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Rebel on the Highway- Finally a true biker movie. Made by bikers- For bikers. First good movie since Hells Angels Forever about the biker life. “Good Time Charlie” captures a vision.

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

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When the girls who do all the emails and setting up appointments told me about the partnership with Biker Inner Circle Radio I was pretty stoked to say the least. I’ve been listening to BIC radio for years. Actually, it’s probably the only reason why I will turn on a computer other then helping Big Pete on his Thursday night “Live”shows on Insane Throttles Biker Facebook Page and writing these articles. Personally, all the drama that happens on the Internet reminds me of a bunch of adults acting like they are in high school. Why I stay off of it most of the time.

Now, if Bikers Inner Circle could get on Sirius XM I wouldn’t have a need for the internet other than Thursday nights lol.

If you haven’t heard of Biker Inner Circle Radio than 1. You must be living on some other planet . 2. You are missing some of the best damn music custom tailored for bikers.

BIC Radio is headed up by non other than Charlie “Good Time Charlie” Brechtel .  If you haven’t heard of Good Time Charlie then you’re missing out. Good Time Charlie is a legend within the biker community for his music and most of all his knowledge of motorcyclism as he likes to say.

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“There is a history, a legacy and a brotherhood that comprise the soul of the American biker. Those are also the elements that separate the music of The Charlie Brechtel Band from any other musician or band who aim their talents at the motorcycling community.”

When I gave Charlie a call to set up an interview for Motorcycle Madhouse I was blown away with the knowledge he had about the biker lifestyle. Google hell; you want to know about our history just jump online during Charlies show and ask away. He’s better than Wikipedia. He knows the players and every event that led to what we are today. I truly had to laugh when I thought about the last show he did when he was talking about the haters claiming he wasn’t a biker; Charlie lived the life, went to the joint and when he came out didn’t have a scooter. Well shit, who the hell would? Well the haters can go pound some damn sand because you’re a bunch of ass-monkeys. You Ass-monkey keyboard warriors wouldn’t know what a true biker means if a member of the Hells Angels, Bandidos,  or Outlaws taught a class on it. You idiots would sit there and argue all day long with them bringing up bullshit scenarios; well until they label your ass and knock you out cold. Haters always make me giggle. They are so ass-nine I can’t believe they can even get laid. Pounding on that keyboard makes up for their inability to become something they wish they can be. Moral of the story? Charlie is one of the realest scooter tramps out there.

BiC Radio

Besides Charlie heading up BIC , he has a kick ass band “The Charlie Brechtel Band“. The list of accomplishments his band has had is outstanding. Here is just a few of the accomplishments his band has in it’s resume.

Here is where you can get the BIC Mobile App if you want to listen on your phone

Sons of Anarchy TV Series

Featuring “Riding With The Wind” by The Charlie Brechtel Band- Get it on Amazon

 My Planet TV

Featured Episode “The Price of Dreams” – Price of Dreams

 Outlaws & Patriots Movie

Featuring songs by The Charlie Brechtel Band – Outlaws and Patriots Movie

 Dead in 5 Heartbeats Movie

Featuring songs by The Charlie Brechtel Band – Dead in Five Heartbeats

 Sturgis Buffalo Chip

10+ years as a featured band, appearing nightly on his own stage during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – Buffalo Chip Bands List

With a successful band Charlie decided to bring his next project to the biker scene. Rebel on the Highway. Rebel on the highway is for bikers – by bikers in the truest sense. Only one professional actor was used in the movie. One of our favorites Mickey Jones whom himself is a biker. The rest of those who had parts in the movie were true blue scooter tramps. Even though I’ve only seen the trailer above. I can tell you just by that, this will be a movie that goes down in the scene as a cult hit. The movie won’t be focusing on all the stuff Hollywood likes to push on the masses. Drugs, Guns, Hookers and all that crap. It focuses on what being a biker is all about. Partying, brotherhood and downright good old fashion scooter tramp fun; Something a lot of us have forgotten this whole lifestyle was about.

One of my favorite movies – documentaries was Hells Angels Forever. None of that fancy Hollywood movie special effects, no high priced pansies ass actors. True blue real life people telling their story. Come on, who couldn’t love “Big Vinny?”, he was the bomb RIP. That’s what made that movie special to a lot of people, made a lot of people want to become bikers. Normal people in the biker scene doing their thing. That’s why I believe Rebel on The Highway will resonate within the biker community. It was made by bikers for bikers. Currently Rebel on The Highway is in select theaters. This spring the DVD will be coming out. When it does. Insane Throttle will have the links to where to buy it up on our site.

I will be recording an interview with Charlie next week for Motorcycle Madhouse. It will air March 21st. I can already tell ya it’s going to be a party lol. In the meantime go over to Rebel on The Highways website and check it out. Also, bookmark BIC radio– you won’t regret it. Don’t forget to go over to Insane Throttles Newest Youtube Channel and check out the videos and work we are doing over there. Later!

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