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Profiling Sheriff Dale J Schmidt changes course on Outlaws Motorcycle Club in Lomira. “We are Watching”

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James Hollywood

This sheriff up in Dodge County has really went off the rails. This dude just gave a reporter from Fox 6 the plot from Sons of Anarchy. Watch the video above and you will definitely see what I’m talking about.

It’s truly mind blowing watching this Sheriff talk. His story and motivations change reporter to reporter. He cannot keep a story straight in any of the interviews he is putting out there. We have emailed him like his office directed us so Insane Throttle can bring him on Motorcycle Madhouse to answer questions these other reporters are not asking. Hopefully within the next few days we will get the date and time for everyone. You can bet Insane Throttle will be asking the tough questions. As you can see from his office email we were told he would gladly talk to anyone. Will he keep his word? We will see.

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One of the biggest things I’m trying to reconcile in my mind. Something that has been eating away at me. The Sheriff said that the Outlaws M/C are a criminal organization. He bases this on the fact Outlaws in Milwaukee were arrested on RICO 8-10 years ago. Here is a picture of the Outlaws M/C clubhouse in Lomira. If you notice, it’s smack dab in the middle of main street. If the Outlaws M/C had any intention on doing criminal things would they put the clubhouse right in the middle of Main Street? Seems kinda unlikely doesn’t it?

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Outlaws Lomira Clubhouse on Main. Building in front of rusted 2 story

After the public outcry against the obvious profiling of the Outlaws M/C. Mr. Wizard now says he will not release any further plans that he and his officers have concerning the Outlaws being in Lomira. The only thing he will now say publicly is “We are Watching”. That phrase in itself should be concerning to any American Citizen. To have a police agency come out and say such things without any evidence of wrongdoing could be interpreted as a threat. Is the plan of this sheriff to make the lives of the Outlaws M/C living hell so they move out of town? It’s been done to clubs before.

Insane Throttle will stay on top of the situation in Lomira and bring you any developments. Again, we are hopeful that this sheriff accepts our invitation to appear on Motorcycle Madhouse so he can answer the questions that need to be answered. Are we holding our breath this will happen? No. It’s been 48 hours since our reply and offer to appear has been giving and we haven’t received anything back from the sheriff.

The readership can help us out on this request. This is the Sheriffs personal email address. We would like the readership of Insane Throttle to email the sheriff and ask that he appear on Motorcycle Madhouse. Encourage him to keep the word of his office to discuss this matter with Insane Throttle so our readership can get answers to their questions. After all, Insane Throttle prides itself on letting both sides of the story come out.

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Source: Fox 6

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DODGE COUNTY — After welcoming the Outlaws Motorcycle Club to town with extra patrols, the Dodge County sheriff is changing course. The only thing deputies will reveal moving forward is that they’re watching.

Law enforcement says the Outlaws are known for bringing in violence, drugs and trouble. Thursday, March 1st, Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt shared an update since the bikers opened a “clubhouse” a few weeks ago, on West Main Street — just outside Lomira.

“They’re welcome to be there, just don’t violate the law,” said Sheriff Schmidt. “Their M.O. is to move into a community to garner support, to give donations — that’s their M.O. to start out — but once they’re embedded in the community, and if you do your research on the Outlaws, that they turn a community upside down. They bring in violence, they bring in criminal activity,” said Sheriff Schmidt.

Law enforcement greeted the group with high saturation patrols last weekend. Nearly two-dozen stops resulted in a variety of drug arrests and traffic tickets, though not all were Outlaws’ members.

The move came with criticism from some that the group was being profiled.

“I’m not profiling anybody,” said Sheriff Schmidt. “We have a criminal organization that we know has been criminal in the past and we are watching.”

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Sheriff Schmidt says, since the Outlaws arrived he’s extended an olive branch, even speaking with members who say they plan on being respectful and law-abiding.

As for whether this weekend will include more saturation patrols, Sheriff Schmidt says he is no longer playing his cards.

“The plan was to let everybody know that we will be watching. Now, you don’t know when we’re going to be there,” said Schmidt.

Sheriff Schmidt has been in contact with federal agencies about the Outlaws, and again asks anyone who sees problems to let them know.

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