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Waco Twin Peaks Bikers Original Charges Reach The 3 Year Statute of Limitations The Illusions of the Dismissals and the Reality of the Re Indictments

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Here we are at the 3rd year Anniversary of May 17th, 2015 Twin Peaks Waco Texas Biker tragedy. Most are just enjoying the drama and news coming out from this bloody mess. There is a huge amount of reality that I really don’t believe the biker world and general public just cant understand. The amount of Constitutional violations dished out by McLennan County is staggering and really unbelievable. I aim to point out that day was a well orchestrated, mass corruption of heavily militarized Law Enforcement, over Zulus attempt to completely override laws and our Constitution by way of planning an ambush on American citizens that happen to have been Bikers.

If you don’t feel what happened in Waco that day has nothing to do with you…you are wrong. You can’t turn a blind eye to the big picture of what happened in Waco. The actions by our government were after Bandidos to build their federal cases later down the road with the arrest of these top 3 Bandidos Pike, Portillio, and Forster. Remember the memo I published a few months ago? This was a memo of a briefing Law Enforcement had a couple days before their plans executed on May 17th, 2015. Look at the memo Operation Summary!


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The ambush was by Waco Law Enforcement. The blue dots in this diagram are where Law Enforcement were positioned. The red circle is where the bikers were.

waco insanethrottle

Not only were these officers armed to the gills with AR 15 rifles, but some had another type of rifle called a PP-19.

Waco Shootout
And lets not forget how well prepared SWAT was with their TANK! Yes, they brought a tank
Tank INsane THrottle


And lets not forget how well prepared SWAT was with their TANK! Yes, they brought a tank.

Take a look at the way Sgt. Patrick Swanton was presenting to the press about what happened at Twin Peaks. Keep in mind that he later ran for Sherriff in McLennan County and was not successful. In reading this article you can see that Bikers were being portrayed as guilty before they had their day in court. All of the Bikers were portrayed as guilty and for nearly 3 years have had to fight that they are innocent. This article was written May 20th, 2015.

I have a really great question. So if there were 14 officers put on administrative leave for involvement in the gunfire as standard protocol, why in the hell did JR Price only order ballistics on 3 of the officers rifles?

waco insane throttle

Here we are today with well over a hundred bikers dismissed from their original indictment of Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity. The dismissals are not really excused. There are a few words that note dismissed with prejudice and dismissed with out prejudice. Dismissed with prejudice means the initial charge is dismissed and that person is free with out the burden that they can be recharged with what they were originally indicted with. Cases that are dismissed with out prejudice means that they can be re indicted and charged with the same crime they were indicted with at a later date and other charges can be added. So far to date, only two bikers have been dismissed with prejudice. This leaves most of all the bikers still in limbo. All of the other bikers are dismissed with out prejudice. The municipality of Waco can still come after any of these bikers with different charges regardless of their type of dismissal.

As of yesterday, those that were not dismissed have been re indicted on new charges that void out the original indictment of engaging in organized criminal activity because the statute of limitations on the original indictments have reached almost the 3 year mark.

With out a doubt this is how McLennan County has played a game with these Civil Suits against them. Serious Constitutional violations at the hands of Waco Law Enforcement, DA Able Reyna, and the Federal Government all the while these Americans are being tossed around with their lives.

On every May 17th 12:25pm please take a moment of silence for 1 min and 11 seconds for all of the Bikers and their families. In that time frame hundreds of lives were destroyed and will never be the same.

Some quotes from those that lost their loved ones:

You know how much we miss Danny, but at the same time we are having to learn to let go of the anger and learn to forgive those responsible for taking our loved ones. Forgiveness is the only way we can find peace in our lives and will give us the ability to move forward. Never forgetting the m but starting a new chapter in our lives.

The whole thing has destroyed my Grandsons. I want justice for the innocent. One of my Grandsons will not go his Fathers grave sight. I want people to know the impact on my Grandsons.

One thing I have learned from all of this hurt and tragedy is that the MC community needs to ride on the same wind and respect each other.

Three years ago today, I told him I love him for the last time. That was our last kiss and I will never forget it.

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