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Biker News Sites: Reader Beware-What kinds are there and what to look for when getting your news

Biker News Sites. You all have seen them pop up all over the internet in the last couple of years. Personally, I love seeing the different news sites because they each give the community a different perspective on what’s going on out there. The different kinds of sites that make up biker sites include editorial sites such as Insane Throttle, some sites are ones that will allow it’s readers the ability to post articles from mainstream media concerning bikers to the sites, these type of sites take out all the legwork of having to go around and find the different stories all over the net. Other sites will focus on events and rallies. Basically, whatever you’re looking for, there is a biker news site for that subject.

There is a catch to all these sites. Just like the mainstream media who has it’s fake news sites, the same thing is true for biker news sites. A person has to be able to read between the lines, especially if it’s an editorial. If you are reading an editorial from a site, you have to gauge the credibility of the author. The most important thing you have to look at when reading these editorials. You have to ask yourself ” Is the author leaning one way or another when he/she reports on the subject”. If you find that the author is leaning the same way every time whenever the same circumstance come up, then I would take that editorial with a grain of salt. The author has an agenda and he/she is trying to pull your opinion their way.

Why is that dangerous? Well for one, if you can’t think for yourself, you’re pretty much in the wrong lifestyle. Two, the author is apart of the problem. Let’s face it, when you get the number of people reading the articles that we do on these sites, we have a powerful tool to persuade and affect public opinion in one direction or another. So for example, I don’t like one club and start writing all kinds of BS about them. Well, whoever is reading that piece is forming an opinion based on what the author is saying and goes out there on the internet and spreads it like it’s gospel. That’s some dangerous shit right there because whatever position the author took, now gets spread out all over the internet and we all know what was originally said has now been broken down into a million different ways.

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This is when stuff starts happening on the streets because some people when they see it in a news article now feel they have to take care of the problem because they feel disrespected. It’s a huge responsibility that every biker news site needs to take when doing editorials. Being in the biker news business, I get to know the competition out there, see what editorials they are writing, what angle they are approaching the story. But most of all, I’m looking to see if the author is truthful or full of shit. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but most of these authors who are writing editorials have never had any experience in any clubs. If they did, it’s not the clubs they told their audience they were apart of. Point being, they bullshitted you. They would say they were in an Outlaw club but turns out the club or clubs they were in were some riding club or veterans club that had no involvement in the Outlaw Biker world. But they will go around acting as if they had membership in an outlaw club and experience to write on the subject about what is happening on the streets. And that,is fucking dangerous because here you have a person who claims something they never had a part of, never lived, so who the fuck are they to try and write about the outlaw biker world?

What’s worse, some of these people have been on the internet for years and actually have people believing the shit they write, knowing themselves it was all bullshit. I’m sorry, but god damn, that’s not only irresponsible, but it lacks honor and integrity. It disrespects the people who put in all the work to live the lifestyle that they love. To live off those peoples coattails to make a living is utter and total horseshit. I guess if everyone is following me on this, yes, Insane Throttle has come into possession of information regarding one of these sites. We were going to release it the other day, but we have come into further information regarding this site and are researching the leads right now.

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When we get it all together and verified you can bet we will let the information go public. Not to be a bunch of dicks, but because this site has passed on bullshit that had real-world consequences on the streets. It’s only fare that all the information is out there so people can make their own decisions. As always, we will keep you all updated on the release of this exclusive shocking information.

Yesterday we asked the readership a question on our Facebook Page. The question we asked was pretty simple, but as always, something simple can turn into fun-filled drama when it comes to the internet. We asked Insane Throttles followers what they would like to hear more about, or if they had any suggestions for more content. Well, right away someone sounded off about our so-called coverage of “Pop-Up Clubs”, specifically the “Kinfolk”. Now, usually, I don’t mess around with social media, that’s either “Ghost” or one of the other webmasters here at Insane Throttle. But when I saw what was written I took to the Facebook platform to reply.

The post that was made is exactly the reason why biker news sites need to stay down the middle when it comes to clubs, just report the facts of their research and call it a day. The person claimed that “Pop-Up Clubs” were made up of less than stellar membership. Guys who this person said, “Were apart of 7 clubs in 2 years”. Well for one, that’s something that would be said by someone who takes in their information by hearsay, and secondly, one that has a preference for one club over another and bases everything they claim to know about clubs on their support for that club.

I got thinking, I know that people have their preference for which club they like supporting. But how freaking shallow a person is to make statements like that. I hate to burst a bubble, but some of the Big 5 clubs, even the top ten clubs have lowered their standards so much to get numbers, I too, can name people in the same situation the reader mentioned, in the big clubs. I also know that some of the bigger clubs to get numbers only have a 6 month prospect time and wave the hang around period. So again, how would they be any different than these so-called pop-up clubs?

I don’t know if the readership actually realizes, but I personally know tons of ex 1%ers who left the bigger clubs for these so-called pop-up clubs. Now, the haters will go out there claiming they couldn’t hack it, or they would claim they were put out on bad. I call bullshit, that’s some bullshit internet propaganda either from so-called biker news sites with an agenda, or chat room drama from people that have no idea what they are talking about.

It’s always funny, adults, so-called bikers engaging in drama like they were back in high school cause they support one group or another. What makes it even worse? The ones doing the talking are not apart of any club, don’t wear a patch and only use the internet to feel important because they finally have someone to listen to their bullshit. There are sites for that kind of people, but Insane Throttle isn’t one of those. We report or do editorials on what we can verify, regardless of affiliation. You will never find Insane Throttle tilt a story to one club or another, the reason being, we know how what we say can be taken apart into a million different pieces and cause real-life clubs issues.

What is unique about Insane Throttle compared to other sites with editorials, we like both sides of the story to come out. I know this is a new concept because you can always tell with these other biker news sites they lean heavily towards one way. But is it truly a news site if they cannot give a constructive view of both sides of an issue? Insane Throttle will always, never matter the club, or the so-called viewpoint on the street or internet, give both sides of the story, period. If I or any of the others that write for Insane Throttle take heat for that, well, so be it, not like petty words will hurt my feelings. Afterall, I dish it out pretty heavy on some clubs, I can take the criticism as well.

Lastly, I encourage the readers to speak up, call us out if we get something wrong. Criticism only makes Insane Throttle try harder and do better. Suggestions are always encouraged. Email as much as you like to Insane Throttle, we love the feedback. I honestly would like to thank all of our followers, even the haters, for making Insane Throttle such a success.

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