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Things just getting worse for Harley Davidson- Company to recall 250,000 motorcycles. 2018 Lineup a disaster

Looks like Harley Davidson just can’t catch a break. Today the factory put out a volunteer recall of over 250,000 motorcycles that will cost the company an additional 29.4 million dollars. OUCH!!! Now to Harley Davidson’s defense, most ass-monkeys are not changing their brake fluid at the recommended service intervals which is causing corrosion.

Well, Harley, maybe you should start marketing to your original base. You know, the ones that actually care about their rides. Did you actually think the RUBS would actually care enough to make sure that their ride was taking care of? I know the company was betting on all that service money for this particular group of riders, but how is that going for you now? Hope that 29.4 million was worth it. Especially in times when you just laid off 800 workers . Time for the company to get back to the grass roots if you want to build the company into the future.

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Source: Journal Sentinal

Harley-Davidson is recalling more than 250,000 motorcycles because the brakes might fail.

The voluntary recall, which last week Harley said would cost it $29.4 million, covers CVO Touring and VSRC bikes — model years 2008 through 2011 — equipped with anti-lock brakes.

Worldwide it includes more than 251,000 motorcycles, with nearly 175,000 of those bikes sold in the United States.

n July 2016, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began investigating problems with the brakes after getting 43 complaints, including reports of three crashes and two injuries.

The problem is linked to a module that’s part of Harley’s anti-lock brake system that can corrode and fail without warning. Usually, only the front or rear brakes won’t work. But in one case, both systems gave out, resulting in a low-speed crash into a garage door.

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The trouble appears to lie with the brake fluid, which some owners apparently aren’t changing as required every two years.

The old fluid can become contaminated by moisture and may be corroding the anti-lock brake system’s actuator valves. If it does, the valves won’t work.

“While it may be true that complainants failed to adhere to Harley-Davidson’s two-year brake fluid service interval requirement, the consequent sudden and complete loss of brakes, without warning, is a concern,” the recall documents said.

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