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Iron Order Motorcycle Club Responds to member testifying at Bandido Trial. Statement Enclosed

The following is a response by Iron Order M/C to a story Insane Throttle put out yesterday regarding reports in My San Antonio regarding one of their members testifying at the trial of Bandidos Pike and Portillio

“Holy Rats Batman” Andrew “Corky” Gomez, Property Of, Ex Iron Order and list goes on. Is there a crises down in Texas with one of the Big 5? Time for clubs to think about changing

Iron Order Statement

This is a response to the request for information about a former member of the Iron Order Mc testifying in the case against leadership in any Motorcycle club.

The men involved in the case in your article have not been in the Iron Order  since early 2012. These men were brought into our club under the prior leadership of our club.
That leadership and their views as to how to work together in the Mc community was removed in 2014.

Since 2014 the Iron Order Mc has worked to repair the damage done to the Mc community as a whole because of the past leaderships feeling that communicating with every club, whether 1% club, Christian club or any other club description was not in the best interest of the Iron Order Mc.

In short the past leadership was ignorant as to how we all work together thru communication to find peaceful resolutions. The new leadership understands and has always encouraged the idea that thru communication we can all coexist peacefully and focus on riding and brotherhood.

Since 2014 the  Iron Order Mc has continued to be a non criminal 3 piece patch Mc as always and in no way condones nor is involved in any criminal activity but have focused rather on raising charity funds of $400,000 dollars last year alone.

We believe we share this common set of goals with most of the Mc world.
We have in that area of the country established an entire new set of leaders that have worked hard to open up lines of communication with every club in the southwest.
Our chapters in  San Antonio and the entire state of Texas have no problems with any club now nor have we had since we removed the prior leadership of our club and in fact have earned and given respect from nearly every club in that area.

We believe that the majority of the people in every club and in fact the entire Mc community are solid hard working people that normally come together for the good of their communities and the love of motorcycles and the biker lifestyle.

What we as a community see to often is the idea that an entire organization can be held accountable for the actions of one or two people. We do not agree with that position nor do we practice or condone that position.

Thank You for the opportunity to respond

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