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When does a Motorcycle Club stop being an M/C and turn into a gang? Also a favor to be asked from our readership concerning Aging Rebel- Last of Great Falls’ Amigos gang convicted for 2016 shooting incident

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

I often get a lot of questions like the title of this article says. When does a Motorcycle Club stop being an M/C and turn into a gang? Since it’s a slow news day I figured I would tackle that question and also ask our audience for some help.

Lets get to Aging Rebel first. Though Insane Throttle has not agreed with all of his views in the past and even butted heads. He is a gifted writer and does a great service for the biker community if you agree with him or not. Yesterday he put out a post titled “Reality Check“. In it, he was debating whether his website and writings were relevant to the biker community anymore.

As an independent freelancer things are tough. Especially when you have to pay web hosting fees and do a lot of out of pocket expenses. Sites like the Aging Rebel depend on donations to keep up on the net. Rebel has come out of pocket for almost everything you see on his blog. The ads you see on his page are placed there through google. They might not be relevant for you because google could care less about what bikers want to see, but clicking on them and depending on how the program is set up, he would either get a click rate or percentage of the sale. That helps him pay for the expenses of the site and keep his head above water.

So the favor I’m asking is if you could go over and visit the site. Make a donation to help let him know  the work he does is a very important part of the biker community. Click on some of those ads, and comment on the story he put out and tell him his services are needed more than ever within the biker community. The mainstream media does nothing to further the cause of bikers. It’s the work of the freelancers that help keep the news flowing out there. Insane Throttle appreciates any help you can give him. We also will be putting up his book on our main page. You can click through the pic and go buy it over at Amazon. It has to deal with the Waco situation. If we can get enough people to buy it he will be able to put out another one. This is very important because WACO has to stay in the spotlight if we are to get justice for all those involved in that travesty.

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What I truly like about those who write about the biker scene,  we may not always agree, the fact of having so many sources out there is what helps bring the biker community together through debate. Let’s each make up their minds and form their viewpoints based on a variety of sources and not by just one or two publications or people.

To the question I get all the time lol. When does a motorcycle club start turning into a gang? Personally my viewpoint is they don’t. It’s not the motorcycle club that turns into a gang. It’s individuals of the club that go off and do stupid shit that makes the club look bad.

Motorcycle Clubs are filled with Testosterone and the idea that one guy has to prove he has the bigger dick than the next. With this kind of mix you will eventually have people that feel it’s the Outlaw image to go out and do stupid shit. Should the club have reeled them in before they went out there and made them look bad? Hell yea ! But you also have to remember that most of those who go rogue do so behind the backs of their brothers in a club. By time shit is found out about what they are doing. The FEDS are already knocking on the door taking people off in handcuffs.

Lets take the story below. Bunch of guys were arrested, charged and convicted because two guys had a beef. One was a member of the Amigos M/C . The other a civilian it looks like. Well ends up the beef got so bad the incident took a turn where 23 rounds were pumped into a jeep. My question is. What the hell did the jeep do to anyone lol.

After all was said and done. One got 10 years in the joint with 5 suspended and the others got tagged with trying to hamper evidence with most getting probation.  Why didn’t dude just go and knock out the idiot messing with him instead of going through all this drama? That’s my question. What happened to the old school ass kicking? Going to an extreme like that makes clubs look stupid in the public’s eye. Members of clubs are sometimes their own worse enemies.

Insane Throttle Facebook Question of the day- Same back to you all lol. When does a Motorcycle Club stop being an M/C and turn into a gang? Interested in hearing what all you have to say

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Source: Great Falls Tribune

Seaborn Larson,

A 56-year-old man who claimed to enjoy the “charitable” activities of a biker gang and was involved in a 2016 drive-by gang shooting was sentenced Monday to five years probation, a similar sentence to others involved.

Gaylord Croft was convicted in February of tampering with evidence for helping members of the “Amigos” motorcycle gang mask identifying features of the vehicle used in the shooting. On Monday Judge Elizabeth Best sentenced Croft to a five-year commitment to the Montana Department of Corrections, all suspended on condition he abide by probationary measures.

During the two-day trial, the jury watched surveillance footage from inside a suspect’s garage, where Croft and several others changed hubcaps and put decal stickers on windows after they fired 23 rounds into a Jeep belonging to a man who had a feud with one of the gang members.

No one was injured in the shooting, although families and children were reportedly sleeping in the apartment building directly behind the Jeep when the Amigos began shooting around 4 a.m.

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At the Monday hearing, Croft’s defense attorney tried to downplay his role in the shooting and minimize his involvement in the group as partial to the “charitable,” side. During trial, he had described events in which the group reportedly raised money for the local children’s clubs.

Croft also spoke at the hearing, vowing not to return to such organizations.

“That was a bad choice on my part,” he said.

Croft was the last of seven men charged for their involvement of the shooting. Most received the same sentence as Croft. Others, including ringleader John McKinnis, received 10 years with the Department of Corrections, with five suspended.

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  1. I got my ass kicked more times than not as I was coming up in The Game a young guy. It builds character.
    No one wants to thump anymore. It’s all bout cowardly shooting.
    Great article. Thanks.


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