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Helmet Law Repeal Debate Started: Funny how those who do not ride get to decide whats best for those who do

All over the country legislatures are looking to repeal the Helmet Laws that were passed during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. Thanks to the hard work of all the ABATE chapters all over the country, these tight ass politicians are starting to listen to those who actually ride.

This helmet debate reminds me of the Concealed Carry debate Illinois was forced to have because it was the last state in the Union to prohibit the carrying of firearms. Living in Chicago, there is no other place in this country that you will find the most ass-nine politicians on the planet. Here in Chicago, we call it the “Democrat Machine” an operation left over from the first Mayor Daley. Corruption is not even the word to describe the ass-monkeys in charge here. During the whole Concealed Carry debate, these idiots would go around saying that if people were allowed to carry guns that the whole city would turn into the wild west. Nevermind, the city is named Chi-Raq already, but that’s a whole different story.

So what does that debate have to do with the helmet laws all over the country? Quite simple, we have these so-called legislatures who never started a mini bike trying to tell us what is good for us. Americans need to wake up to what is really going on out there, especially with all this political correctness coming from these leftist crybaby snowflakes. Once you start giving up your rights as an American citizen, you might as well be a flunky in North Korea.

Helmets, do I wear one? No, I do not. Do I fault those who do? No, that’s their freedom of choice. Do I believe that helmets save lives? Maybe in some cases, but the majority of cases, especially if you’re going over a meager 25 miles an hour, helmets become useless, except maybe to save your pretty face from getting all deformed in a wreck. Most people who die from accidents, the cause of death is usually internal injuries. So what the hell was the point of a helmet except to make you look all pretty in the casket?

When I see these debates going on, I usually shake my head because of the hypocrisy of these idiots we voted in to make the decisions. They are voting on an issue they have no experience with, they rely on false reports from the so-called medical community, which is bias right off the bat, and is politically correct from these politicians to find cover in those reports.

Next time you see an ABATE member, thank them because if it wasn’t for them educating some of these Ass-Monkeys we all would be required to do something that we didn’t want to do. I personally would rather have my freedom of choice than the crap they push about security and welfare. That’s the problem with Americans and especially this younger generation. The younger generation believes it’s the government’s job to take care of them, the government is best in making the decisions that are supposed to be left up to those citizens who have rights to make them.

This helmet debate is just an example of that government power and the reason why we must continue to put up that fight. If we as bikers don’t get involved in organizations or at least support organizations like ABATE, then you have no wiggle room to bitch when something is pushed you don’t like. So all of our readerships should be jumping on those phones right now, getting on these Nebraska lawmakers and telling them WE DONT WANT THIS HELMET SHIT. Tell them we want freedom of choice, who cares if you’re not from Nebraska, this is an issue that affects brothers and sisters all over the country, it’s something that affects you as a biker. So get your ass up and start calling these ass-monkeys and be apart of the solution, don’t let others do all the fighting for you.


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Source: Lincoln Journal Star

Nebraska state senators opposed to the state law requiring motorcycle riders to wear helmets will get more hours to debate the bill Wednesday.After three hours of debate on Monday, sponsor John Lowe of Kearney told Speaker Jim Scheer that proponents have enough votes to advance the bill on first round. Scheer confirmed it would be back on the agenda Wednesday afternoon.The bill has been introduced and debated numerous times in recent years, and last year Lowe took up the responsibility of trying to get it repealed. He and other proponents said it’s a matter of personal liberty.

“Opponents speak of the societal costs and ask when does the cost outweigh the need for personal liberty?” Lowe said. “And I say to them: Personal liberty and the right for an individual to run their own life, as long as it does not direct harm to others, is one of the fundamental tenets of our founding documents.”

Omaha Sen. Bob Krist joined in support of the bill as he has for his entire time in the Legislature, he said, saying he believes in civil liberties.


“Do all of you that participate in rodeo want the bull riders to all have to wear helmets?” he said. “Do all of you who ride a WaveRunner want to be told to ride with a helmet?”

Omaha Sen. John Hilkemann, a retired podiatrist, was a major opponent of the repeal. He introduced an amendment that would change the age of a passenger allowed on a motorcycle from a minimum of 6 years old to 16 years old.

“Any child who hasn’t grown to full adult size would be defenseless in a motorcycle accident,” Hilkemann said.

Nebraska last year had 27 motorcycle fatalities, including four people who died in July in a crash south of Lake McConaughy when a vehicle crossed the center line on Nebraska 26 and hit two motorcycles head-on. In his district, he said, 78 percent of the more than 300 people who responded to a survey believe the Legislature ought to keep the helmet law in place. Lincoln Sen. Kate Bolz said statistics related to motorcycle crash injuries are compelling, including that four years after getting a brain injury the majority of those injured are neither working nor back in school.

“And colleagues, that has a significant economic and social impact for our society,” she said. Sen. Mike Groene of North Platte talked about the economic benefits of repealing the helmet law. “We need more people to see our beautiful state,” he said. “And we need more people coming through this state driving Highway 2.”

It’s the road that takes motorcyclists right to the Black Hills and Sturgis, he said.

Lowe said everything about riding a motorcycle is a risk, from the first decision to buy one.

“Let’s give these motorcycle riders what they want,” he said. “They play by the rules. They want the rules to change.”


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