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Do you need to own a Harley-Davidson to be considered a real biker? We tackle the question today on Insane Throttle

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

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Things crazy over at Insane Throttles Youtube Channel. It’s a whole different crowd over there compared to our other social media accounts. Most of those on Insane Throttles Facebook or Twitter account have been in the biker scene for some time. Youtube, not so much. But what is interesting over there the new line of questions we get. One of those questions came from a new subscriber who asked.

Do you think that in order to be a biker you have to have a Harley Davidson? I thought being a biker meant it was in your heart and didn’t matter what bike you rode, what do you think makes a real biker. Paul Minnesota

It was quiet refreshing getting that type of question. Most of the time when Insane Throttle is contacted it’s about the club scene. It’s always nice to get a change of pace. Especially when it comes to all the changes going on within the club scene. Sometimes here on the Throttle we publish a lot of the bad going on in the biker scene and not enough of the good that is being a biker. Being a Biker News site it’s hard to avoid that type of news since that’s what we are here for. But like our Monday’s where we try featuring the good that clubs do; Wednesdays we are going to pick a question that is sent to us and go in depth, try to answer it the best we can.

This weeks question was. Do you think that in order to be a biker you have to have a Harley Davidson?

Well Paul my answer to that is a simple no. I’ve always felt no matter what you ride, as long as you had the heart and your word; then you’re considered a biker in my eyes. I’ve always loved a Harley-Davidson. But I’ve also owned many Honda’s and Suzuki’s for back up bikes. Really the only reason I was turned onto Harley’s was because of the club scene. The ones that I was in required them. Now that I’m an independent. I still ride a 01 Fatboy. But it isn’t the only bike that I would like to own. I’m particularly into Suzuki Boulevards as well as Mean Streaks. Those are the two I will be choosing from the next time I’m looking for a back up.

The whole Harley-Davidson lore if you will came from the older tramps. Most of them fought in ww2 and when they came home it was all about Americana. That is why you will see bikers have a fondness for Triumphs, BSA’s and so on. Actually my first bike I ever owned was a 1977 Triumph Bonneville 750cc. Loved that damn thing, never should’ve gotten rid of it. Anyways, Japanese and German were shuttered by these old tramps and rightly so. They fought over in the forests of Europe inch by inch to take a psycho bastard out while loosing tens of thousands of Americans doing it. The Japanese should be self explanatory . They bombed Pearl Harbor in a screwed up sneak attack on American Soil.

As those fellows started getting out of the scene they passed those beliefs down to sons who were also vets. Korean and Vietnam. Those tramps carried that on and passed it down through the club scene. Many a the new bikers out there do not have the history of the whole biker scene. One person that can give it to you is “Good Time Charlie” over at Bikers Inner Circle. That man is a living encyclopedia of the biker culture. You can learn a crap load from him by going on his radio show page, hop in the chat room and ask anything ya like to know.

As time went on and the feelings of that war have faded. Japan and Germany now being allies of the USA, most new jacks as I call them really don’t stick by the old way of thinking. As the old tramps start retiring from the scene a lot of the traditions are going with them. It’s the evolution of the biker scene going on right now. Yea, some changes happening are bad; Like some of the stuff going on in the club scene. But other changes like those who choose to ride a Honda or Yamaha should no longer feel they don’t fit into the scene are good for the biker community.

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Listen, I’ve said this a million times on Insane Throttle. When you’re in a bar. You get into some crap with a local Cowboy and his friends. Is that Harley-Davidson going to jump up and knocked the hell out of dude trying to split your skull? Or is that brother of yours riding that Honda Shadow going to get into the mix? A man’s bike really don’t matter all that much in a situation like that does it? Or to go further. You’re on the side of the road broken down and only one stopping to help is another rider on a Yamaha. You going to say “No Thanks” because he’s not riding a Harley?

Like I said before. Being a biker is in a mans word and heart. If a dudes a fake, don’t know how to keep his word or is always trying to scheme someone. Then that’s the only time I would not consider them a true biker.

Bikers are some of the most loyal and charitable people you will ever meet. Bikes should never come into play when deciding if someone is righteous. The minute you cut off a potential brother because of what he rides- you sell yourself short and it’s a loss to you for being a boneheaded ass-monkey.

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