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Just us ladies: Texas Bellend answers a few questions for the ladies new to Motorcycle Clubs.


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By : Texas Bellend
Over the past month or so I have been getting emails asking advice about situations or relations involving the proper way to handle issues that us ladies have from time to time in the Motorcycle Lifestyle. I really appreciate when I get great questions that only us ladies would encounter. I would like to say that being new in the MC world does not come with any instructions really. We all know that this is going to bore the hell out of the guys when we get to the questions and answer time in this article.

I appreciate all you ladies out there and keep the questions coming in. Your role in your Ol Mans life whether he is a hang around, prospect, patch holder, or independent is very important. Like the old saying goes behind a great man is a great woman.
Hi, my husband is prospecting now in an MC and he has church and rides. Am I allowed to ride with him if I stay out of club talk and bizz? Is there any advice you can give me as to being an Ol Lady? We have ridden for years but never in a club so I am wondering what to expect.

So, there are two different scenarios for a Church function. One is at a rally where all the chapters have a church meeting and a church meeting not at a rally. At a rally, church is held on Sunday of that weekend rally. All the full patched members get together and talk club business. Prospects and the ladies stay out. At a rally, while the patched members have church all the ladies bite the hair of the dog nursing our hangovers and put the campsite away. Literally drinking beer or bloody marries while breaking down camp. It’s a real chore when it’s very hot outside. Church meetings not at a rally
happen at someone’s house or at a cut friendly establishment. Nine times out of ten church will happen at someone’s house or chapter clubhouse. Riding with your Ol Man is usually acceptable because the ladies hang out in a separate place like outside while the men are inside talking or the guys would go outside and us ladies would be inside cooking and having cocktails. One key element I would like to share is when the ladies are cooking inside the men’s Church meetings are much shorter…. because they are hungry.

As far as what to expect when your Ol Man is in an MC Club I would recommend to observe and listen. Reserve your questions while in private with your Ol Man. Being new to a club is a lot to take in so just roll with the flow. As time goes on you will see who you will call Sister and who you will call by their road name.
Don’t take it personally if there are a few church meetings that Ol Ladies are not allowed to attend. Guys like to have their Brother time to go ride and have fun without their Ol Ladies present. When us ladies were not allowed to go we had a get together at one of our houses and had a wonderful time without the guys around. One particular get together us ladies had while our Ol Men were out doing their “thing” we all decided to ditch our bathing suits and have cocktails poolside. That time was about being
free and having a blast…just us Sisters. Any time you can get together creates bonding and a Sisterhood of respect and care.

Life of a 1%er

I have been in and out of a relationship with my boyfriend that is a patch member of an MC Club. His Club doesn’t trust me and he asked for my support cut back. I have gotten wind of a lot of talking shit from other people and both of us are really unsure exactly what happened but we are back together. What can I do to earn the Chapters respect back to make my Ol Man happy again?

I would recommend being positive and productive for your Ol Man and his Club. Your main role as a PO is to back up your man and take care of him first. What happens in front of Brothers means a lot. You are not to be the brunt of what other people think.

What I mean by that is if it doesn’t work out for you and your Ol Man you need to step away from the club he is patched in entirely. This will open your heart for what is in store for you and be with someone who will have a mutual respect for you. Wearing a Property Of is a respect thing at its root. It should be worn with pride for who your Ol
Man is and the Club he loves. The best advice is to take care of your Ol Man and everything else will follow. Truth is in the Club world ladies come and go. Being consistent in taking care of your Ol Man will how that you are a backbone bitch that is there for him no matter what. MC Clubs are a mans world and being consistent, nurturing, and giving goes a long way while gaining respect. There is no way to
fast track respect.

I am no expert here I am just giving my advice when asked.
Well that it for now ladies! I hope you all will email me with questions or comments on the next blog.
Much love and respect from your Texas Bellend! Muahh!

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