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Bikes for Blessings give a Marine a welcome home- Repairs Marines Bike, New Paint and Clutch while Deployed

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

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“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

This quote always comes to mind when it comes to our United States Armed Forces. The men and women that serve this country on the front lines everyday to protect this country are Americas best. It is nice to see that this country appreciates the sacrifice that these men and women do for us everyday.

It wasn’t always like that in this country. The men returning from Vietnam were bastardized and spit on from those they went to protect. Regardless of the politics of that war, these men and women answered the call of duty and gave up life and limb for this country. To have to come home to that kind of disrespect must have been God awful to say the least.

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In 1982 the Vietnam Memorial Wall listed over 58,200 men and women from the United States side that were lost in that war. The figures for wounded or missing in action 153,303 WIA (excluding 150,332 persons not requiring hospital care) 1,602 MIA 766–778 POW (652–662 freed/escaped) Source Wikipedia.

Those coming home from Vietnam formed most of what we know of modern motorcycle clubs. They based the principles of Honor and Loyalty from the experiences they went through in Vietnam. In the coming years, the motorcycle club scene will see a lot of those who started what we all know today, hang up the saddle and retire. Hopefully those that they have taught will carry on the traditions they brought forth.

With that said, one organization is helping out the best they can. Bikes for Blessings recently restored a Marines motorcycle while he was on deployment. It’s an amazing story and even more cool when you see that Marine huge his sled. That’s the best reaction I’ve ever seen from an event like this. Man and machine as one. It’s truly a powerful message. It is also a job well done on behalf of Bikes for Blessings. To all of our followers of Insane Throttle. Head over to their Facebook Page and check out the awesome stuff this biker organization is doing for people. They are truly following in the path of those old timers who set upon us Honor and Loyalty. Give them a thanks. More important, next time you see a Vietnam Vet, go up to them and shake their hand. Tell them job well done.

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Source: The Daily News

Bikes 4 Blessings, a nonprofit in Virginia Beach, fixed up the motorcycle of a Marine while he was deployed.

A local Marine was in for a big surprise Saturday.

Under the sun at the New River Harley Davidson, members from Bikes 4 Blessings in Virginia Beach arrived with a trailer bearing the Road King police motorcycle of Staff Sgt. Billy Grube.

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Grube is the Jacksonville president of Bikes 4 Blessings and stationed with the 1st battalion 8th Marines, so he allowed the organization to watch over his motorcycle while he was deployed in Korea and Japan. But he had no idea the bike was going to come back with new chrome detailing, a paint job and a repaired clutch.

“I knew that we were doing this event, but I had no idea this was happening,” Grube said. “It’s such a good feeling to have friends to help out.”

Don Lauzon, vice president and one of the founders of Bikes 4 Blessings, said the nonprofit is in its sixth year and has given away 19 motorcycles. At first, he and a few friends were fixing up bikes as a hobby and decided to start giving them away to people who might not be able to afford one on their own.

But the Christian-centered ministry has shifted, and he said a lot of the projects are for wounded warriors or people with disabilities to help them continue riding.

“I think this is going to be the thing of the future,“Lauzon said.

The organization only recently attained nonprofit status, which allows it to save money on taxes, but also get better deals on trade-in bikes to fix up for riders in need.

Brian Howton, president of the Virginia Beach Bikes 4 Blessings, said he got involved with the Bikes 4 Blessings folks three years ago and ended up receiving a bike from them as well.

“I started becoming more involved with them and then they made the mistake of making me president,” Howton joked.

Grube’s bike project was started when he left for deployment training in August 2017, and asked Lauzon to take care of his motorcycle.

“It looks like a brand-new bike,” Howton said.

To unveil Grube’s motorcycle, a team of Bikes 4 Blessings men opened the trailer and Lauzon rode out to meet the Marine in the grass.

“It looks outstanding — I cannot wait to go on a ride now,” Grube said.

“I’m super grateful and none of this would have been possible without my wife and friends,” Grube said.

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