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An American Made bike lmao? Harley-Davidson to move production for some motorcycles out of US after EU tariffs: AFT Twins competitor Parker Norris sustained serious injuries ,currently in critical condition:

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The Company has been looking for excuses to cut it’s union workers off here in the states for years. Just another reason why loyalty to this T-Shirt company is no longer a valid argument. American Made lmao

The Hill

Harley-Davidson will move the production of motorcycles bound for European countries out of the United States, citing rising costs from European Union (EU) tariffs on their products.

The company said in a filing Monday that the EU tariffs on motorcycles exported from the U.S. rose from 6 percent to 31 percent, the Associated Press reported. Motorcycles bound for European countries will now be produced in overseas factories.

Harley-Davidson Inc. said that it will not raise its prices due to “an immediate and lasting detrimental impact to its business in the region,” according to the AP.

The EU announced earlier this month that it would impose retaliatory tariffs on a range of U.S. goods in July, including motorcycles.

The measures came in response to Trump’s steep tariffs on imported aluminum and steel from the EU and other key U.S. allies, including Canada and Mexico.


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American Flat Track News

Parker Norris Medical Expense Fund Established

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (June 24, 2018) – AFT Twins competitor Parker Norris sustained serious injuries on Saturday night at a local race in Terre Haute, Indiana, and is currently in critical condition. A medical expense fund has been set up in his name. Please do what you can to help him and his family.

From his fund page:

Parker Norris, 19, was injured in a multi-bike crash Saturday, June 23rd, in Terre Haute IN. He has multiple broken ribs, both lungs collapsed, and is on a ventilator. He is being airlifted to a hospital in Indianapolis that has a special machine which may be able to help him. We are asking our flat track family to make a donation, big or small, to help him and his family. We are all wishing him a speedy recovery. You can also send a check payable to Class of ’79 and mail to 3989 Springer Lane, Springfield IL 62711 or send via PayPal to Please be sure to note that your donation is for Parker.

Thank you all for your continued support and please keep this awesome kid and his family in your thoughts and prayers.  #prayingfor122

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PRINCETON — Rain fell misty from the Saturday afternoon sky, but soon the weather changed to sunny and clear. Hotdogs, baked beans and other outdoor cuisine was ready under a tent and motorcycles were parked near the Higher Ground Church. A grumbling roar was soon heard and a long train of motorcycles came off Route 19 and toward the church.

Riders participating in the second annual Blessing of the Bikers at Higher Ground Church had arrived after reaching out to the community.

“It’s really fun to hear them come in,” church treasurer Heather Arnold said. “You can hear them from a way away.”

The bikers were wearing leather gear, but the attire featured vests and jackets displaying Christian imagery including crosses and biblical quotations. Many of the participants had traveled all the way from Grace Baptist Church in Seneca, South Carolina, to join Saturday’s ride. Brad Loggins, a deacon with Grace Baptist, was with the Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry. The members arrived earlier in the week and took the opportunity to do some ministry and offer the Gospel.

“We went to the back streets at Mercer Street and delivered the Gospel to people who were looking for change, who were broken and needing change in their lives” Loggins recalled. “We’ve seen a lot that weren’t receptive and we spoke to three that were.”

Saturday’s ride through Mercer County and neighboring Giles County, Va. was not a fundraiser. It was free and the public was welcome to participate in all or part of the ride, or meet at the church. The goal was to offer ministry.

“That is the purpose,” Loggins said. “That is the only purpose we do anything. The Gospel is the only way to freedom and a content life.”

One early arrival, Mary Price of Walhalla, SC, also known to the friends as Crazy Mary, munched on potato chips while she waited for more bikers to reach the church. Some were running behind because they stopped to aid one rider whose motorcycle had a breakdown. Price, who attends Grace Baptist, said the journey from South Carolina took about ten hours; besides dealing with weather and mechanical issues, they also took time to minister to fellow travelers.

“We got to witness for people,” she recalled. “Everything bad that the devil tried to do, God turned it around for good.”

About 32 bikers riding approximately 50 motorcycles joined Saturday’s Blessing of the Bike’s ride, but others joined along the route and went their own way later while people who didn’t ride motorcycles came to Higher Ground Church. The bikers started their ride outside the Beef Jerky Outlet near Princeton, early arrival Dale Holdren of Princeton said. The riders then went to Bluefield, stopped at the East River Mountain Overlook, by proceeded to Narrows, Va. and returned to Princeton.

“We had a real good time,” Holdren said. “We lost the rest of the group somewhere, but other than that we did good.” He looked toward Route 19 near the church. “You’ll hear them coming. I guarantee you.”

Richard Goldstein of Princeton said he was riding what could have been the procession’s smallest motorcycle, a Honda Rebel 250.

“The route we took is really pretty,” he stated. “(Route) 61 has always been pretty. It’s curvy enough to be interesting.”

Many people think of stereotypical motorcycle gangs when they’re see large numbers of motorcycles riding the roadways, but the Bikers for Christ does not fit it, one local woman said. Many members of Higher Ground Church ride motorcycles, but everyone is welcome.

“We just enjoy riding our bikes, but we love the Lord,” Von Graham of the Matoaka area stated. “We just want everybody to know that they’re welcome.”

Assistant Pastor Stephen Dobbs of Higher Ground Church soon arrived with other riders.

“We had a really good turnout,” he said. “This is absolutely free. We just reach out to the community, be a positive influence in the Princeton area and the surrounding area.”

The Higher Ground Church’s building used to house a pool company, but has been remodeled into a place of worship. The owner, Pete Sasser, has been good to work with the church, Dobbs said.

“It’s to reach out to today’s culture and to reach out to Jesus,” he said of the church. “It’s a nontraditional movement, so to say.”

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Motorcycle Madhouse Podcast
Every Tuesday and Saturday at 1:00pm CST a new episode of Motorcycle Madhouse. Listen on all major platforms like IHEART Radio, ITUNES Youtube and more. Motorcycle Madhouse is listened to worldwide and covers everything biker
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