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Videos Enclosed-Ft. Worth officer admits that he has engaged in stopping individuals based on their associations with motorcycle clubs in order to photograph and gather intelligence for the FBI.

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

Cop Says’ ” But Unfortunate, For Y’All I Guess. The Fbi Leaves it upon Us to take pictures and contact everyone associated with , and even though y’all don’t claim 1%, Y all associate with 1%ers. So we kinda gotta stop y’all every now and then Too, You know what I mean “

Yes, direct quote from Officer Howdy Doody as he pulled over some bikers for no other reason than they could’ve been associated with the Bandidos M/C.  Now you can see why cops will never represent the biker community. Never be apart of the community they truly want to be with so bad it kills them. Why people like the joke Ryan Urlacher who claims to represent 99%ers make themselves look like fools.

I just posted the article on that dude and I’ve already been getting huge amount of feedback. Social Media, all the biker groups don’t seem to pleased with you as a cop going around trying to represent them. Actually, some very harsh words are being thrown around.

By the way. The this photo is a Ft Worth cop spraying mace as a group of bikers pass by. You Boys in blue wonder why bikers can’t stand you? Oh, don’t give us the “Well there is bad cops just like there is bad people in every group” crap. No, you ass-monkeys would’ve stood shoulder to shoulder protecting this idiot if he wasn’t caught on film doing it.

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Officer W. Figueroa Spraying Pepper Spray at group of Bikers

Or this one of a Milwaukee Cop Running over a Biker

Video Captures a Milwaukee Cop Run Down a Motorcyclist and the Tense Aftermath

Personally that group of bikers should’ve crushed that cop. He deserved what ever was coming to him.

For those who are indoctrinated with the BS view that cops have your best interest in mind really do not know cops true nature. For those that ride in a motorcycle club with these people. Watch your back. When push comes to shove they will be out there siding with their boys in blue. The patch you share with these ass-monkeys means nothing to them when it comes to making a choice of you over their buddies with the badges. They will let you rot before they back you up over one of them.

If you truly look at what kind of people join clubs with cops in them. They are ones who cannot go through a regular process of joining a non cop club. Sure, they will use the tired saying “We don’t like to be dictated to by anyone.” No, it’s actually they have no balls. They want to go around acting the part, but don’t want to put the work into it. This is why you are seeing all these pop-up clubs like Iron Legacy. If you actually look at their website. They claim to have chapters in almost all 50 states. Really? Last time I knew chapters were not made up of only 1 or 2 people. Members at large I believe they call them. They sure the hell haven’t been seen where some of the map shows them to be.

These are the clubs that Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs are targeting. Actually if you think about it. It’s a pretty smart move of their part. They are able to recruit weak minded individuals into believing the BS they are pushing. Enables them to pump up their chest because they know they can manipulate these weak minded idiots. Meanwhile, these are the same clubs out there crying and whining when sites like IOTC call them out on their bullshit.

That also makes me laugh my ass off. They get all butt hurt when sites like IOTC call them out but don’t realize the information is coming from inside their own club. Tell you something about the club they belong to now doesn’t it?

Insane Throttle Facebook Question of the Day– What is your thoughts on cops being apart of motorcycle clubs that are not LEMC?

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