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“My Brothers Keeper”- Fact or Fiction in the Motorcycle Club Scene?

I was thinking about that phrase as I was uploading a new video to our Youtube channel. “I am my brothers keeper”. A strong and definite statement by anyone who has ever heard it. Coming from a patch holder, you can believe it. Or can you? While I was uploading the video of one of Big Petes answering session from Insane Throttles facebook page that phrase hit me like a rock. I stopped dead cold in my tracks. I remember a question that came from one of those in the “Live” session I was uploading. It was some Outlaw M/C supporter from the “Stateline”. Kenosha Wisconsin I believe if I’m correct. Now before you get all in an uproar, I’m not bashing on the Outlaws M/C. I’m merely making a reference to this guy who supports them.

The supporter asked Big Pete if he was “Out Bad”. When I saw the question I knew what the dude was up too, but knowing Big Pete since 2003, I knew Pete would put the guy right in his place. (I’m sitting there thinking “Who the hell are you” to try and call out Big Pete?” A freaking dude who is a supporter. Probably never rode with the B&W, but because he puts on a shirt he is a know it all) Well true to form, Big Pete, put it right out there. “Depends on your definition of bad, the only reasons a club put someone out on bad was because they testified in court, talked to the cops, or stole from the club”. Well. knowing Pete as long as I have, none of these were the reasons he left the Outlaws M/C. The man left because he was fighting Cancer, was on sick leave, which gave those who wanted to seek to move into his spot the chance to make their move. Politics, that’s the reason why Pete left the club.

Still, to this day, I know his former club regrets the politics that were played. After leaving the club, the chapter he was President, ended up losing the clubhouse, an icon on the Northside of Chicago, and from what I hear, the chapter has dwindled down to a skeleton crew. Guess Karma is a bitch.

I wanted to address one of the many haters out there. I’ve seen it pop up from time to time when they cannot stand something that I write. I was a Black Piston, this is true. I was a Black Piston for 2 years and Vice President of Dupage County. I also was a Prospective Outlaw. I was apart of a group of Pistons who moved up, by the time everyone moved up it would make that chapter almost 25 strong.

Prospecting was hard, the bullshit thick, but I enjoyed everyone in the chapter. I especially loved the Chicago Region. The parties and rides were just out of this world. Some of the guys I got to know even before I was a Piston, in the 90’s another club I was apart of hung out and partied with the Outlaws so I was able to make a ton of friends through that relationship. Big Pete was the boss of Chicago and the VP Regional when I came aboard with the Black Pistons. He was a cool, stern guy back then, just as he is to this day. But Big Pete was always a fair guy to those who wore a patch, like him or not, he was always fair.

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I left the AOA 51 days before the first vote for full membership. Yea did all the National and Regional requirements that needed to be done. It was cruise sailing after all that was done. Then one day, I got into it with a Full Patch member of the chapter. He thought it would be cool to set me up, see I had this ex-bitch, one of those that don’t take no for an answer. Well, this member thought it would be cool to bring in this bitches current boyfriend into the clubhouse. Well, things were said, and the dude left. Well for the next couple of weeks dude and this ex-bitch were following me around. I remember heading out to Hammond Indiana, getting more pissed that this full patch member brought this dude to the clubhouse and was apparently taking this drunks side, I whipped a u-turn and headed over to the Presidents job site.

Well had the discussion, told the President what was up (It was a funny thing, his son that was prospecting with me, was right there backing up everything that I said) and that night a meeting was called. Well, all the bullshit came out, all that was happening, and we were tasked with taking care of the shit. Well, the next day me and this full patch went to confront the guy. Instead of getting the bullshit to stop, the full member took this drunks side again. I had words with the patch member, then finally told him lets go back to the clubhouse and settle it. Well, another meeting was held, the full patch member took dudes side. In that kind of situation, there is only one way to handle shit, I asked if we could go outside and solve the shit like men. I was denied because I wasn’t yet a full member.

The only thing that happened to this dude was he was busted down to probate. Here I’m in a situation with a fucking idiot and an ex-cunt making life living hell for me, and dude gets nothing but a probate patch. That right there wasn’t brotherhood to me. Ends up two weeks later this bitch and her drunk boyfriend was feeding cops shit about me, so I had to deal with the cops screwing with me, come to find out when I finally got this drunk alone, the member who was busted down to probate was telling him to do the shit.

At that point, I felt betrayed more than I ever had in my life. I went back, showed my proof, but still, couldn’t handle the situation. At that point, I said fuck it and left the club. The President understood my position, I left in good standing. Fast forward to 2017. Because I back “Big Pete” I’m now a piece of shit, which hey, fine with me. Is what it is. I knew what the man did for that club, for the Northern Confederation of Clubs, and I sure the hell knew what happened to me with that club. So your damn right I will always stand behind Big Pete. By the way, dude I had problems with, was thrown out of the club 6 months later after being bounced from chapter to chapter. The only regrets that I hold today, I didn’t wait those 51 days to get patched and beat the rat’s ass.

So when people question if they should be apart of a Motorcycle Club or Riding Club. I agree with Big Pete when he says “Go with the Riding Club, have fun, stay out of all the politics”. Big Pete is 100% correct, the politics and bullshit piles up to the top of the Sears Tower in motorcycle clubs. Motorcycle Clubs seem more about power and money than true brotherhood. The next man is always angling for the right time to take a position or trying to make a few bucks. The guys who are in clubs know this, the guys who are former members know this, maybe this is the exact reason why clubs are having so many problems with each other. It’s all Power and Money.

I tend to be a critical thinker, I look at all angles of a situation, block out all the noise around me and base my decisions and opinions on facts. I remember when my old Piston Boss, patched into the AOA, was actually considered a son of the President, asked me if I wanted me to come to a party and hang out. This brother I’m speaking of left the AOA for personal reasons, then after he tried going back, the same president who looked at him as a son, put the breaks on it all because he was pissed he was going to a different chapter. So out of nowhere, the President told the chapter he was going to he was “Out Bad”. Everyone was confused because this dude did nothing wrong to get that designation other then he pissed the guy off for not coming back to his chapter. So he said fuck it and went elsewhere. By the way, the President I’m talking about is in Big Pete’s book “The Last Chicago Boss”.

I told him “Sure, would be a hell of a time”. Well after he said that, he came out and told me where he went. “Iron Order M/C”. Yea, I was shocked at first, but he was a brother and after the initial shock wore off I could care less, he was a brother. This is incidentally how I was able to get all the Iron Order interviews.

I’m I apart of Iron Order? No, I am not. That question has been asked since I’ve done those articles. Do I have contacts within Iron Order? Yes, just like I have contacts with all the Major 1%er clubs, 99%er clubs all around the world. I enjoy my independence, I’ve had my fill of club life and everything that goes on within one. I’m actually a big supporter of Riding Clubs. I’m I apart of any riding clubs? No, I’m not. I do not join anything other than a political organization like ABATE. I cannot join any other organization if I want to continue to have the independence to write on Insane Throttle and bring a middle of the road approach to everything.

Do I support motorcycle clubs? Hell yes. Just because I’m an independent now, doesn’t mean I lost my love of them, what they are supposed to be about and hope for the day they return to their original purpose. Brotherhood and Biking.

So back to my original question. Are you “My Brothers Keeper”? I guess it has to depend on the club and situation that you’re in. For me, when I saw what they did to “Big Pete”, my answer is a simple and resounding “NO”. They didn’t even give that man a sit down at the table, they made their move while he was sick in bed while recovering from all the cancer shit he was going through. They put him “Out Bad” because they knew damn well he had tons of supporters, ones inside and outside of the club. Had to be able to cut that support by giving him that status. It’s actually sad, after putting in 20 years into a club, that club resorts to that kind of crap. Think about that next time you want to make a sly remark, thinking you are something (Goes to the dude that asked the question), but most importantly, look at the status of Chicago, look real hard.

“My brothers keeper” means bleeding, crying and standing tall with the person next to you no matter what. It does not mean, use your brother for what he is worth, then throw them away. It means no matter what the decision he makes, you stand by him whatever that decision is (Unless it has to do with cops, then throw his ass in a ditch).

“My brother’s keeper” is not a patch, it’s not a club. It’s having honor in your word to someone other than yourself. It’s having the honor to stand up and defend a brother even though he might be making a mistake. “My brother’s keeper” has everything to do with you standing there with that man and taking whatever hits come, even if it’s from a current or former club. That’s “My brother’s keeper”. Not the fake show of brotherhood that is put on when you use “Brother” because you don’t know someone’s name, not the fake show when a brother leaves a club and never hears from you again. That is not “My brother’s keeper”.

It’s funny, a lot of those on the internet are worse than a bunch of seniors in high school, with all their drama. Maybe because in real life they cannot stand there as a man and say what they mean, they are too scared to voice their opinions out of fear of ridicule, whatever the reasoning, these type of people have to live off the backs of others, they see something on the internet and have to chime in, knowing, if it was a real life situation they would tuck tail and run.

To all those people, know this, you will never fully know what life truly is about behind the screen of a computer. You can go out there, put on all your leathers, act like you know what club life is all about because you watched a couple episodes of “Gangland”, know what the term “Out Bad” is suppose to mean, follow the mob in proclaiming someone else’s accomplishments are null and void because you heard 1 of the million stories about a man like “Big Pete”. But when it’s all said and done, he lived the life, you’re just a plain coward who sat behind a computer wishing you could’ve experienced what he did. Think about that the next time you look in the mirror.

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