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IRC Sheriff’s Sergeant and Iron Order President Terminated After Domestic Violence Arrest :Bill Davidson calls new electric Harley-Davidson prototypes ‘absolutely phenomenal’: Harley Davidson x American Crew in joint campaign

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By   – Reporter, Milwaukee Business Journal

Bill Davidson, the great-grandson of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Co. founder William Davidson, said he’s ridden prototypes of Harley-Davidson Inc.’s new electric motorcycles and calls them “absolutely phenomenal.”

Davidson, who has led the Harley-Davidson Museum since 2010, recently sat for an exclusive interview with Vince Vitrano, an anchor at TODAY’S TMJ4, a media news partner of the Milwaukee Business Journal. Davidson discussed the prototypes of the new electric bikes, which are set to be released in 2019, as well as his plans to participate in the company’s 115th anniversary celebration over Labor Day weekend.

To see more from Vitrano’s interview with Davidson on TMJ4, click here.

The prototypes for the new motorcycles provide “a different riding experience,” according to Davidson.

“A lot of people have said, ‘Well, is that a Harley? It’s got an electric motor. It sounds different. What does it feel like? What does it look like?'” Davidson said. “And I tell them it’s Harley-Davidson through and through. It’s a Harley-Davidson that still has the look, sound and feel to give you that emotional experience.”

Davidson also confirmed that the electric bikes have a distinctively different sound than a conventional Harley-Davidson product.

“It’s fairly smooth,” Davidson said. “We did engineer into the electric motor a unique gearing so that the bike, when you get on the throttle it really sounds unique and aggressive.”

What ends up being released in 2019 will be “much different” than LiveWire, the prototype Harley-Davidson tested worldwide a few years ago, during which time the company received positive feedback about the potential of electric motorcycles.

“We took all of that information and put it into the development process to improve on LiveWire,” Davidson said.


Davidson said he plans to play an active role in this summer’s 115th anniversary celebration, as he and his sister Karen will lead one of the official “Rides Home,” biking in a multi-day caravan of Harleys from San Diego to Milwaukee.

“One of the most exciting things is seeing the people that will join us on our entourage to Milwaukee,” Davidson said.

The anniversary celebration and the new electric bikes are both attempts to bring new customers into the fold in a time when domestic sales are flagging badly.

“Really, everything we’re doing now is to ensure that we’re enticing people to look into or fulfill their curiosity with Harley-Davidson,” Davidson said. “Events like these are big opportunities for us to inspire non-riders.”

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Sebastian Daily 

IOTC Reporting this dude is a President of the Florida Chapter of the Iron Order M/C

SEBASTIAN, Florida – Last month, Sebastian Daily reported the arrest of Indian River County Sheriff’s Sergeant John Cronenberg following a battery domestic violence case conducted by the Sebastian Police Department.

Sergeant Cronenberg was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal affairs investigation.

Earlier this week, that investigation concluded with sustained findings.

On Thursday, June 7th, John Cronenberg was terminated from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.

During the battery domestic violence case, investigators report that the woman had injuries to her forehead and face from Cronenberg “‘smashing’ her head into the sidewalk and ground.”

Records also show that the woman had a bruise to her forehead the size of a golf ball. There was a 1-inch cut that “bled profusely,” and the left side of her face was swollen and bruised, records show.

While at the Sebastian River Medical Center, she reported the pain was a “10 out of 10 in intensity” to staff.

Cronenberg served with the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office for 23 years and was assigned to court security prior to his termination.

Life of a 1%er

Fashion United

Two American heritage brands have partnered on a new campaign to celebrate their respective anniversaries. Harley-Davidson x American Crew, who both star in the Style for the Road campaign, shot in Marfa, Texas.

American Crew is close to celebrating its 25th anniversary and Harley-Davidson Motorcycles will turn 115 this year.

These two iconic brands, globally known for paying homage to their heritage and values, are working together to craft unique experiences and events for consumers worldwide.

Images will appear in advertising and brand collateral in salons around the world and be featured across social media channels.

“Both American Crew and Harley-Davidson, two leading brands in their categories, will have mutual benefits through the digital collaborations and exchanges in consumer and professional events,” stated David Carvalho, Global President of Portfolio Brands at Revlon. “Over the coming months, our new campaign, Style for the Road, will bring together the strength and values of both brands, supporting our key American Crew initiative.

Co-branding is a strategic marketing and advertising partnership between two brands where the success and awareness of one brand brings success to the partner.

In fashion, where there are so many collaborations, from luxury brands mixing with streetwear to the high-low collaborations of the high street, co-branding can be an effective way to build business, boost awareness, and break into new markets. But for a partnership to truly work, it has to be a win-win notes Hubspot. Both audiences need to find value.

Credit:Harley Davidson x American Crew Style for the Road campaign


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