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The Municipality of Waco Texas Confusing Saga Continues Waco DA’s Office Is In A Rage Throwing Mud to See What Sticks

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By : Texas Bellend

Roll up your sleeves because the truth is getting deep
What has been going on here in Texas is just so unbelievable and faith in our Justice system here is in the toilet. Especially with the community in Waco Texas. The citizens of Waco are looking at what has transpired over the last 3 years with the Twin Peaks bikers cases and are hanging their heads in embarrassment.

Seems as though Able Reyna is advising what is left of the DA’s office and not actively participating after his 20% loss in the election for District Attorney this April. All along there have been numerous errors on the DA’s office that is staggering and the American Bikers are having to just brace themselves. Here are just a few to give you an
the idea of the circus that is the Municipality of Waco Texas.
At the beginning of the Twin Peaks bikers unlawful arrests of May 17 th , 2015, some of the bikers were released from jail in DA’s error May 19 th , 2015. Three of those released bikers were released on 25k bond had to be re-arrested and put back in jail under 1 Million Dollar Bonds. Essentially known as the 2 million dollar men. Jeremy King was one of the bikers whose indictment was dismissed earlier this year. Jeremy’s indictment
dismissal was in the DA’s error. June 2, 2018, Jeremy had to turn himself into Waco and do a “walk through” and now is re-indicted on (unconfirmed) riot charges. There is no new bond.
Folks you just cannot make this stuff up! The general consensus is that the Municipality of Waco Texas can just about do whatever they feel like doing to these American Bikers even if it is unlawful to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures and our Constitution.
In hopes that I am wrong, some or all the bikers cases that were dismissed are possibly going to go through what Jeremy King just went through. All of this screams that Able Reyna and Amanda Dillion are trying to save face with the jury pool by cherry picking the bikers that charges were dismissed and re-indicting them. Giving the appearance that they are now doing their jobs correctly after 3 years.

Well, they are not! They are reaching for a way to get out of the civil suits against them by coming up with new charges which are nothing more than a legal theory and strategy at best. Throw away indictments in hopes to keep Bikers under an indictment which
will postpone the civil suits.

Waco, Texas, the top two leaders of the Bandidos motorcycle club were found guilty on 13 federal charges. Motorcycle Clubs need to understand this isn’t 1980’s

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Here is the Press Release from Looney & Conrad, P.C.
BREAKING NEWS: 2nd Indictments in Waco Twin Peaks Cases
Unlawfully Obtained; Cannot now be Lawfully Obtained
Paul Looney, an attorney from Houston joined attorney Mark Thiessen in the case of Marcus Pilkington injured at a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco on May 17, 2015 where nine people died and 23 others hospitalized. This morning Thiessen and Looney filed the attached document in the 54th District Court of McLennan County.
“We are heavily indebted to Robert Callahan, a prominent Waco criminal attorney who came up with the idea and provided me with initial research,” Looney said. “We are of the opinion that the second indictment was unlawfully obtained and cannot now be lawfully obtained. Just when it was beginning to look like the McLennan County District Attorneys office had discarded the ‘Book of Waco’ and chosen to follow the Code of
Criminal Procedure, we found that they are still making their own rules and have now made an inexcusable blunder.”
All of the 177 initially arrested were placed on historic bonds of one million dollars. A grand jury indicted 155 people charging three offenses: murder, aggravated assault and two counts of engaging in an organized criminal activity. Dismissals on all but 25 defendants were filed earlier this year, with that 25 re-indicted on charges
such as “riot,” “murder and riot,” “tampering with physical evidence” and “unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.”

“The problem with the re-indictments is the DA’s office re-indicted filed cases without dismissing the original indictment,” said Callahan. “The correct method of filing the riot charge, for instance, would have been to indict it as a new case with a new cause number. “They could have had the two charges running parallel. Now,
instead, the second indictment is of no legal import at all and is voidable which means the riot statute of limitations has run on all the new indictments and they are stuck with the “engaging” charges initially used.”
This link is the filing to Quash and Objection to the Amendment of Marcus Pilkington’s Indictment.
Waco Tribune Tommy Witherspoon
“Biker seeks to quash new indictment”

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