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DA dismisses 15 more biker cases in Twin Peaks shootout – So it begins

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From The Waco Tribune

McLennan County prosecutors dismissed 15 more Twin Peaks biker cases Thursday afternoon, saying they are exercising prosecutorial discretion while focusing on others indicted in the May 2015 shootout with “a higher level of culpability.”

The dismissals come on the eve of a status conference 54th State District Judge Matt Johnson has called for Friday afternoon. The conference, like one last week in 19th State District Court, was called to let the judge know how the DA’s office plans to proceed with the remaining Twin Peaks biker cases.


Those dismissed Thursday were members of the Cossacks motorcycle club and its support clubs, all of whom were at odds with the Bandidos motorcycle group. The two sides clashed at Twin Peaks May 15, 2015, leaving nine dead and 20 injured.
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McLennan County Assistant District Attorney Amanda Dillon told Judge Ralph Strother last week she expects all but 25 to 30 cases of the 155 initially indicted will be dismissed.

Johnson had summoned 23 bikers for this Friday’s court date. Late Thursday, his court coordinators informed attorneys for the 15 bikers of their dismissals, leaving eight bikers set to report for the hearing Friday.

Those whose cases were dismissed Thursday were as follows: Nathan Grindstaff, John Craft, Robert Bucy, Michael Baxley, Ronald Atterbury, Nate Farish, Dalton Davis, Laurence Kemp, Noble Mallard, Joseph Matthews, Dustin McCann, Doss Murphy, David Rasor, Jeffrey Veillon and John Wiley.

Farish, a contractor from the Dallas area who was standing in front of the porch at Twin Peaks when the gunfire erupted, is represented by Waco attorney Phil Frederick.

“It has been a long time coming, and we are glad his case has finally been dismissed and he can move on with his life,” Frederick said.


Frederick said Farish, a Cossack member at the time, can be seen on a surveillance video crawling into the patio area, where he and others provided first aid to a biker who had been shot in the neck.

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