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USA Based Motorcycle Clubs kicking out or shutting down chapters overseas. Was it smart expanding into different countries in the first place?

Unless you have a Mongol Seal Team- Don’t think those will be taken anytime soon

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

There has been two major splits around the world where USA Motorcycle Clubs have decided to call it quits with chapters overseas. Namely the Bandidos and Mongols M/C.

Quoting anonymous sources, Panorama reports that emissaries from the Mongols in GermanyEnglandItaly, and the Netherlands were called to account by their bosses in the United States. The Americans ordered their European brothers to pay higher membership dues and to retaliate at once when they were subject of an attack by a rival motorcycle club. Source Gangster INC David Amoruso

The split with the Bandidos worldwide into two factions even was raised at the Pike and Portillo trial. So with the major split with 2 of the big 5 with their overseas chapters what is going on?

According to the official website of the Bandidos USA, the club split up in 2007. “On July 17, 2007, the club was split,” the message read. “Though we share a common name and a similar patch, we are no longer associated with Bandidos MC in Europe, Asia and Australia.”Source Gangster INC David Amoruso

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If you are someone who follows the happenings of the club scene. You would know for example in Australia; the entire club scene is different than here in the states. Some so-called M/C’s, even some of the bigger ones do not require members to own a motorcycle. The attitude in Australia is one of being gangster first. A member of a motorcycle club second.  The culture in some of these countries make it next to impossible for the American biker club to prevail the way it was set up here in the States. Gangster INC had it right when he said 

It’s the second time such a thing has happened. In December of last year, Gangsters Inc. reported about the American Bandidos severing ties with all its European chapters and creating a new patch as a result. Despite all the tough talk surrounding a “bad standing,” it would be impossible for the American mother chapters to enforce the rules in Europe.

And thus, we are left with two versions of the same outlaw motorcycle club. One in the United States, the other in Europe. These splits signal that the days of a united brotherhood that spanned the globe have come to an end. Today, it’s each chapter for itself. Source Gangster Inc

One question I’ve always had was why?

 To tell the truth it’s a very logical question if you think about it. Why would a USA club want to expand overseas? In most cases the expansion will double the size of membership here in the states. How do you ensure the expansion chapters are actually following the by-laws of the club? Sure, it worked in the old days because people had honor. The newer generation of club member overseas is more worried about what the patch can do for them money wise. It’s actually no joke. Here in the states only a few rouge members go out there doing gangster stuff. Overseas it’s entire chapters that bond together and that’s how they make a living. The chapters of some of the M/C’s over in Australia are”Mafia on Wheels.” There is no other way to explain it, especially if you follow the news over there.

The stuff happening over here in the states with increased use of RICO and Terrorism laws. Have American Motorcycle Clubs been taking notice of some of the things their overseas chapters and charters are doing? Heads start to butt and then all of a sudden it’s split up time. This is when you end up with two factions of the same club. One of the famous foreign faction fights is with the Rock Machine. Not a USA based club, but you can repeatedly see the fights playing out over social media. Most of us laugh at it because clubs in America do not air out on social media. This isn’t the case in other countries. It’s so bad that newspapers cover “Bikie Instagram wars.” Yes, clubs fight over Instagram. It’s insane to say the least, but it’s a different culture.

Wait till you read the article below on how an ex member of the Finks were raped and beaten for wanting to leave the club. Yes, a  bunch of bikies went prison on ol boy.

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Finks bikies charged with alleged kidnapping, assault of former gang member


Four members of the Finks bikie gang and a female associate have been charged with alleged kidnapping, sexual assault and assault of a man in Sydney’s west.

The incident is alleged to have occurred at a hotel in Vineyard in December last year.

Police will allege the victim was assaulted physically and with a weapon, was stabbed in the knee and burnt with boiling water over a period of about 12 hours.

He also sustained fractures to his skull and cheek bones and lost hearing in one ear.

Police were called after cleaners noticed blood spattered on the walls and furnishings.

The men, aged 22, 24, 35 and 49, were refused bail and are facing several charges including kidnapping, extortion, serious assault, malicious wounding and sexual assault.

A 30-year-old woman charged with demanding property in company with menaces with intent to steal, knowingly dealing with proceeds of crime and contributing to criminal activity was granted conditional bail.

The victim had been invited to the hotel and knew the people who allegedly assaulted him.

Police allege the man was burnt with boiling water to remove his bikie tattoo.

“[This] is quite consistent with outlaw motorcycle club culture,” Detective Superintendent Deb Wallace said.

“When you leave a club… you must remove all identifiers that you have been a member of that outlaw motorcycle gang and if you don’t remove it, they will remove it by force.

“We’ll be alleging the victim was planning to leave the motorcycle gang or they didn’t want him in the gang.”

Strike Force Raptor detectives searched five homes in Hassell Grove, Kellyville, Rouse Hill and Schofield at 6:00am, arresting the five people.

Police expect more people will be arrested in relation to this incident.

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