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Talk about irresponsible cops- Anyone observing a biker doing anything suspicious call the police- WTF is with these LEOS spreading fear through the community? Video Enclosed

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

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People wonder why I cannot stand cops.These people are the biggest ass-monkeys who ever walked the face of the earth. Cops lack integrity, honor and most important truth. Officer Badge Bunny, otherwise known as Lt. Ruziska of the Fargo Police Department. Badge Bunny went on TV urging citizens to call the police if they perceive them doing something suspicious.Yea, Badge Bunny went there. It‘s atrocious enough the dude don’t know it‘s 2018. He’s still dressing like it‘s 1950 with that slick back all forehead haircut. What is dude portraying himself as Elliot Ness?

Officers say gang members typically wear patches that show which gang they belong to. Also, most biker gang members are older because it can take up to 15 years to get into the gang. police say if you see a biker who is acting suspiciously, give them a call.  Valley News Live

By the way. Where in the hell is this guy gathering his facts from? Snow white and the seven dwarfs? He’s in freaking fantasy land this guy. “Most biker gang members are older because it can take up to 15 years to get into the gang.” I’ve seen propaganda. But this dude takes the cake. 15 years? That must be one hell of a dumb prospect if it takes 15 years to get into the motorcycle club.

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What kind of reporting is this? You think CNN and MSNBC is bad? Read this article

For one she titled it OMG: Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. The article represents nothing more than a propaganda piece for Officer Badge Bunny. No facts were presented whatsoever to the allegations the cop was making. NONE!! Not one instance was given in the article proving the Sons of Silence in Fargo have done anything wrong. No facts a biker war is brewing. Shit, If they did have information like that I’d kick myself in the ass. Some reporter in gods country getting info like that would put me to shame.

This kinda reporting constitutes the reason why the American people have lost all trust in news media. The media genuinely believes Americans are dumb enough to believe most of the garbage they put out. They genuinely believe the people do not see how biased and one sided the reporting is. It begs to question what the hell is those collages teaching journalism students? They sure the hell are not informing them the media is the platform to publish the story. It’s supposed to be the participants narrating the story.

What has happened to integrity in this country?





This country used to produce people with integrity. Even cops used to maintain integrity. In the present circumstances, everything is completely upside down. When we as a country accept the propaganda coming out of media, where does that position us as a country? This country will be no better than Russia, China, North Korea if  the people do not demand journalistic integrity. Currently, we are seeing it played out on the airwaves everyday. You have stations like CNN and MSNBC implementing an agenda for a political party. You know who else participates in that? State Run TV stations in Russia and China.

I’ve said it time after time. Cops have some balls going out there making allegations. Especially when they say motorcycle clubs participate in activities, they themselves do. For example prostitution.

Chicago Cop Arrested on Charges he had sex trafficked underage girls

Former Schaumburg officer accused in drug ring

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Just two cases where officers are charged or convicted of the same crimes these cops blanket on 1%ers. We should be asking ourselves why RICO isn’t used on the Blue Gang. After all, they are convicted at a rate of seven times of any members in a 1%er club.

I guess we should just call today “Journalistic Integrity Day”. With questions on how the press conducted themselves in this story. Plus how biker news sites need to start setting some standards on their reporting. Yea, it’s time for publications to be real with it’s readership. Hoping the two articles today have made some people think about the importance the media is playing in this country. I’m equally hopeful people will recognize the need to hold those people in media accountable for their reporting. If we don’t. We will be in a harsh spot in the next few years as a country.

Insane Throttle Question of the day– What steps do journalist need to take to win back the trust of the people?

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