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Weekly Look at Riding Clubs – Defiant Brotherhood LLC

Today Insane Throttle is going to focus on Riding clubs or R/C as they are referred to. Insane Throttle spends a lot of its time focusing on M/C (Motorcycle Clubs) because they are a very important part of who we are as a biker community, but as the readers will see today, M/C isn’t the only thing that makes up the Biker Community. Motorcycle Clubs are actually pre-dated by Riding Clubs, these type of clubs started almost right after the invention of motorcycles.

Riding clubs back in the day were organized by the motorcycle companies to get people involved with the new invention. The modern-day resurrection of the earlier riding clubs sponsored by a motorcycle company is none other than “HOG” or Harley Owners Group. If you ever went to a Harley Dealership and bought a new or used bike, most of the time you were giving a free year or so in the local chapter. The local dealership usually has it’s own HOG chapter and sponsors events year round for those who want to find people like themselves, love to ride.

HOG might be the most popular riding club out there, but it’s not the only one. The AMA (American Motorcycle Association) sponsors thousands of them, and now with the internet, Facebook Groups are forming them. These riding clubs can mostly be identified by their members wearing a 1 pc patch somewhere on their vests. I can challenge any of our readers to say they haven’t seen a HOG patch in the crowd when out at a rally or even a bar holding a poker run.


It’s funny, as I’m writing this article, I can only think about a conversation I had last night with a friend of mine who is a 30-year member of a very large worldwide 1%er club ( I’m Jealous of the brother because he’s sitting out on the West Coast, nice and sunny, while I’m sitting here in Chicago freezing my ass off and he will rub it in every winter like clockwork) and the subject of riding clubs were brought up. He brought it up because of the confusion that happened yesterday with the cop club out in Arizona and the internet riding club we are writing about today. Let me tell ya, Insane Throttle don’t eat crow much, but he was right, we were the Ass-Monkeys yesterday.

Aside from him taking the hits on us from confusing the two organizations, he was making some incredibly good points concerning riding clubs. The points he laid out were in response to me asking about clubs and 1%er clubs trying to humiliate or threaten an R/C organization just for wanting to get together and ride. Here are some of the points that he made.

– R/C organizations and the individuals who are members are some of the biggest supporters of his club.

– R/C members can always be counted on to support the clubhouse, attend club functions and support the legal funds.

– He couldn’t speak about anyone else’s M/C, but when I brought up the one email that was sent to this riding club by a suppose member of another club, he got agitated “If any members of my club or a support club of ours ever pulled that shit, they would get two dotted eyes and a prospect patch. For one, we don’t threaten people over the internet, that’s just some punk shit, secondly, are we going to go around pulling HOG patches off everyone we see? That’s the same damn thing as all these riding clubs out there. We did that we wouldn’t have any damn supporters” (Guess ya can see where I got the HOG analogy from lol.)

– Riding clubs are just that to us, Riding clubs. They have women in them, only wear a one piece patch, so what threat do they pose to us? It’s when you get these damn clubs throwing on State Rockers who are the headaches for us.

I thought it was important to throw in a 1%ers view on the subject of riding clubs because we have a lot of keyboard warriors that will try and put their two cents in on this subject, guys that honestly have no idea what the hell they are talking about except for getting out there trying to start shit on the net.

So after yesterdays, ass-monkey move on Insane Throttles part, we decided we wanted to learn more about the Facebook group or riding club as it’s trying to organize into is all about. Here are some of the questions we asked the Administrator of the group, Steven Light about Defiant Brotherhood.


1. Insane Throttle would like our readers to hear more about your group. Can you tell us how you came up with the idea for the group? For example how you came to name it, how the patch design came to be what it is today?

Defiant Brotherhood (DB) was born out of defiance, being involved with a local Riding Group that had no respect for one another, and no brotherhood whatsoever. It was the perfect storm for creating the Groups name, Defiant Brotherhood. The design of the patch, the skulls facing off against each other, symbolizes the defiance I felt when I walked away, and still feel today. Defiant Brotherhood was built on a foundation of Much Love, Honor & Respect.

2. One of the things we respect the most over here at Insane Throttle is the fact that your group chose to wear a one piece patch. What made your decision in choosing to go with a 1 PC instead of what most of the new startups are doing when they choose a 3 pc patch?

I put together a highly respected DB Advisory Council, from the very beginning. We have a Retired 1%er MC Prez (who will remain anonymous), along with some of my closest Riding Brothers. It was determined, that going with 4″ & 6″ 1 piece Group support patches would not send up red flags or be considered a threat to the MC Community. Our DB Group Members have been asked to display the patch proudly on the FRONT of their Riding Vest or Jacket. We have a disclosure on our website: “Defiant Brotherhood is NOT an MC. Defiant Brotherhood, LLC, shall not be responsible for the actions of those wearing the patch. Please do not represent yourself as being something you are not. A good person can find themselves in a very bad situation, going up against a true 1%er MC Member. Please be safe out there.” So far, we have had very little trouble, but as you are aware, there will always be Troublemakers & Instigators along the way.

3. Your group has grown to be very large, close to 45,000 online. Do you have chapters across the United States that are active? Or is it a group that is used to find riding partners?

No, we don’t have DB Chapters. As big as we’ve become, we are a close Group of Brothers & Sisters, who have a passion for Riding, and for their Motorcycles. We have become a Family, many of which would cross State Lines to have a Brothers or Sisters back. I have traveled upwards of 10 hours, meeting up with DB Members to ride the North Carolina & Tennessee Great Smokey Mountains. And, I accept invitations to ride with DB Members, whenever possible. There is a place at the top of the Group page, for DB Members to create Events and share them with the Group.

4. When you first started the group, did you ever imagine that it would grow to be so large?

Truth… I started the Group with hopes of finding 10 or 15 local Riding Brothers. It never crossed my mind, that we would receive Membership Requests from out of the area. Then came one from Great Britain, followed by Brazil, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and all over the United States. Today, we have DB Members in 99 countries worldwide.

5. Most if not all clubs respect that a one piece group does not claim any territory, or represent something that they are not. Can you tell our readers about the text you received concerning someone claiming they would pull a patch of club members of yours if seen with it on?

It wasn’t the first time, and won’t be the last. I received a message through the “Contact Us” button, this past Sunday morning. This individual claimed to be with an MC in the Detroit, Michigan area. He had a few choice words that he referred to myself, and to our DB Group Members by. Among his favorites, was “Wannabe Faggot Ass Pussy 1%er’s”. He threatened, that if his crew sees anyone with a DB patch running those Colors in Michigan, his crew will be taking our cuts & gear, and teaching us a lesson in MC culture

I’m sure his comments weren’t sanctioned by his MC Prez, or any of their Officers for that matter. Respect is earned, and today’s MC’s value that highly. One rouge Member can blemish a Clubs reputation with the stroke of a computer keyboard, or an upfront & personal unnecessary encounter with an unknowing Biker. I have seen this happen to Bikers wearing S.O.A. T-Shirts, threatening scary confrontations. I would have to guess, these are Hang Around’s & Prospects who haven’t patched in, and don’t know any better. Either way, it reflects poorly on the entire Club.

We had a similar circumstance, not too long ago, in the UK. A Member of Satans Slaves MC Devon threatened to rip a 6″ DB patch off of one of our DB Group Members. He was told never to wear his cut with the DB patch on it again, anywhere in Devon. I was told, that the MC Member was an Officer of Satans Slaves MC Devon. Our DB Members, for the most part, are of no threat to anyone, especially a 1%er MC.

6. What type of motorcycles do you need to have to join the group?

We’re a Motorcycle Riding Group… Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW, Ducati, Norton, KTM, Triumph, Indian, Victory, makes no difference what you ride. We screen every prospective DB Members Facebook Profile. If there’s nothing Biker about them, their Membership Request is rejected. We turn away near as many as we accept into the Group. We are a Bikers Group, for Bikers, about Bikers, managed by Bikers. There are very few exceptions to the rule.

7. What kind of rides does your club organize?

We have what I call, DB Adventure Rides, our last one was this past October. We spent an incredible weekend in the Great Smoky Mountains, and rode Tail of the Dragon, Cherohala Skyway & Moonshiner 28 all the way to Bridal Veil Falls. For less than $250 per person, this DB Adventure Ride included hotel accommodations and all food & beverage for the entire weekend. Our next Great Smoky Mountains DB Adventure Ride is planned for May 11-13, 2018. Information for this ride can be found at



Local DB Adventure Rides have included the beautiful & scenic oceanfront coastline, from Daytona Beach, Florida, all the way north to Saint Simons Island, Georgia. I’m planning a Key West, Florida, DB Adventure Ride for September or October of 2018. I’ve also asked our DB Brothers & Sisters to share their thoughts & ideas for unique Ride opportunities elsewhere. I’ve recently added DB Backseat Adventure Rides to They’re fantasy rides for women who want to experience being a Biker Chick for a day. It’s a 4-hour backseat ride on a comfortable Cruiser Bike, with pick-up at their home or hotel, then the most scenic ride in their area. Lunch is included. All in all, I ride as often as possible, and place high value & respect on those who ride with me.

8. Does your club have a board of officers that help run the club, or is it more internet based?

As I mentioned earlier on, we do have a highly respected DB Advisory Council, a Retired 1%er MC Prez (who will remain anonymous), along with some of my closest Riding Brothers. This is solely an Advisory Council, as we are NOT an MC. We are a Facebook Group. I lead Defiant Brotherhood, as its Founder & Admin. Although, I could never keep 43,000 Bikers in line without the help of an amazing Team of 6 Group Moderators from around the world. We have Group Liaisons in Nottingham, UK and Sydney, Australia, as well.

9. As a 1 PC patch club, how has your reception been with the rest of the motorcycle club scene?

It’s unbelievable, how kind everyone has been to me, right from the start. Show Respect, Get Respect. We have a large number of 1%er Club Members in Defiant Brotherhood. I won’t mention the Clubs, out of respect for them. But, I have what I call, DB Rule #1… No Colors in the Group, here we are all one. Believe it or not, they all honor Rule #1. I can walk into virtually any MC Clubhouse and feel welcome. It’s wonderful to feel such Brotherhood, among Clubs that are quite often rivals outside of the Group. Much Love, Honor & Respect, not just words. It’s a Code by which we live by, and support one another by, as well.

10. Where do you see your club going from here? What goals do you hope to accomplish and where do you see the club in 5 years?

I’d like to take the Group to the next level. It would be an unprecedented move, to go from Facebook Group to RC, but that’s where I see Defiant Brotherhood heading. I’m currently working on Group Articles, Rules, Declarations, Officers, and putting my ducks in a row (with the guidance of our DB Advisory Council) in hope of scheduling a meeting with our local Dominant MC & COC. There are plans for a 14″ 1 piece DB Patch, but reserved only for Defiant Brotherhood RC Members.

Keep in mind, baby steps, this is an NE Florida & SE Georgia Chapter. It will most likely be 10 or 15 of us, but it’s a beginning. And, I want to do it right, following proper procedure and protocol, as it should be. My 5-year goal is to have Defiant Brotherhood RC set up as a Charitable Club, on an International scale. Ultimately, I’d like to have Bike Nights, Charitable Rides, Blood Drives, Sponsored Children’s Events like Toy Runs and Hospital visits for children with life-threatening diseases. I’d like to see DB Brothers & Sisters volunteering at Soup Kitchens for the Homeless, and supporting Veterans who served proudly, and made huge sacrifices, allowing us the Freedoms that we have today. Not just here in the US, but worldwide. That may be an unrealistic 5-year plan, but through hard work, dedication, and acceptance from the MC Community, I can see it coming to a realization.

So there everyone has it, I know a lot of rumors have been out there that this group was going to try and pull an Iron Legacy, sell 3 pc patches online and form chapters. In the end, it looks like they are planning on just doing a riding club. They have a set of goals they are going to try and achieve, it’s obvious that the founder has a great deal of respect for protocol, our only regret is Insane Throttle lumped them in with a cop club. Maybe that cop club should change its name, or better yet a trademark should be filed before a riding club is formed. God knows you don’t want your r/c associated with a cop club.

Insane Throttle will be doing a weekly segment on Riding Clubs, after this debacle, it would be nice to get a more rounded picture of the true motorcycle community scene. If you would like to have your riding club featured in an article. Get ahold of us at

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  1. Great article as usual! Your friend from the left coast put it perfect, and I know for sure you understand it perfectly also, if supporters feel unsafe, clubs will never have supporters! Supporters provide a huge amount of financial support in addition to everything else. Facebook pages such as the one run by the kid in Arizona who believes his page is the “protector of veil” when it comes to clubs causes more problems then they are worth!!! This page was the reason this “facebook riding club” received threats. The 1 thing people that support clubs need to understand, patchholders really do respect the support they give, they enjoy having them around BUT when they start causing problems, no one differentiates them from the club they support, and even though they may be doing these things out of loyalty and pride in the club they support, clubs have enough problems without facing issues due to a supporter making threats they have no right making!!

    Best wishes on a great 2018 James!


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