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Bejacs Motorcycle Club pistol whip man. Get involved in a Police Standoff. “The older generation, when they first moved in, they were good guys,”


By James ” Hollywood ” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

One of the first rules every club that I know of had. “Take Care of the Neighborhood.” If the club made sure the neighborhood was safe, had no problems with crime and drugs within a set parameter of the clubhouse; You would always have the civilians on your side when it came to police harassing you.

“The older generation, when they first moved in, they were good guys,” said the neighbor, who wished not to be named. “My wife would come in with the laundry and they would bring the bag up for us.”

“The younger generation that’s been coming in the last few months or so, they’ve gotten worse,” he added. “On the weekends, you can hear them up till 3 o’clock in the morning arguing and fighting outside.”

This new generation of clubbers are going to have to be taught the community around your house is for you to protect. Not put the citizens against you. It was enlightening here in Chicago some of the clubhouses were located in the worse part of town. If you’ve been to Chicago than you know what the South and West Side is all about.

Clubhouses of the clubs in those areas were always looked upon by the neighborhood as the safe zone. Neighbors loved having a motorcycle club anchored in their part of town. Most if they had problems would come to the clubhouses instead of the cops. Motorcycle Clubs made the community safer by being there. Let me tell ya, some of these places a  clubhouse was in might as well been a third world country on the south and west side. But they made it safe, got the communities trust and put the street gangs in check. Something no cop or police department can ever do.

Ask Big Pete on one of his Thursday Night “Live” shows on Insane Throttle how the neighborhood around the Northside AOA clubhouse was lol. Then ask him how everything was kept in check within a few block radius of that clubhouse. Ask him how that neighborhood is now since the AOA moved out of the Division Clubhouse. You will find his answers very interesting.

Personally, I don’t have much to say about the standoff with the Bejacs Motorcycle Club and this standoff. We don’t know the whole situation of what led to the pistol whipping of the man involved. We don’t know if he was making threats or hitting on someones ol lady. I’m sure more details will be coming out in the next few days of what went down.

The thing that caught my eye was that quote from the neighbors and wanted to make sure to put it out there to the newer generation the importance of not acting a fool in your own backyard. It’s those people after all that might one day save your ass.

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Source: New York Post

By Amanda Woods and Ruth Weissmann

Five thugs pistol-whipped a man and then holed up in a crowded biker club where a party was raging Saturday morning in Brooklyn — prompting a nearly two-hour-long standoff with a huge contingent of police, authorities said.

The 43-year-old victim was outside Club Bejac, home to Bejacs Motorcycle Club, on Third Avenue near 57th Street in Sunset Park when the suspects assaulted him at around 7:20 a.m., police said.

The five men then darted inside the club — where nearly 100 people were partying — and refused to leave.

Heavily armed cops, including those with the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit, swarmed the location, police said.

“I was walking my dog earlier and the armored truck was trying to bust in,” said one 32-year-old witness who gave his name as Jesse D. “It rammed right into the front doors.”

The doors remained standing, but were badly damaged. The show of force was apparently enough to prompt those inside to open the doors, and the five suspects were hauled out at around 9 a.m., police sources said.

About 75 more people were lined up outside, some in handcuffs, but police only confirmed the five arrests.

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Source Daily News


A group of men wanted for a mugging sought refuge in a Brooklyn motorcycle club, prompting a massive police response and multiple arrests Saturday morning.

Heavily armed and armored cops assigned to the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit and Hercules Teams were sent to Third Ave. near 53rd St. in Sunset Park after a man in his 40s was pistol-whipped and robbed about 7:20 a.m., officials said.

At least five suspects ran about three blocks to Club Bejac, home to the Bejacs Motorcycle Club.

When cops arrived, the armed suspects refused to exit the club, prompting a nearly two-hour standoff.

Armored tactical vehicles lined Third Ave. as cops demanded that everyone inside exit the building.

“There was a large gathering of people there,” a police source said.

The massive police presence alarmed neighbors.

“Dozens of police cars, ambulances and streets blocked,” tweeted Monica Sibri. “NYPD Folks look like SWATs! WHATS GOING ON?! Kids in spring break are all scared.”

Residents living on the upper floors of neighboring buildings were woken up by police snipers who wanted to position themselves by windows looking over a low rooftop club members had access to.

Some neighbors tried to record the incident with their phones, but were told to stay away from their windows.

“The police told us not to pop our heads out anymore because we could get caught in a crossfire,” said one nervous resident, who wished not to be named.

The suspects ultimately surrendered and were taken into custody. Charges were pending against them.

“It took about two and a half hours,” one neighbor said. “They eventually came out and just gave up.”

At least 50 other club patrons were taken out of the building, their arms raised, and put into awaiting police vans, witnesses said.

It was not immediately clear if they were facing charges.

Cops secured the building with yellow crime scene tape and were waiting for a warrant Saturday before searching the club for weapons and contraband, sources said.

Three Harley Davidson motorcycles remained parked outside, right next to two police squad cars.

Neighbors said that the Bejacs were a popular motorcycle club started in the 1990s. But over the last few months club leaders have been renting their headquarters to a “sketchier clientele,” one neighbor said.

“The older generation, when they first moved in, they were good guys,” said the neighbor, who wished not to be named. “My wife would come in with the laundry and they would bring the bag up for us.”

“The younger generation that’s been coming in the last few months or so, they’ve gotten worse,” he added. “On the weekends, you can hear them up till 3 o’clock in the morning arguing and fighting outside.”

Saturday was the third time police had been called to the club within the last month, the neighbor said.

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“It was just a regular party, no noise, nothing wild,” griped reveler Johan Dillone, 30. “They shut the whole thing down.”

Locals said the scene at the club is often rowdy.

“I’m not surprised,” one woman said. “It’s an after-hours place — just young kids having a good time.”

Charges against the suspects are pending. It’s unclear if they were members of the club.

Additional reporting by Larry Celona

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