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Sheriff in San Antonio will not let patron enter movie theater because of Support shirt for Bandidos. So now Cops can tell people what to wear? Video Enclosed

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

I find it hilarious this country is falling into a black whole of hypocrisy and political correctness. On one hand we hear people saying; ” Business can do what they want. Serve who they want to serve.” Ok, guess that’s until a bakery refuses to bake a cake because it’s against their religious beliefs. My question. Where are all the hypocrites backing a business right to refuse service in that instance?

The video below is an altercation between a sheriff in San Antonio and a man who was wearing a SYLB shirt. The Sheriff was claiming the shirt was gang related and if the man wanted to come into the movie theater than he would have to turn it inside out.


Listen up people. Cops are precisely that, Cops! They do not possess the right to tell you what you can wear or what to do in order to enter a public establishment. Here is what I suggest whenever you have to deal with these ass-monkeys. Take out your camera and start the video recorder. If you want to take it one step further go “LIVE” on your Facebook page so you have people witnessing the incident in real time as it happens.

Cops are notorious for being a bunch of liars when it comes to anything they are involved in. Cops will bullshit! any chance they get to look good and more importantly; cover their asses when everything goes south for them.

The hypocrisy of the American Justice System. The deck is stacked!! Waco was a police action. An event they could’ve stopped -but cops chose not to. Where is the biker community outside of Texas ?

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Do not sit idle while your rights are stripped from you!!!

Americans are no longer living in a country where “True Law and Order” is prevalent in society. We are no longer a country of middle ground. It’s either the extreme left who believe in nothing more than “Socialism” or the extreme right who wants to promote their values onto the citizens of this country.

What are we doing to defend our rights? Absolutely nothing. We sit back watching stuff like this and do nothing. At the very least; we should be sharing the hell out of this video on social media and trying to raise awareness. Will this happen? Probably not. It happened to someone else and didn’t affect you personally. So issues like this get swept under the rug and cops continue to do this kind of crap. We the people are actually encouraging people like this to continue the behavior. No one calls them out on it ; So why would it ever stop?
How can they say the Waco shooting was a police action when there is video of bikers shooting their guns at each other?

This question was posted on yesterday’s article The hypocrisy of the American Justice System. The deck is stacked!! Waco was a police action. An event they could’ve stopped -but cops chose not to. Where is the biker community outside of Texas ?

I guess the person is uninformed and hasn’t followed the Waco Twin Peaks incident. They are ones who do not look at the entire picture. My Answer? Read this article and come back to this one.

Leaked Docs Show Waco Police Knew ‘Potential For Violence’ Ahead Of Twin Peaks Shootout Was ‘Very High’

The police were set up in Waco hours before the incident even started. They had the power to make sure it didn’t happen by simply turning away the Cossacks M/C. The cops knew they were not apart of the COC and had reports violence could occur. In every other city I know, they would’ve kept two groups apart if they knew violence could occur. It’s actually the basis of what forms proactive policing.

By choice, the cops allow things to escalate; than come in firing AR-15’s. Civilians who didn’t belong to either club were in that restaurant. Instead of using protocol any other police department would; like tear gas to break up the crowd. They decide to go in guns blazing causing the situation to escalate. After all was said and done. Nine people laid dead, Dozens injured. Where does the police action come in? The cops in conjunction with the District Attorney arrested over 177 people without proper investigation. If you do not believe that then I suggest you start performing your research. Currently, dozens of these cases have been dismissed;more dismissals are to come. If this wasn’t a police action than inform me what it was?

Insane Throttle Facebook Question of the day– What do you believe the biker community needs to do to stop this kind of profiling and harassment?

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