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American M/C is a kick in the nuts to those who take being in a Motorcycle Club serious. Another Show that takes a shot at a lifestyle in decline: So-Called Documentary staring Gary Busey?

Here we go again! First, it was Kurt Sutter who made some money off his vision of what motorcycle clubs were, now we have this unknown Tom Baker out in Phoenix Arizona shooting what he claims to be a documentary but in essence is a poorly scripted reality show starring Gary Busey and Brian Bosworth. Now don’t get me wrong, Gary Busey the ultimate party guy and looks like he’s fun as hell to be around, but the premise of this show is freaking ridiculous. They have 17 dudes from all walks of life, broken down into groups who try to form a motorcycle club. The first thing that came to mind was “WTF”.

So first clubs had themselves portrayed as a bunch of gun running, drug dealing, murderers, then now you have clubs portrayed as a joke, something that needs another reality show to teach people how to start and be a club. Damn, I’m in the wrong business. Maybe I should get out there teaching all these RUBS some club protocol, or get out there and teach them how to start a club and I’ll be rich. Never knew there was such a demand for this kind of ass-nine shit.

Only good part of the series was 81 putting them in their place and making them shit their pants. The 81 chapter president was a cool ass dude, laid back and you could see he was just laughing his ass off at these fools when they were talking at the gas station.

When I was sent the link to this show by a reader, shit who knows, the dude who probably made this show sent me the damn link so he could try and get people to watch the crap, god knows nobody would seek out a show like this. So if it was the shows creator who sent it to me, asking me my opinion, guess ya got a kick in the nuts ass-monkey. You asked for my review, and here it is.

– What kind of crack was you on producing this kind of garbage?
– The only thing real in this whole thing was 81
– What was the whole point of putting these dudes into groups and having a competition on who could make it into a motorcycle club?
– By the looks at all the crying and whining throughout the show, none of these dudes could make it pass a hang around period in a real m/c

Gary Busey was the only one that was entertaining in the whole damn thing, not because he was trying to act like a biker, but because he’s funny as hell. Have to say though Gary, looking kinda of rough, need to stay off that pipe there brother. As far as Brian Bosworth? What a joke and I’ll leave it at that.

Now I know the shows creator did this because he wanted to make some money, can’t be much because it’s only available on Itunes, guess there isn’t much of an audience for him to sell it to a network, if a network picked up this garbage it wouldn’t last a season because no one would want to watch the shit. Guess it’s a good thing he decided to push it on Itunes cause I know all the Keyboard Warriors are eating the shit up.

Heres what the shows actual description is from Rotten Tomatoes

“AMERICAN M.C” follows a group of 17 motorcycle enthusiasts from across the Southwest, who come together in hopes of forming a real Motorcycle Club, or “M.C.” Along the way, they realize that this was easier said than done. Riding at full throttle, these men must learn the rules of the road while trying to abide by the unspoken traditions and life-altering nuances of 1% Outlaw Bikers — non-adherence of which could lead to certain deadly consequences. With guest appearances by Academy Award-nominated actor Gary Busey and NFL legend Brian Bosworth, among others, this series also features rare and exclusive content with the infamous Hells Angels”

Has anyone ever suggested to the shows creator how bad an idea this really was? Probably not, it’s all about the money and film credits for him, which hey, more power to him. It’s really all of us who decide to watch something like this that is the true problem. For all those little whiny keyboard warriors that run around crying about club protocol, this is the kind of shit entertainment that is tailored made for you. Eat it up, then go pound on those keyboards every time one of those hate sights go after a pop-up club because that’s what they said was the right thing to do. Sorry state of affairs we are truly in.

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