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Not only does bikers have to fear the Government. All Americans should feel fear when the FBI and Department of Justice runs wild. Wake up America if you want your liberty intact!! Some clubs don’t help the situation

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Writing for Insane Throttle Biker News everyday I’m personally not surprised by the heavy handed tactics and profiling that law enforcement does in regards to motorcycle clubs. I use to go through it myself when I was a member of a m/c. What does surprise me is how people react with surprise and disgust when they actually see it on video. This past week the country got a taste of that when a Sgt from the Sonora Police Department admitted plain as day he was profiling the bikers. The shock and horror some displayed in reaction to the video was actually quite sad from my viewpoint. I sat there thinking ” You really don’t have a clue. This isn’t merely about bikers. This is against the American population in General.”
I genuinely do not care what side of the political spectrum you fall on. I genuinely do not care if you hate Trump or not. What is happening right now in this country is a absolute disgrace. The Inspector General is about to release his report on the investigation into not only Hillary Clinton. But the actions of the FBI and Justice department during the 2016 Election. Right now it’s said, he has referred some people who were in the upper ranks for criminal prosecution. He is also expected to find gross overuse of power by a few individuals within the FBI and former Obama officials.

Trump and the Russia investigation: What to know

We are also learning that the FBI had an undercover source in the Trump Campaign. If none of this scares the hell out of you than you need to move to a pure socialist country and experience it. See what you’re in for if things like this keeps up and we as Americans say nothing about it. We keep allowing the media, which is controlled by big business and one party, spill it’s propaganda out and turn this country into a disgrace. This is exactly what is happening right now and we worry about cops at the local level profiling bikers?

Sonora Police Chief Addresses Biker ‘Profiling’ Claims – Welcome to America. The New Police State because citizens let it happen. Socialism on the rise
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No, we should be terrified to death the FBI and DOJ has turned into the damned KGB and Gestapo. It’s humorous, the media pushed the narrative RUSSIA, RUSSIA all this time and not a lick of evidence has come out to prove it. Just this pass Sunday, Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat who’s been advancing the Russia conspiracy all this time ate crow on CNN, admitting there was no collusion. Meantime we have a DOJ refusing to allow Congress to do it’s constitutional responsibility for oversight. They are refusing to hand over documents because they know damned well they got caught attempting to implement a damned political coup. What’s worst than that , American citizens bought into the side show of Russia and missed what was really happening the whole time.

I hear bikers all the time complaining about the governments treatment of clubs. The problem with those complaints is just that, complaints. They sit there bitch and moaning but not once undertake the fundamental task of getting on their representatives. They do not take the time to make a call, write an email, or get involved in the election process. Basically you have no right to bitch if you’re not going to get involved now do you?
While you’re sitting there crying and whining about police profiling, others are actually out there involved in fighting it. If you desire something done about the problems in this country, you have to get involved. You can’t merely sit there and let other people do the heavy lifting and expect to enjoy the benefits.

‘Bigger than Watergate’: Trump joins push by allies to expose role of an FBI source
Let’s take Sonora for example. How many of you got on the phone and called and complained about the treatment of those bikers? How many of you actually submitted a comment at all on their Facebook page? Not many from what I saw. So what’s that reveal to you? People see a post or video and bitch. But they won’t take the 5 minutes to go over to their Facebook page and let loose on how they believe these bikers were wronged.
Right now this country is having a severe identity crisis. One perpetuated by a media with an agenda. If you recognize it or not. News media in this country is owned by a very few organizations. This handful of organizations are the ones setting the agenda in this country. Let’s take this past presidential election so many cannot seem to get over.

CNN was one of the news organizations who were out there promoting Trump at every turn. Every time he came onto the air to do a speech or rally they would cut news coverage and go LIVE to his campaign. Same for MSNBC. They provided Trump with millions of dollars in free advertisement . Why ? Because they wanted him to get the nomination. They did this because they thought it would provide Hillary Clinton an easy path to the Office of the President. That backfired on their asses now didn’t it? The American people had enough of that bitch and her lies. They embraced true change, not the fantasy they were promised the previous eight years.

Top Bandidos leaders convicted on federal charges

For those who actually pay attention to the media. Look at the Morning Joe Duo over at MSNBC. Those two ass-monkeys couldn’t be farther up Trumps ass during the election. They attend his New Years party and evidently were told they had no place in the administration and got butt hurt. They are the two most outspoken critics of the President now because they didn’t get their way.

Wake up people! You essentially have a party of the United States providing cover for illegal immigrants. We all recognize what they are doing. The Democrats want to cultivate the next generation of voters, and they are doing at the expense of the American Citizen. They also happen to represent the party who wants to take away your second amendment rights. We in fact had a recently retired judge call for a constitutional amendment to repeal the second amendment. Democrats do not believe in country. They believe in socialism and everything that comes with it. It’s all about power for them.
If the FBI and Department of Justice can hold this country hostage. What chance do you think clubs have?

If you’re looking at this as a political post than I truly feel sorry for you. If this was happening to another administration, I’d be the first one calling them out. This isn’t about Trump at all. This is about two federal agencies who collaborated to undermine a duly elected President. One who got the required electoral votes to hold the office as spelled out in the Constitution of this country. A country were many men and women have spilled blood and died for.

If a few people in government can hold a Presidents administration hostage by fake accusations and propaganda. What kind of chance do a few guys in a motorcycle club have taken on charges from the federal government? Some of those in the club scene I suggest should smarten up. With a 97% conviction rate. You would think they would recognize it’s more profitable to stay legit. But hey, it’s their lives and they can live it the way they see fit. If doing years in prison is their thing then more power to them. But know this. As we’ve seen with what is happening to a President of the United States. The FBI and DOJ have the time and money to make any ones life miserable. So more power to yas if you want to roll the dice and take your chances.

An Outlaw Biker was never defined as someone who acts like a Gangster

If we are going to identify what’s going on with the whole picture, we have to be real. We have to provide all angles to this situation. The flip side of what’s going on is some clubs generate the attention upon themselves. Yes, many supporters jump up and pound on those keyboards about people in clubs getting a raw deal. People start tripping on court policies and procedures. The fact of the matter is clubs going out there acting like gangsters are going to get caught up. 

Technology now a days will get you every time. It’s all but impossible to escape detection if you’re playing outside the law. Why I consistently say it’s easier to be more profitable in legit adventures. 

Embracing the Outlaw Biker Lifestyle was never about being a gangster. It was defined as living your own way of life the way you seen fit. It wasn’t about slinging crap like Meth or coke, etc. Personally, any club that allows members to get into that kind of stuff deserve to get brought down. A club cannot go out there screaming at the top of their lungs that they are not a gang when they are out there doing gangster stuff. They pretty much loose that argument the minute they start into those types of business ventures.  It’s those clubs who bring  heat on others who are doing everything the way it should be. 

The Moral of the story at this point is we as Americans have to start getting involved in what our elected politicians are doing. We have to hold them accountable for their actions. If we don’t; we have no one else to blame than ourselves for allowing it to happen. This same premise goes towards motorcycle clubs. If they are out there being gangster than it‘s time we all call it for what it is. If they wish to be known as a club than don’t be out there doing gangster shit. Everyone has to be real with themselves and each other if these issues are ever going to be solved.

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