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Guardian of the children motorcycle organization : “Don’t Let Your Silence Drown Out Their Cries ” Bikers making a difference one kid at a time

  GOC Mission Statement

The mission of Guardians Of the Children (GOC) is to recognize and react to child abuse and educate the public to do the same; to serve as advocates to provide strength and stability to families in crisis; and be an answer to the prayer of an abused child or teen for courage, support and protection.

“Don’t Let Your Silence Drown Out Their Cries”

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James Hollywood" Macecari Insane Throttle Biker News

One thing that always can be said about the biker culture; bikers are always there for the kids. The misconceptions in the public, especially in the wake of SOA, bikers are all drug dealing, gun running criminals. We as bikers know this kind of blanket characterization cannot be further from the truth. Bikers raise and donate to more causes then most ordinary citizens. Bikers get involved in more charity events then most of your high society philanthropy divas who only do it to make themselves feel good or gain some sort of recognition from a power base. No, bikers do it because that’s who were are as individuals and as a culture altogether.

This applies to all bikers, regardless of what the media or LEO’s would lead you to believe. From the mighty Big 5 1%er clubs to the smallest of riding clubs and independents , bikers are there to help those who need it.

Insane Throttle loves when it gets the opportunity to spotlight an organization like the Guardians of the Children. Like BACA, the Guardians get out there and protect abused children as well as educate the general public on the dangers of child abuse.

Personally, as a father and grandfather I cannot fathom how people would think of  harming a child in ways that we read about everyday in the news. Let me correct myself, yes I can fathom why. They are a bunch of fucking cowards plain and simple.

Besides these child abusers, the absolute worse thing I cannot stand is a child molester. These sub human pieces of garbage are the lowest of the lowest. Personally, I think after a guilty verdict, they should be led out on public square and burned at the stake for all to see. After a good old school medieval torture session that is. Let them feel the pain they inflicted on those that were not able to defend themselves.

Sorry, back to the subject at hand. I can get carried away sometimes. Just a subject like child abuse and sexual abuse raises the blood pressure a little bit.

While I was going through the Guardians of the Children website after reading the below article, I seen an organization that was truly what they said they were about. What was in particular interest to me was the commitment that they show for these abused kids. The commitment they show getting the education out to the public on the crises that is child abuse. This organization adopts a child (Not legally, but you all know what I mean) and makes them apart of their family. They protect them against their abusers, they show up to court with them, they stay with them throughout and after the ordeal.

The Guardians of the Children also take great pride to ensure that the members are committed to the cause of the organization. Besides a background check. People cannot just walk up and get a patch. Unlike some of the clubs now , people have to do a 1 year probationary period before they are eligible for a patch. Maybe some of these internet pop-up clubs should take notes on how the proper process is done. Even from an organization that isn’t a 3 pc and not a M/C. Here is a list of questions and answers from their website.

(Q).What is GOC about?
(A). GOC serves as a public benefit organization. We exist to educate the public about child abuse, and create a safer environment for abuse and neglected children

(Q).Who can join the organization?
(A).Anyone, who shares the same passions to make a difference in a child’s life, with the exception of passing a background check first.

(Q).What experience does one need to be a member?
(A).None, only the desire to commit to our cause.

(Q). Do you have to own a motorcycle to join?
(A).You, do not have to own one, but you do need to have access to one.

(Q).What if you want to be a part of the organization but not really a member?
(A).We do, use at times the help of individuals’ non-members on case by case bases for selective events and this is always approved by the president first.

(Q).Will I be able to join in all the events, even if I am just a supporter?
(A).Yes, as long as you have successfully passed a background check first.

(Q). How long does a new member have to wait in order to get patched?
(A).All members are required to go through a 1 year probationary period prior to being eligible for a patch.

(Q).Are all events mandatory?
(A).Only events declared by the President as such are mandatory.

(Q).Who do I need to speak to about joining?
(A).Each chapters contact information is posted on this website. For membership information contact the Sgt.@Arms of the chapter or the membership coordinator.

(Q).Does this organization get together just to hang out and go for rides?
(A).This organization is here solely for mentoring and supporting children that are of the GOC family. Occasionally we may get together for a fun ride.

(Q).Who would I need to speak to about giving a donation?
(A). Donations should be forwarded to the treasurer of the chapter in your area.

(Q).Is GOC a 501 © (3) organization?
(A).Yes, we are a Charitable Organization with a 501© (3) status.

(Q).Where does the money go to that is donated and raised for this organization?
(A).All money is used to benefit the children that are directly of the GOC family and used to educate the public about prevention of child abuse.

(Q).Who do I speak to, about having your organization visit and speak at my facility Church, Children’s Home, PTA, etc…?
(A).You can contact The President of the Chapter in your area.

(Q).What if I want to start a chapter in my area?
(A).Contact the Chapter Development or ambassador on the National Page

The work that GOC is doing is saving lives and healing wounds. This is who the biker community is truly about. Not no fantasy show, not what most media and leo would lead you to believe. Bikers are just ordinary hard working people making a difference in other peoples lives .

If you would like to donate to GOC, contact them through their National Website and they will give you the information from there. From all of us at Insane Throttle. Keep up the damned fine work GOC.

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the Ambassador on the National Page.

Motorcycle Madhouse Insane Throttle Biker News

Source: Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON – With a 2-year-old daughter just a little older than 18-month-old Harlan Haines, Scott Tate and Keesha Kramer can almost imagine what the toddler’s parents are going through.

Harlan’s death last week after he was found in the wreckage of an auto accident is being investigated as a possible physical abuse.

“I would hate for something like that to happen to them,” said Tate, who also has a 7-year-old.

 That’s why they were among more than 100 motorcyclists who braved the sunny but chilly weather Sunday to participate in a ride honoring Harlan sponsored by the Guardians of the Children motorcyclists support group. Organizers said they expected participants from as far away as Fort Wayne and southern Indiana.

The event included a raffle and the sale of decals with a child’s footprints that read, “In loving memory … Harlan Haines.”

The ride is the first big event sponsored by the Madison County Moss Island chapter since it was established in December.

All proceeds from the event will go toward expenses for Harlan’s final arrangements and to his family.

It was the first ride of the year for Tate and Kramer and many of the other participating motorcyclists.

“I been through worse, and it’s for a good cause,” Tate said.

GOC Madison County President Terry “Lycan” Jackson said though there have been many rumors about Harlan’s death, his organization operates without judgment.

“I couldn’t imagine what his parents are going through, what his family is going through. In the end, there’s an 18-month-old boy who’s dead,” he said. “The response I’ve got from this is awesome. This is what being a biker is about, for me. It’s coming together and helping other people.”

Though Guardians of the Children usually works with survivors and their families, Jackson said he was contacted on Facebook by a distant relative of Harlan shortly before the news of his death became public.

“I was heartbroken. I couldn’t imagine what they were going through,” he said. “This obviously is the worst-case scenario. Obviously, the signs weren’t seen before.”

In addition to supporting families financially and emotionally, Jackson said, the organization wants to build awareness in the community.

 “We want to teach people they have a responsibility to report any incidents they know of,” he said.

Crystal “Xena” Rush, who helped organize the raffle table, said she joined Guardians of the Children so people like Harlan’s family would know there is someone offering strength and stability.

“Abuse is an epidemic, and the fact is that stuff is happening, and not enough people are doing anything about it,” she said.

Guardians of the Children

The Madison County Moss Island chapter of Guardians of the Children is one of two chapters in Indiana. The Hanging Rock chapter is located in Marion.

GOC is a biker organization dedicated to building awareness of child abuse and resources for families. The organization works with child advocacy agencies, victims assistance groups and the criminal justice system.

The Moss Island chapter meets the third Sunday of each month at American Legion Post 117, 611 W State St., Pendleton.

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