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Source : Barry Johnson for DA Here is what I call The People vs. Abel Reyna. You get to be the jury. We start with an opening statement. Here’s mine:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the actions of District Attorney Abel Reyna after the Twin Peeks shootings have placed JUSTICE IN JEOPARDY in McClennan County and could expose the taxpayers of McLennan County to millions of dollars in liability. I will further put forward that JUSTICE IS FOR SALE in McClennan County by Reyna dismissing or diverting criminal cases for friends and influential people in exchange for campaign donations.”

1.    JUSTICE IN JEOPARDY – Twin Peaks

“Twin Peaks was a disaster for Reyna, his department, and McLennan County. He had told friends this case would make him famous and that he would be able to run for any office he wanted in the future. Famous. How about infamous. Here’s why:

a.    Reyna went to the scene and took over the investigation from the WPD and the Feds. This is never done.

b.    DA overruled experienced crime scene investigators and had all 177 arrested when by all accounts around 15-20 should have been arrested.

c.     Lost and Cost of the Carrizal trial. $500,000, + $500,000 security

d.    Cost to try 154 cases at least $150,000 per case as Reyna and Judges going to be disqualified because Reyna is a material witness. That could be $20 million or more.

e.    Even more concerning are the 100 plus Section 1983 cases pending in federal court in Austin. These are federal civil rights cases with mandatory attorney’s fees, meaning, even if the court gives only a $1 to the plaintiff, McLennan County taxpayers could be on the hooks for millions of dollars in attorney fees.

Conclusion.  I will bring professionalism back to the District Attorneys Office without a political agenda.

 2.    JUSTICE FOR SALE – Favors for friends and contributors

“When a political official betrays his oath of office and betrays the public’s trust by giving special favors to friends and political contributors, then there is only one word to describe them – I think, Abel Reyna is a crook.”

a.    Greg Davs Sworn Affidavit Nov. 10th, 2017

i.     Former First Assistant District Attorney

ii.     Publically highly regarded by Reyna

iii.     Davis resigned over Reyna’s lack of ethics

iv.     CASES


a.    Big Supporter and campaign contributor of Reyna, arrested for DWI, CASE DISMISSED.


a.    Wife of prominent doctor and friend of Reyna’s wife, arrested for DWI. Case dismissed. Gave contribution after CASE DISMISSED.


a.    Reyna’s wife’s boss’ son. Possession of marihuana. CASE DISMISSED.


a.    “Never get in my F***ing business again”


a.    Many sources have said they have been interviewed by the FBI concerning Reyna, including his long-time secretary.

Conclusion.  I will bring honesty and integrity back to the District Attorneys Office without favoritism.

“As your District Attorney, everyone will get treated the same. That is what my dad taught me from day one in his J.P. office. He said if you ever make an exception or give a favor to one person, you are compromised.”

I REST MY CASE. And I ask for your support, your vote and your prayers.

By : Legendary Jim

Johnson vows to weed out loser cases, prosecute the assaultive

Waco – Which lever do you pull, which button to push when it comes to ridding a jurisdiction of a DA bent on criminally negligent practice?

Barry Johnson, a hometown barrister Texas “Monthly” labeled one of the state’s “super lawyers,” says he’s willing to answer the question, but it will take time, thought, intensive study.

After all, the situation is very rare.

But he’s got news for the motorcycle enthusiasts targeted by the Twin Peaks prosecutors and their boss, elected DA Abel Reyna.

“If elected, job one will be to assemble a staff of experts on probable cause, indictments, discovery – every aspect of criminal litigation. We will work to evaluate every single charge.

“The goal will be to eliminate the cases with no valid basis in fact.”

The way he says it, it makes one believe he means it.

He points to the 100 civil rights cases filed in Austin’s U.S. District Courts, the pending 154 criminal cases awaiting trial by jury, the face that the taxpayers ultimately will be left holding the bag to indemnify Abel Reyna, a man he says “made a horrible mistake” when he became a witness in each and every one of the indictments.

“That nullifies his ability to serve as prosecutor.”

It was Reyna’s decision to stop the police investigation and have a detective with no personal knowledge of the 177 “fill-in-the-blank” affidavits that do not cover the essential elements of a charge.

George Christie Insane Throttle Biker News motorcycle news

He recites the well-known “four corners” of the instrument prepared for a Magistrate’s signature in any criminal proceeding. 1) Venue and date, on or about; 2) name of the accused; 3) probable cause; 4) elements of the offense.

The affidavits presented to the Grand Jurors who indicted Twin Peaks defendants lack the elements of probable cause and the elements of the offense.

That is something that can be straightened out.

“Reyna has too much of a vested interest,” he declared.

Furthermore, a Court Of Inquiry scheduled for a future date to determine if Manuel Chavez engaged in perjury when he signed the affidavits and if Abel Reyna committed aggravated perjury “is probably the best way” to handle it.  When Reyna lied on the witness stand about the admonishment he claimed he gave Chavez to familiarize himself thoroughly with all the elements of the alleged offenses he committed a felony crime; Chavez committed a misdemeanor when he signed an oath stating he has personal knowledge of the offenses, something he later recanted.

When recalled to the witness stand, Chavez later denied any such conversation took place.

For starters, that’s his best thinking on how the mechanisms of the law will work to remove Reyna from the legal scene as anything other than a defendant.

In mentioning it, he praised Dallas lawyer F. Clinton Broden, who has successfully petitioned a Dallas District Judge for the inquiry on behalf of his client.

As to describing other means, he has to work on it.

“But there is one way the voters can act and get Reyna out of there,” he said. “Vote him out.”

We look forward to his video statement explaining the various legal procedures available. That one will take time.

We have plenty of that.

So mote it be.


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The man you might want to vote for to get this Corrupt D.A Reyna OUT!!!
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