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Insane Throttle Biker News is happy to announce our new Free Biker Social Network and Dating Site. Uncensored with all kinds of features and goodies

Insane Throttle has been working on a new biker social networking site. We are now happy to announce that we are in the testing phase of the site. The site is called Biker Madhouse and you can join for free by setting up your profile by clicking here to join . Biker Madhouse is Facebook on steroids and without all the ads and censorship. Some of the features of the site let’s members upload videos, private chat, forums, start groups, dating features , write your own blogs and a whole ton more. We have the site set for auto approve for all profiles and opened up all the features to ya guys and gals.

It will take a few months to populate the membership of the site, so please take the time to share this post and share the word about Biker Madhouse. Again, there will be no censorship what so ever, we are all bikers and if you get butt hurt easy by stuff people post don’t join. XXX pictures can be uploaded and more. Time to take a Biker Site back Old School when political correctness didn’t exist in our lifestyle. Any questions shoot the Admin Profile an email and we will get right back to ya.

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Our First episode of “Motorcycle Madhouse” will be coming out Monday January 6th. You can subscribe to our channel at

Don’t forget to go over to Insane Throttles YouTube Channel where the Madhouse will also be on for those who like Youtube You can subscribe to our channel at




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