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Sonora Police started taking pictures of all the bikes license plates, saying that we are all in a motorcycle gang. Police Officer admits it on Camera -Video Enclosed Call to Action!!!!

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

First and foremost everyone in the biker community should be sharing this video. Make it go viral on every social media platform. Furthermore everyone around the world should be ringing the Sonora Police Departments Phone of the Hook 209-532-8143.

This kind of profiling is nothing new to those in the club scene. I can remember when I rode with the Black and White. Every major party we would have the Feds and local cops running around taking pictures of us and taking down license plates. Im use to saying the damned Feds had more pictures of me than I ever did of myself. It actually sucked cause every-time I get pulled over I was either on the car spread eagle or on the ground. Club guys are used to the harassment. It’s independents and regular everyday motorcycle enthusiast experiencing it now. Sucks don’t it? Especially for those RUBS who go around singing the praises of the blue gang.

Sonora Police started taking pictures of all the bikes license plates, saying that we are all in a motorcycle gang. Police Officer admits it on Camera. People are mentioning the No Parking signs, those no parking signs were dating for that coming Saturday and this Bike Night was on a Tuesday. The coming Saturday was a rodeo parade. The No Parking signs were not valid when the video was taken. Sonora California Sonora Police Department Sgt. Hankins Sonora Police Phone Number 209-532-8143

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This video is the embodiment of the way cops think about bikers. Cops and their representatives will go around preaching the company line not all bikers are apart of clubs (gangs as they like to say.) and not all bikers are criminals. Deep down though cops cannot stand bikers or what they stand for. As far as I am concerned, I think it’s out of jealousy I absolutely do. Cops want to be us so bad it’s laughable. Why else would you have these freaks of nature running around forming motorcycle clubs and pattering them after the 1%er club scene? Think about how hypocritical it really is.  

What’s up with Officer Chubby in the background by the way? Don’t the Sonora Police Department have some sort of physical standards their cops have to meet? Look at the dude in the background. Cut that dude off from the donuts for Pete’s sake. The dude looks like he takes in like 10,000 calories a day. Don’t have to worry about the dude arresting you. You would have to worry about chubby eating your ass. Damn man have some self-respect and loose a few pounds. 

Gas Grass and Ass
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For those RUBS who want to think the world of the police. Take a listen to Motorcycle Madhouse latest episode. Click the link, and what you’re going to hear is a former cop in Minnesota talk about how the academies train officers concerning bikers. It’s no joke on how these people are trained to suspect any one wearing leathers is apart of a biker gang. Thus, anyone pulled over should have the greatest of caution afforded to the officer. 

motorcycle madhouse

Cops wonder why citizens of this country have no trust in them? It’s because they think they are in a different class than the rest of us. Once they put on the badge and uniform these people genuinely believe they are superior to everyone else. That attitude is what causes the distrust among the public. It’s an attitude not only towards the biker community, but others as well, which forces a black eye on their profession.

The citizens of this country have a lack of trust in police for a reason. It‘s a reason that their profession brought upon themselves. For example when the Waco PD and others cops went into Twin Peaks with automatics gunning down people. Or when 76 people including women and children were burned alive in Waco in 93 at the Branch Davidian Compound. Once more, they initiated it upon themselves with the way people look at them. 

Here is the question for everyone in the biker community. Could you take 5 minutes out of your day to pick up that phone and call in and let the Sonoma Police Department know this kind of profiling isn’t acceptable? How about writing on their Facebook page this isn’t acceptable. Next time this could be you.

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  1. Another concern about this is that they will use the registration information and photos to register them in the Calgang system, which will allow stiffer penalties for any charge in court due to the gang enhancement. This crap is really getting out of control… Hopefully they can pass the National Motorcycle Profiling Legislation in Congress which would cover all states.


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