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Time for Motorcycle Clubs to unite in 2018. War between clubs will destroy who we are Club Member or Independent . Time for these leaders to sit down like men, they can do it if they wanted to.

By : Robert “Ghost”Hawkins

As the new year fastly approaches us, Insane Throttle would like to wish all of our readers and supporters a very Happy New Year. We also would like to thank all of you for the huge amount of support you have given us, that support has allowed us to bring some great changes for 2018.

January 6th will be our debut of “Motorcycle Madhouse” hosted by James “Hollywood” Macecari. The Madhouse will be available on two different kinds of platforms, we will be posting it to our Youtube channel, if you haven’t already you can jump on over to and our main podcast site . We can assure our followers, this won’t be the normal boring politically correct podcasts out there already.

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Lastly, 2018 will bring a fully functional Online Biker Magazine. Yes, one that will be for all of us that remember what a respectable rag was suppose to be about. This Rag will not be your Easyrider crap or any of the other politically correct stuff these executives have been pushing down our throats since the 1990’s. No, this rag will be a complete reversal of what bikers have come to expect in recent years. It will be a no holds barred true scooter tramp rag that harkens back to the ” Outlaw Biker Rag” days. With all that out there, let’s get onto the subject at hand.

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What Biker fun was about in the early days. Before of course we went on to killing each other

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Unless we change we will all perish.

Food for thought to every patch holder in every club.
This is how things have changed in the last 40 years. Everything is on camera now. Stupid behavior is damn near shown live on a daily basis. The shit we did in the 70s and got a 30 day county time and a work release slap on the wrist for is now 2 years state time.

We can all stand around and whine and bitch but the reality is it is us fucking up our own clubs and the biker lifestyle. When we allow internet warriors to dictate our values we lose. In 40 plus years of doing this, the biggest changes I have seen is the inability for us to see each other as men first and see a patch as just that. A patch. Until we do that, we will continue to invite the Feds into our lives and eventually we will all perish.

If we as men from every club continue to do stupid shit in broad daylight on fucking camera and our leaders stick their heads in the sand and act like covering for our “brothers” means we are doing a solid for each other we will destroy the entire lifestyle we have enjoyed. Their will be no next generation of “bikers” if we can’t learn to communicate with each other as men.

I have read and done a lot of research on Waco for an example, and point no one is getting is this, EVERY BIKE CLUB IN THE WORLD was and will be judged through the eyes and the narrative put out by the media in every event. We all lose if we continue providing the media with a destructive narrative.
I don’t care if you believe the whole thing was justified, or set up, the reality is, we as a whole did it to ourselves by not finding a way to stay off of the front page.

We keep fighting battles while we are losing the fucking war.
The idea of a “dominate club” in any state in the country is over. It ran its course, it’s dead and we are going to keep doing stupid shit in the name of the old COC system until the FEDS bury us all. Right now what is needed is leadership in every club, smallest to largest, 99% or 1%, OMG or LE, RC or MC to start communicating and looking at a bigger picture. If we don’t we will perish, the biker lifestyle will perish, bikers will all become internet gamers sitting in their living rooms eating fucking Cheetos.

Fuck, look at all the idiots pretending to be experts on the biker life now. Bloggers, not bikers, teaching couch riders all about what club is real and what club isn’t. Jesus look at the aftermath of the Waco thing ,every fuckin club involved has been around for better than 40 years and we have idiots out here on the internet acting like they were all riding Schwinn ten speeds the week before and just started an MC that morning.

Half the people writing demonstrate their ignorance every day in my opinion, when they try to pick one side or the other as the legitimate club. Why? Because they create the problem and feed into the problem from behind a computer keyboard creating bullshit between clubs. I bet half the fucking idiots spewing their expert opinions on who is the dominant club and how everyone should act are FEDS themselves stirring up bullshit to try to fuck up our world.

It was about Biking and Brotherhood. Not who had the biggest dick

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The way to stop it is clear. We have to quit worrying about who is wearing what, or who is pretending to be the dominant club, or who is supporting or listening to what and learn to focus on one goal. Keep the Feds out of our business. In order to do that we have to keep our own under control, reach out and talk to everyone we can from every club and quit letting internet warriors behind keyboards dictate who is good and who is bad and how to act.

I know this may be hard to believe but every club has assholes, fuck just because a guy wears the same patch as you do doesn’t mean you should cover his ass when he is being a douchebag punk doing something that is going to go bad for the biker world as a whole. If the leaders of all the biggest clubs in the world could get their collective asses in a room together and work shit out they could actually lead the biker world out of the death spiral it’s in.

Quit worrying about “pop up” clubs and “protocol” bullshit. It is a battle that was lost 15 years ago and was brought on by an outdated system and the short-sighted leadership of that system. You will never force men to follow you, that ability has to be earned. We all have to adapt, or just like the shit in Canada, Australia and around the world we will perish as MC clubs and the biker lifestyle will perish with us.

We have a common enemy, ourselves. We can either win together, survive together or perish together. The feds have all the money, all the judges, all the laws and will bend or break
every rule without consequence in order to win a rigged game.
The question is, will we be stupid enough to continue to fall into that trap or will we redefine the game by not playing it at all?

There have been all kinds of shit written about how the DA in Waco did this or was corrupt with that. Battles that are meaningless in the big picture because even if you assume 100% of it is true and every cop, every Fed, every prosecutor was corrupt, it isn’t going to do a single thing to stop the onslaught of bad shit we create when we have idiots executing each other in gas station parking lots and off ramps in front of cameras being broadcast on the evening news.

All the good press we received as the MC world from the CNN thing the Mongols did last year didn’t cover the bad press from watching the reruns again and again of the shit at Harrah’s in 02. It was a great effort but it sure didn’t get the coverage of Waco for 3 straight nights on the evening news. We allow the Feds to destroy us because we keep playing a game they control. The answer is clear, the top guy’s of every club need to think about how to survive together or they will lead our way of life to destruction together.

Call Each Other. You All Know How. If not, you can have the feds destroy your club and be out at every funeral where your club is burying a brother.

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