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“The Crap Show That Is Waco” Waco Twin Peaks Biker Cases Still In Limbo

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By : Texas Bellend

~Texas Bellend~

Roll up your sleeves because the truth is getting deep!

As everyone waited in anticipation for answers yesterday (April 19th), the McLennan County Docket changed from 1:30 pm to 5pm.  This is classic for this kangaroo court. For years everyone has had these 5 pm meetings that no one had to be present.  Most hearings were to delay, delay, delay trials. Except for the one February of 2016 where they took the Bikers DNA unconstitutionally.  One biker reported at the courthouse in Waco yesterday. He said nothing is going on except attorneys and the judge talking.

While this hearing is going on in the Courthouse, Able Reyna is playing golf with a Bail Bondsman friend in Ft Worth. This meeting on the 19th was put out nicely as if it was just attorneys chatting with the judge and coming to agreements and blah blah blah.  These hearings are to organize Able Reyna’s mess because what the hell are we supposed to do now! The two main prosecutors for the Twin Peaks cases are leaving, Able Reyna doesn’t give a rats ass (never has and never will unless it benefits him), and the District Attorneys office staff are bailing ship!

Summoned for bond restriction updates

There are 3 separate meetings left now.  April 26th  (not confirmed but through the grapevine) for one group of bikers.  The April 27th and May 4th for the other groups of bikers.   This is to also remind all of these bikers that, yes you are still being held hostage until Judge Johnson and Attorneys figure out what to do with this Twin Peaks debacle.  The Judges, Amanda Dillion, Michael Jerrett, Brody Burks, Waco Law Enforcement, and any staff connected to the municipality of Waco is fed up with Able Reyna and know Twin Peaks was not managed professionally and legally.  Twin Peaks was managed by Able Reyna for his political gain and his vision for his future. The citizens of Waco are sick and tired of what “bull shit” has been fed to them by the elected officials of their county. When Twin Peaks May 17, 2015 is spoken of, there is a huge sigh and eyes roll with embarrassment for their elected officials.  That’s right McLennan County! Your voters are sick of you and your “Good Ol Boy Ways”.
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Let the innocent go!  The one thing I know about innocent people is they will shout, stomp their feet, scream for truth and justice.  People with guilt hide and stay quiet in the shadows. So play your golf game Able Reyna! Enjoy…. Relax… No worries here Able Reyna!  You seem to be good at playing games. These are only innocent Americans…..Its only the Constitution….Its only well established law….Just a few people died…Just a few were injured…just a few hundred lives were destroyed.  You are not a human being Able Reyna. You are the exact definition of EVIL! I have no hopes for you but I do hope you are better at playing golf then what you have been as a District Attorney.

How did Casie Gotro say it yesterday in that interview with James Hollywood Macecari…..Oh yeah I remember!

A Shit Show that is Waco!

If you have not stopped by the Motorcycle Madhouse and listed to the interview with James “Hollywood” Macecari and Jacob Carrizal’s  Attorney Casie Gotro, you really should. The interview will give a real and grand incite to the shit show she is talking about that is Waco and what is going down in San Antonio with the Pike and Portillo trial.

Madhouse with Casie Gotro


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  1. Let’s face the big dominant MCs run the show and everybody else is down the pecking order regardless of whatever’s said. What’s needed is some real structure to the madness, and a national board to oversee the MCs. Right now it’s reckless abandon.


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