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Mongols M/C- 12 members charged under 54 count indictment: Won’t help the Patch Case any with this: Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the indictment is the next step in efforts to dismantle gangs and stop the spread of deadly drugs and violent crime.

In a news release, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the indictment is the next step in efforts to dismantle gangs and stop the spread of deadly drugs and violent crime.

Well, this isn’t going to be helping the Mongols patch case any. 12 arrested on charges ranging from murder to arson? Yep, think the government if they get indictments, in this case, will have a lot easier time proving their case that the Mongols are a criminal enterprise. The one thing I do not get, why the hell take the risk with opioids when you know the US Government has it at the top of the list of priorities? That magic elf Session has a hard on over the drug trade right now.

What I guess is confusing for me, why take the risk of all this with a case that could aid the government in winning the patch case? This just pours fuel onto the fire now!

That begs a question. Who’s really winning the biker wars happening out there? The damn federal government! We all can go out there and pretend this kind of shit isn’t happening, go around and blast the government “They are setting them up”. We all can go around and think we have no responsibility at all, just the big bad government picking on the clubs, but is that truly a fair and legit way of thinking? Is that way of thinking really winning the war against the Government? Simply stated: Fuck no, we look like a bunch of conspiracy theorist with tin foil on our heads.

Fact is the damn federal government when they bring cases like this have a 98% conviction rate. Those assholes at the FBI have their shit together, they dot all the letters before bringing down an indictment. Better said, they are not the idiot cops who just rounded everyone up and assured they would look like ass-monkeys like in Waco. No, the Feds are a different species of Law Enforcement. What I find funny is how clubs really think they can take on the government who has unlimited resources. Most club members don’t have $500 in a savings account, more or less the resources to take them on. Plus, when shit like this happens, each member is asked to give more each month towards legal fees, that $500 in savings usually gets wiped out pretty quick because the members have to kick up more dues money. Seems like a vicious circle doesn’t it?

Is this why membership is down all over the country in 1%er clubs? Or could it be that this is 2018 and people really are not into this shit anymore? Have we as a biker culture really went down the path of this? Is history repeating itself? Not learning from past war times when the only ones that won were the government? I know perfectly well as I’m writing this article, it will fall on deaf ears. Talk of peace in the club world is a fantasy, it has been since the late 50’s. Until the leadership of these clubs has had enough, realize that it’s a battle they cannot win, bury enough brothers or sit behind bars for life sentences, nothing will ever change. Clubs are more worried about showing off their dick sizes instead of thinking about the clubs future.

If this kind of stuff continues to happen, I can probably bet in a 10-year time span, most of these clubs will cease to exist. Why? Technology and lack of interest in being a biker. Sales of motorcycles are rock bottom right now, the next generation can care less about a biker culture, they are more interested in whats good for them on an individual base, then what would be good for a whole. Technology? You can’t even fart without it being recorded. So how the hell do you think you can continue to war? Shit, the 69ers were picked up for the murder in Florida within hours of the crime. I can bet you, within days or weeks someone from this group will be making a deal to save their ass, it’s always a constant in these types of cases.

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Source: Labanon Democrat

NASHVILLE – a 54-count superseding indictment was unsealed Thursday that charged 12 members and associates of the Mongols Motorcycle Gang with racketeering conspiracy.

Three other individuals were charged with other federal crimes, including large-scale drug trafficking and crimes related to the Hobbs Act.
According to the indictment, members and associates of the Clarksville Chapter of the Mongols engaged several violent criminal activities, including murder, attempted murder, assault, kidnapping, robbery, extortion, witness tampering, money laundering, interstate travel in aid of racketeering and large-scale drug trafficking.
“Gangs that conspire to spread illegal drugs like methamphetamine and lethal opioids, extort legitimate businesses and wage violence on our fellow Americans will be held accountable by the Department of Justice,” said U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “Last year, we secured the convictions of more than 1,200 gang members, and, as this case makes clear, we are not slowing down. I want to thank the ATF and all of our incredible state, county and local law enforcement partners who helped make [Thursday’s] indictment possible, including the Clarksville and Owensboro Police Departments, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and four county sheriff’s offices. [Thursday’s] indictment is the next step in our efforts to dismantle gangs and stop the spread of deadly drugs and violent crime.”

As stated in the indictment, the Mongols Motorcycle Gang identifies itself as an “outlaw” motorcycle gang and is a nationwide and international organization with chapters in different geographical areas. Most of the chapters are in California, but chapters were established in other parts of the United States, including Tennessee.

On Thursday morning, local, state and federal law enforcement officers began arresting those charged in the indictment, and all but one was taken into custody.

“Attorney General Sessions has made it clear that prosecuting violent offenders and reducing violent crime is a top priority of the Department of Justice,” said U.S. attorney Don Cochran. “[Thursday’s] indictment and arrests have resulted in the removal of many dangerous individuals from neighborhoods in and around middle Tennessee and we intend to vigorously prosecute these individuals and hold them accountable for their actions. I commend the many law enforcement officers and prosecutors who have dedicated enormous amounts of time and effort in bringing these charges.”

The indictment details allegations of violent, criminal activity and drug trafficking in and around the Clarksville area beginning in or about March 2015, by certain Mongols members or associates and continuing until the return of the indictment.
Twelve of the individuals were charged with racketeering, including:

• James Wesley Frazier, aka “Slo-Mo,” aka “Special,” 30, of Clarksville.
• Aelix Santiago, aka “Good,” aka “Big O,” aka “Big Offit,” 29, of Clarksville.
• Kyle Heade, 30, formerly of Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
• Joel Aldridge, aka “Sleezy,” aka “Spoon,” 36, of Clarskville.
• James Hines, aka “Fester,” 42, of Clarksville.
• Michael Forrester Jr., aka “Stix,” 29, of Clarksville.
• Stephen Cole, aka “Lurch,” 36, of Clarksville.
• Jamie Hern, aka “J-Roc,” 38, of Clarksville.
• Robert Humiston, aka “Bric,” aka “Brichands,” 25, of Dover.
• Michael Myers, aka “Yea Yea,” 33, of Oak Grove, Kentucky.
• Michael Levi West, aka “Smurf,” aka “Blue,” 35, of Clarksville.
• Adrianna Frazier, aka “Adrianna Miles,” 32, of Owensboro, Kentucky.

Derek Leighton Stanley, 43, of Owensboro, Kentucky was charged with large scale drug trafficking. Timothy Grant, 31, of Clarksville, and Dustin McCracken, aka “D,” 28, of Clarksville, were charged with offenses related to Hobbs Act robbery.
Steven Cole remained, at large and his whereabouts were unknown.

Allegations of criminal conduct contained in the indictment included kidnapping and assaulting a person, using a gun and a Taser at a motel in Clarksville on April 20, 2015; setting fire to and destroying the Sin City Motorcycle Clubhouse in Clarksville on May 7, 2015; kidnapping two people at gunpoint in the Clarksville area on May 22, 2015 and taking them to a cemetery in Bumpus Mills, where one person was shot eight times, including once in the head, and killed; breaking into a home in Hopkinsville, Kentucky on July 4, 2015 and pistol whipping the resident and stealing their belonging while holding the victim at knifepoint; attempting to murder a person on July 14, 2016, by shooting the victim multiple times for wearing clothing identifying himself as a member of another motorcycle club; from Oct. 26, 2016, through about Nov. 9, 2016, kidnapping a woman from a hotel in Nashville and physically assaulting her and threatening her while interrogating her about the death of a co-conspirator member of the Mongols Harbor Chapter in California.

Other criminal acts are alleged in the indictment.
If convicted, Grant and McCracken face up to 20 years in prison. All other defendants face up to life in prison.

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  1. MCs cannot take on the Feds and win, but yet they block out the truth, they are an endangered species. They will go by way of the American Indian. That is why RCs are taking the place of 1% percenter MCs. People want to ride and enjoy the fruits of their labor in tranquility. Finding a way to coexist with Law enforcement only makes sense unless you want to spend your life in jail. You won’t have shit when you get out.

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  2. IIMHO this is your best article yet ! Real truth and right on the money (sic) . Club business does NOT have to criminal to make bank. The big old clubs could go at least semi legit and thrive and with no infighting would certainly push Govt. intrusion back successfully. Talk to the good off duty cops when you are both armed and relaxing together, they generally like and on some levels admire bikers who are not crazed violent outrageous hard drug slingers who kill each other.


  3. As an ex 1%er out of New Orleans I can appreciate that you understand and respect 1%er clubs. Been reading a few of your articles and can appreciate your perspective on the subjects. Keep up the good work.


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