 3 pc patch because of respecting the tradition of clubs that came before them. Who the hell are you bullshitting? If your club respected the traditions, you wouldn’t align yourselves with cops, and secondly, you would never consider putting a 3 pc patch on women.

This question is to the so-called men of this club. Can you honestly tell us that anyone of those women wearing that 3 pc patch can stand up and defend that patch? Can they back up that patch when the time comes? Our answer, Hell No they cannot. Insane Throttle hates to be the bearer of bad news, but women are NOT equal to a man in this lifestyle. Now, whatever you do in the privacy of your own home is your business, putting a patch like that on women already tells us that she leads her man around by the balls. That same woman will get hurt on the streets cause a real man won’t allow any women to talk shit or step up on them without repercussions. As a man, how could you put women in that kind of situation?

Talk about being a wannabee gangster

Insane Throttle understands that it’s now 2017 going on 2018 and most of you middle age dick catchers don’t understand how things go on the streets, most of you play that weekend warrior role, watched a couple episodes of Sons of Anarchy, then get hyped up on all that beer power and think you can throw on a 3 pc. We are here to tell ya’s, that isn’t reality. One of these days all you dick beaters will hop on your Honda Rebels, stop at a bar, and run into a real club that isn’t all that hip on you playing Sons of Anarchy. Honestly, you do have a hot chick as one of your officers, she would probably be the first one to be hit on, just saying.

I always ask these types of clubs, What is wrong with putting on a 1 pc patch? It really doesn’t take away from you getting on your mopeds and playing biker, it helps you stay safe and you would get more respect from the clubs if you did. Hey, you could even put that pretty little center patch in the center and whatever your sisterhoods name is. Just a thought and advice really, after all, it’s your Right as you “Law Abiding Clubs” always say.

We apologize to our readers that our other article is no longer online, it was a hell of an article if I say so myself. We will be having an article later this week about the Facebook Group “Defiant Brotherhood”. We are interested in finding out more about them and get their side of the story from the article we originally ran. As everyone knows, we always like to get both sides of the story when we print something. With that, next weeks “Weekly Look at Cop Clubs” will be on the “Punisher M/C”
Thanks to all of our readers for your continuing readership.When we do get something wrong, we will always issue a correction. After all, we are not the cowards over at MSNBC or CNN who can’t man up and own up to mistakes.

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