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The Bitter Bikers Riding Club: This weeks Insane Throttle Riding Club Spotlight: What a mission that they are on.

The best thing about this country can be summed up is by those who serve in our military. The United States is an all-volunteer service, the best in the world, something that should be cherished by every American Citizen. These men and women who volunteer to put themselves in harm’s way for us are the bravest and most honorable people alive.

On September 11th, 2001, when our nation was attacked by those coward ass goat pumpers, the men and women of the armed services didn’t let us down. Not only did active duty personal already serving step up, but the young kids all over the country with no hesitation signed up to go to war as well.

We are currently still fighting that war, Afghanistan has become one of the longest wars in United States history. Nevertheless, our boys and girls are still standing strong, knocking the shit out of those goat-pumpers at every turn. With war comes the bad, our boys and girls receive wounds that are life-changing, not only physically but mentally as well. This is where we as American Citizens should be stepping up to the plate to do our part. We should all be there, either by donating to some of the great veteran charities or volunteering to raise funds for them. These men and women, mostly kids, gave a piece of themselves for us. Now we should return the favor.

One such group of bikers has done that. They are called the Bitter Bikers RC. They are a group of bikers, some whom have served themselves in the military, participate in all kinds of military support causes. They manage a support helpline for military personnel who are contemplating suicide, they ride in veterans funerals and participate in most anything that will benefit their communities. This group of guys has really stepped up to the plate. We sent out some questions to the Bitter Bikers in hopes of getting some more information on them, and most important, help get the word out on their riding club. It’s a riding club doing some very special things, if you have time, you should hop on over to the website and take a look. If your looking to do your part for our men and women and didn’t know which way to go, here is the perfect place to get active with the cause and have fun doing it.


Insane Throttle: Tell the Readers of Insane Throttle how you came about the name of your Riding Group

Bitter Bikers: We came up with the name because most people view motorcyclist as some kind of sons of anarchy group and we are tired of that view. Our plan is to change that view.

Insane Throttle: Where is your riding group based out of? Is it a local or national based club?

Bitter Bikers: We are a riding group that includes multiple states so I would classify us as a national riding club

Insane Throttle: What made your riding group focus on the military and military suicide prevention?

Bitter Bikers: We have many veterans who ride with us and at one point a few of our members had a tough time getting proper care so we networked together to help them and it just came naturally to do this for others afterward. We visit veterans in inpatient and help them with things at home while they are getting the care they need. This is not our only focus we also do work with children etc… we are always up for new charities

Insane Throttle: What kinds of makes and models of motorcycles do you have to have to join the riding club?

Bitter Bikers: We are not brand specific. However, we do require that all members be able to keep up on rides. NO MOPEDS

Insane Throttle: Does your riding club sponsor a charity event or run for a specific organization dedicate to the military?

Bitter Bikers: We do sponsor a place called DV farms which is a place that helps veterans get reintegrated back into civilian life after the military. We do this because not enough places do this. We will have a charity event for this specific organization this year.

Insane Throttle: Are women riders allowed to join the riding group?

Bitter Bikers: At this current time we do not have female members. This does not mean it cannot change.

Moose is the founder of Bitter Bikers and is always up to add new members to ride with so do not be afraid to contact for information.

Insane Throttle: Have yourself ever served in the military? If yes, what branch and how many years served?

Bitter Bikers: Yes I was in the army for 6yrs as 11-b

Insane Throttle: Does your riding club attend any of the National Rallies together? Daytona, Sturgis etc for example?

Bitter Bikers: No we are independent so we do not attend any national rallies as a club, however, members can go and have fun.

Insane Throttle: Ok, a fun question here. Army or Navy? Football that is lol

Bitter Bikers:ARMY (hooah)

Insane Throttle: Where would you like to see your riding club in the next five years?

Bitter Bikers: I would like to see chapters in most of the 50 states doing events to support vets and children in need

Insane Throttle: If someone would like to join your riding club, how do they go about it?

Bitter Bikers: They can go to our website at and click membership request and we will do our best to get them connected with a group in their area. They can also find us on facebook by searching bitter bikers

Insane Throttle: Do you have a website or facebook site you would like to share with the readers?

Bitter /


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