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Is there any good news for motorcycle clubs? Will the status quo continue?

By : Robert “Ghost” Hawkins

I was reading a lot lately about a number of events that pertain to the MC world. I thought I would list a bunch and give a demonstration of how I see things and ask you all “Am I the one that’s fucked up”? Or do you wonder the same things?
Let me first point out I am not speaking for Hollywood or anyone other than myself and before some asshole gets on here and bitches like a baby girl, read my entire article and understand I am not on any side, I am just pointing out the way I see things.

First thing, I have read a bit about the whole Waco deal. I think that any reasonable person can see that whole thing has been fucked up since the start, it reeks of a cover-up by the local authorities. Where all the conspiracy theorists lose me is motive. NOT after the shooting motive. Everyone with a brain can see that this DA felt he had an opportunity to use Twin Peaks debacle to his political advantage.

I am referring to before the start. The whole idea that some group of local law dogs would get together and plan this leaves me with a big problem. WHY? I have read all kinds of shit about how the Cossacks were all undercover cops or ci’s, and this is why I think that is fucking crazy. I mean think about it, these highly trained well-armed shooters opened fire from 150 to 200 ft away with the firepower to wipe out a small army, with the idea that they were there to kill Bandidos? They couldn’t tell they were killing Cossacks who were all there as plants or instigators at like a 3 to one ratio? Really, does someone seriously believe that?

I am not defending the Cossacks, I am pointing out how stupid that argument is to me. Next, again before this all started, what was the motive? Who was going to win? If the local law planned this out they were doing it for a reason. What did they hope to gain? I have seen the theory that it was to seize assets. That is nuts, Christ the litigation with creditors on most of the shit seized would have cost them as much as they were recovering.

I have seen articles that say the Bandidos got jumped by the Cossacks because the Cossacks outnumbered them and started it. I wasn’t there, I will not judge the validity of those feelings, but I have to say the whole argument that the Cossacks instigated this ENTIRE EVENT pretty much goes out the window when they were the guys that suffered the most casualties. I am not in anyway saying that once the clubs were in the parking lot that it was or wasn’t a Cossack that opened the game.

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I wasn’t there, so I have no idea, everything else I have seen is someone else’s opinion. In my world, the only facts are the ones in front of me. Who won in the end? Cops? Do you think they like being in the middle of this stupid shit? The idiot local DA? It looks to me like this guy is going to end up fucked. So now we have the great saviors of peace. Feds again. The press is begging the Feds to come in and take out the problem at the local level and deal with this corrupt local government. Be careful what you ask for.

Denver, all the same arguments. Iron Order are all cops and ci’s, they can get away with anything. Of course, the whole idea that something like fourteen IO guys jumped like a hundred and fifty Mongols causes a little problem with the narrative that some of the blogger babies spit out. but always in the end, pretty much the same end result. Dead and hospitalized bikers. The local law is incompetent. Feds are climbing up everyone’s ass and the media gets out the Gangland narrative. Go Feds, make us safe!!!

Leesburg Florida, OL and the Kingsmen, same good guy bad guy crap spit out by the media, look at what is happening in New York with the Kingsmen. They invited the law, courts, and government into their business and look at the results. They couldn’t deal with each other, which happens sometimes, but why go to the law as a mediator? Christ flip a fucking coin and live with the results. Feds on the prowl in Florida and New York. Go Feds go!

Florida shooting of OL President. Ottawa Illinois bullshit between the OL and 81. I could go on and on for days, but the message we need to bring across in the club world is this. We are at fault. We keep making headlines and then trying to justify our reasoning like mom and dad citizen are going to give a fuck. We are being used by the Feds, and the media is supporting that bullshit.

Christ, I saw an email between a mouthpiece for the Feds and a blogger that blew my mind. Having false information fed to a site just to cause a problem between clubs feeds right into their hands. Yea these guy’s doing the articles are idiots for not verifying their shit, but again what is a real motive?

Is it because we don’t have the balls as a group to pick up the phone and call each other and then sit down one on one and talk about finding solutions. I have seen and heard all the trash talking for nearly 45 years, the biggest difference now is most of it is done by internet wannabes. It always makes me wonder how small a guy’s balls are when he calls out a club, any club, over the internet. It makes me wonder if any of those little ball babies ever have called up a guy from a club and full on challenged him to a meeting and then showed up.

I think I will check with Hollywood and see what the answer to that question is from Big Pete. I wonder how many internet warriors call him up and arrange to meet him face to face. One on one. Hell, I even wonder how many internet bad men called the Iron Order guy after he put his number on our page.

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Anyway, this whole thing is about motive, opportunity, and results. Feds want a bigger budget in every agency. Money, that’s the motive. I have listed just a few up above, throw in the whole Tennessee thing, the 81 getting shot at the gas station, the bartender in Joliet, blah blah blah. How many more opportunities do we have to give them?

That brings us to results. When the Feds win the patch case against the Mongols. or we turn to them to fix the problems in Waco, or if the civil suit against the Iron Order is won and leads to a new roadmap for the destruction of our way of life as clubbers, they will have achieved the results they want and we will be gone as clubbers. Total control over all MC’s, just like they have been working towards in half of the countries overseas. Hell, if we in the US can’t see the picture we should get the overseas guys to draw it out in crayon.

Remember Smokey the Bear? Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires. Same goes for us. Only we can prevent the loss of our environment. I am going to start moving some of my writing into a different direction. Hollywood and I are looking for clubs that have done the good side of the MC world. Send us information on your charity involvement and let’s start working together to get a good message out. Who knows, maybe one day we will all stand together and raise money to stop child abuse or help the Special Olympics and the Feds will lose one round.

Christ, it would be great to see the Bandidos and the Cossacks putting together a charity event and have it run peacefully without issue. Raise like 25k for a local charity in Waco and ride in together to present the check.

Hell lets get that launched and really throw a big fuck you into the whole narrative that all bikers are gangsters. Invite the 81 and Kinfolk, along with the Mongols and Iron Order to all show-up and donate another 25k and teach the rest of the citizens that the Feds are fucking wrong and we don’t need their oversight.

Actually, that would be a lot closer to what this was all about back in the early seventies when we rode bikes together and had fun partying our asses off instead of trying to worry about stupid shit that opened the door for the feds

That would really fuck up the Feds.


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