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Way to go Texas Bikers- All your pressure and working together is paying off- A Texas prosecutor plans to recommend dismissing around 100 of the more than 120 remaining biker cases .

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Editorial and Opinion Writer

James "Hollywood" Macecari

What fantastic news coming out of McLennan County. Amanda Dillon said during a court appearance Friday that the district attorney’s office is continuing to pare down its caseload to focus on those most culpable for the police-involved shooting that left nine bikers dead and 20 injured.”

This is the kind of news the people need coming up on the 3 year anniversary of Twin Peaks. This whole time innocent people rounded up in a defacto government gestapo action have been living in fear of what the District Attorney would do next. We are not counting the chickens before they hatch as it’s often said. But if true and the District Attorneys office is planning on dismissing these cases. It would be the relief needed to start the healing for those men and their families who went through this terrible ordeal.

Personally, I do not think all this would be possible if it wasn’t for the thousands of bikers who stood together to fight this injustice. Everyone from Texas Biker Radio; the group All for 1 and many other groups on social media who help defeat Abel Reyna in the primary.Without that defeat the people of Texas could still be traveling down this nightmare road. Again we don’t want to count the chickens before they hatch. After all, Abel Reyna is still in office until January. He is a snake and God knows what he could pull. For now maybe the families can get some sleep and peace in knowing hope is on the horizon.

Texas bikers reminded us all when we all stick together anything is possible. 9 fellow bikers lay in the ground right now because we couldn’t come to the table and work out our differences. Maybe the example spearheaded by those in the COC, Independent Circles, Sons of Liberty Riders M/C have showed us working together is much better than fighting among each other. Maybe the motorcycle club scene should take note. From the ashes of tragedy we can defeat any foe working together.

Is Peace Possible Among Motorcycle Clubs?

The question of peace in the motorcycle club scene has been an elusive one. They’re is decades long rivalries among some of the biggest clubs. Rivalries which have been passed down generation after generation from one club member to the next. If you had the opportunity to ask one of these club members why they had a beef with another club. The answer would probably be “I really don’t know why; that’s just the way it’s always been.”

When I was with the Pistons it was about our hatred towards 81. Yeah, I was with another club during the 90’s when all the bad stuff was happening so I knew some of the reasons why we didn’t like them. Looking back after I got out of the whole club scene I was able to see right through a lot of the beefs. Now, I know many members of 81 and they are some of the best hardworking people I know. The only thing that separated us was the area in which we were from. Other than the area we were from we all thought identical as each other. We all loved bikes, broads and booze. We had everything in common except for the fact the territory in which we grew up.

I have a different perspective on the former foes. I see why they have built a great club and frankly why they are truly the Big Red Machine. If clubs start judging the man instead of the patch. The whole scene would be a sight to see. The government would really shit it’s pants.

Will we ever see clubs who considered each other enemies come together to the table? Probably not. It’s all about egos and dick size. But what if? Just what if. Clubs did what brothers were suppose to do and sit and work out problems. Get shit out on the table. Work it out and then leave it at the table and have a beer. Wouldn’t that be something else?

Insane Throttle Facebook Question of the day– Do you think the McLennan County District Attorney will follow through dismissing these cases?

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Source: Houston 2

WACO, Texas (AP) – A Texas prosecutor plans to recommend dismissing around 100 of the more than 120 remaining biker cases stemming from a 2015 shooting outside a Waco restaurant.

McLennan County prosecutor Amanda Dillon said during a court appearance Friday that the district attorney’s office is continuing to pare down its caseload to focus on those most culpable for the police-involved shooting that left nine bikers dead and 20 injured.

Spokeswoman Rebecca Akins says District Attorney Abel Reyna hasn’t decided how many cases to try.

One biker has been tried in the almost three years since the shooting, and it resulted in a mistrial. More than 175 bikers were originally arrested, with 154 eventually indicted.

Reyna had said he was awaiting discovery from a federal racketeering trial in San Antonio.

Citizens of the City of Clayton New Mexico -Hometown of Aaron Davis- National President of Kinfolk M/C concerned about clubs presence and relationship with Police Chief Scott Julian

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Source: KCENTV

Jasmin Caldwell, Jim Hice

The McLennan County District Attorney’s Office will likely dismiss dozens of the cases against bikers connected to the Twin Peaks shootout in Waco before the end of next week, according to prosecutor Amanda Dillon.

Dillon told Judge Ralph Strother in a hearing Friday afternoon the District Attorney’s Office hoped to try just 25 to 30 cases. At one point, 156 people were indicted by a grand jury.

Judge Strother said he had planned to set trial dates for many of the bikers who showed up for the hearing but when Dillon said there may be more dismissals he decided to wait.

The Judge told Dillon once she and District Attorney Abel Reyna decide which trials would be dismissed he would start setting the remaining trials five at a time.

“I hope to facilitate what has already been a long process,” said Strother.

Judge Strother said he wanted to dispose of as many cases as he could so that the new district attorney wouldn’t have to deal with the old cases. Reyna lost in the March primary to Barry Johnson.

Also in court Friday, Houston defense attorney, Paul Looney, filed a motion for a speedy trial for his client, former Cossack Phillip White. White was shot in the left cheek during the shootout, according to Looney. Strother didn’t make a ruling on Looney’s motion but said White’s trial was on the top of his list.

Nine bikers were killed and 20 injured in the shootout involving members of the Bandidos and Cossacks biker clubs at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco on May 17, 2015. Police arrested 177 people and most were later indicted on a charge of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity. By the end of February 2018 close to 60 of those cases had been dismissed or the District Attorney’s Office had refused to prosecute them.

Three years after the shootout just one of the bikers, Christopher Jake Carrizal, has been tried. His trial ended in November 2017 with a hung jury. Only one juror was in favor of convicting him.

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