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Harley-Davidson’s long-term strategy to build next generation of riders is through lifestyle apparel- Made in Asia. Is Harley-Davidson sell outs? Do customers stand behind the company anymore?

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

Harley -Davidson can’t get the younger generation to buy bikes so what is the grand plan? Sell em ninety dollar jeans and boots. What the hell is going on with Harley-Davidson? What makes matters worse Harley-Davidson is having the apparel made overseas in Asia. What is happening to the beloved American company?

When I talk about Harley-Davidson base customer, I’m talking about blue-collar workers. Some take it to refer to the old tramps who are aging out of the lifestyle. No, it’s the blue-collar workers that have kept Harley-Davidson going all these years and the company is turning on that core base like never before. 

Could it be the board of and officers of the company have lost their damned minds?It could explain why they have decided to turn their backs on the hardworking men and women who’ve made the company what it is. Who gets tired of hearing the know it all RUBS? The ones who‘ve started out riding in their mid 50’s and say Harley-Davidson needs to set up production facilities in Asia? Absolutely not, you dumb-ass wannabee pricks. This is supposed to be an iconic American company whose product is made by American hands. Being made by American workers is what makes the company appeal to the bikers. 

I’ve ridden Harley-Davidson Motorcycles my whole life. They are the iconic because they were put together by American hands. If I wanted to ride a foreign bike than I would’ve purchased one. NoI bought a Harley because I knew they were made by my countryman. Sad to say, my Fatboy will be the last one I ever own. I‘m moving onto an Indian. 

Besides Harley closing it’s Kansas City Plant and moving only 250 jobs to York; the rest to Thailand. It’s ludicrous they would push a clothing company instead of being a motorcycle company.Why support a company who rather sell t-shirts than a good bike? How many problems have they‘ve been having with their bikes lately? How many recalls have been going on recently? Maybe if they get rid of some of their foreign parts suppliers, Harley might not have all the problems they are currently going through. 

Many offer the excuse. “If the money flows back to a company based in America than it’s an American company.” Horse shit. What establishes an American company is they use American labor. A company doesn’t get to enjoy the support the way Harley does having it’s labor sourced to someone make two dollars an hour. Certainly not, it’s the American workers pride that had me hooked on Harley so long. Nothing else but that. Let’s be honest.Harley Davidson has had the same product line up since for over 50 years. Harley was under no circumstances the best at change. While the metric companies were investing in research and development, Harley was living off the past. This is why most of the younger generation refer to Harley-Davidson as “The old man motorcycle.

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IMPHAL, May 10: Harley-Davidson Motor Company announced that it has entered into an agreement with G-III Apparel Group Ltd. for G-III to design and distribute Harley-Davidson lifestyle apparel throughout Asia. The collaboration is in sync with Harley-Davidson’s long-term strategy to build next generation of riders through lifestyle apparel. Under the agreement, G-III will develop a network of Harley-Davidson apparel stores in the Asia Pacific region. The iconic cruiser motorcycle brand, Harley Davidson is now the talk of the town. Located in Mamcy Mall, Imphal this iconic brand is all set to cast its spell on the bike lovers in the city and beyond. The brand has introduced a wide range of clothing line and accessories that gives you an edge over every fashionista in the city. G-III Apparel Group is the Asia Pacific Licensee for this lifestyle concept.

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Jean-Pascal Salvaj, VP Wholesale Asia for G-III expressed hope that the spirit of Harley-Davidson and its high street fashion element will create a high impact on the Indian consumers both riders and non-riders. He also revealed that G-III Apparel Group plans to open 13 concept stores across India in 2018 alone. “This is a bridge to premium brand so expansion would be selective and cautious with the journey starting from North east as the most fashionable part of India,” said Jean Paul Salvaj. The Harley-Davidson Spring-Summer 2018 Collection showcases products which are inspired by the classic American motorcycle culture and use colorful American totem prints and motorcycle elements to create a new generation of high-street fashion collections. This season’s Harley-Davidson lifestyle line combines current and future fashion trends, street culture with unique details, stylish silhouette and exquisite fabrics to create products with Harley-Davidson’s unique codes and DNA.

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  1. Hooray for Harley Wood. I am a lifetime owner of Harley Davidson motorcycles. Never sit on another NAME and that just may be the last. Maybe Indian or just keep ridding HD used but who knows.
    Over 40 years of ridding good home built motorcycles may be JUST down the tube. Ride safe see ya out there…K dbl U


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