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Letter to the Throttle- Texas Motorcycle Community listening and waiting Queen Bee!

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Dear Insane Throttle

Finally! Time To Call Out a Rat!

What spawned from Waco May 17, 2015 were social media secret groups.  These groups included people that had a lot to share with information about how Waco set up these Bikers at Twin Peaks and how Law enforcement murdered several of these Bikers that day.  As time went on some realized that the original purpose of these groups started to not be about the injustice of these innocent Americans. The groups were originally to be club neutral, supportive of the Constitution, and ways to find out how to fight the good fight.  There were several people that fell to the wayside because they were not directly involved with Waco. Not in their backyard enough to continue to be interested. The people left today are those who actually have an attachment to what happened that day and are invested to inform people of the realities that unfolded over the last 3 years……except ONE.

The Queen Bee and Almighty Traci Peachy Cromwell.  She lives in Ohio, is not an Ol Lady of any MC, and has no root connection to anyone from the beginning.  Reports of Injustice by Waco PD/McLennan County is the Facebook page. Here is where “Peachy” has exercised her Queen Bee skills.  I got one burning question for you “Peachy”. Who the fuck are you? Why are you still here? What interest do you have being way up there in Ohio where there are no clubs associated with Texas?  What world to you live in to think that you are respected by MC Clubs and members of the COC&I here in Texas?

Waco PD Injustices

I got news for you “Peachy” when you come down to Texas you will not be welcomed like you think you are in your mind.  You may be welcomed by those you made friends with as individuals but, you are not trusted among the MC Clubs, Motorcycle community, and the COC&I here in Texas as a whole.  I will have to say at least the “Wicked Bitch” had ties here that actually made some sort of sense. You are also not trusted with those who have actually been doing a lot of work to fight this fight.  You are viewed as a rat and one to not be trusted. That holds a lot of weight in MC world. I know you don’t understand that because you have never been associated with any MC to know the culture. The only knowledge you have is second hand.

This page is not about the injustices of Waco, a safe place to share information, or a page that is about the violations of the Constitution.  Its Traci Peachy Cromwell’s page. You are always a day late and a dollar short with your posts. No one really needs this page anymore because it is not informative.  You post your personal life and vent about your life. You say your page is a safe place for people to vent and share information. You say you have weeded out people that are inferior to your clicks narrative.  No one trust you “Peachy”. Everyone has snapshot posts and shared it with others with your Facebook balls bull shit. That’s why you are being called out today. All of our information we got was from your members. Note MEMBERS plural.  If you kept cleaning house with your members you will find yourself all alone. It would not surprise me that you are an informant for the police. That statement holds true among the Clubs here in Texas that you are a rat.

You said that Insane Throttle and Harley Liberty is not a trusted source of information because you don’t deem it worthy.  Well, at least they have been about getting both sides of the story. So, you apparently need to speak up and get on the Mad House and say your peace to the Motorcycle Community here in Texas.  We are listening and waiting.

Concerned Citizen of Waco

*Disclosure- We have talked with Traci about the post and have yet to talk to her about her side of this letter.  With this letter concerning WACO we will get ahold of her and see if the allegations are true. We get people want to help  getting the word out about WACO. But it must be done based on facts and told by the people that were involved in the situation. If you have any questions concerning WACO I would suggest getting ahold of Popeye and OG from Texas Biker Radio or joining the group All for 1.

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