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OPP investigating ‘threats of violence’ between Hells Angels and Outlaw bikers:R.I. police pull over 100 motorcycle club members, but issue no citations

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Provincial police are investigating two separate incidents involving “threats of violence and intimidation” between members of the Hells Angels and Outlaw biker gangs in Port Dover on Friday the 13th.

On July 11 police warned motorcycle enthusiasts planning to attend the popular rally that tensions were mounting between the rival gangs.

But in a media release issued after the weekend where an estimated 200,000 descended on the community, the OPP described the weekend as “relatively peaceful.”

Nine days later, The OPP’s Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau published another media release, this time asking members of the public who were in town during the event for help.

Anyone with information is asked to call the OPP at 1-888-310-1122. Tips can also be provided anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

A boon for local businesses

The mass motorcycle gathering happens every Friday the 13th and is part of a tradition that dates back to 1981 when a Port Dover motorcycle shop owner met up with some friends.

It’s a major source of income for businesses located on the north shore of Lake Erie, about an hour southwest of Hamilton.

John Wells, Norfolk County’s councillor for the ward that includes Port Dover, said he was downtown working in the beer tent on both Thursday and Friday night during the rally, but said he wasn’t aware of any threats or intimidation taking place at the time.

“It was a very successful event,” he said. “I’m not saying there weren’t problems. I’m just saying I wasn’t aware of them.”

Wells said the presence of gangs is noticeable because of they wear specific patches and clothing, but added people tend to police themselves and be on their best behaviour during the event.

“Any problems we have had haven’t been caused by different gangs or groups of different bikers,” Wells explained.

But he did admit that having gangs in town could lead to issues.

“I guess there is the possibility that in the past these groups of individuals may have met each other at a different venue and sometimes when they meet again the remember the past.”

Extremely well-behaved people

Still, he said Port Dover has hosted dozens of the rallies over the years, all without any “major problems,” despite the sense that people outside the town are “just waiting for something [bad] to happen.

“We attribute a certain reputation to bikers and from what I can see, from the Friday the 13ths that they’ve had here that reputation is not something they bring with them. They are extremely well-behaved people and I’m pleased to welcome them to my community.”

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Provincial Journal

HOPKINTON, R.I. — What happens when police officers from three departments pull over about 100 members of a motorcycle club on an interstate highway? Well, sometimes nothing.

Such was the case Saturday afternoon when Rhode Island State Police, assisted by officers from Hopkinton and Connecticut, pulled over about 100 members of the Pagans motorcycle club on Route 95 shortly after they had crossed into Rhode Island.

Laura Meade Kirk, spokeswoman for the Rhode Island State Police, said the motorcyclists were pulled over about 1:30 p.m. Saturday as part of an “investigatory stop.”

But the stop turned up not a single violation nor culminated in a single arrest, she said, and the bikers continued on their way to a club rally in Fall River.

The stop came on the heels of a major state police investigation into rival biker activity. In May more than 50 people affiliated with various biker clubs were arrested on drugs and weapons charges after state and federal agents staged a series of early morning raids in northern Rhode Island.

The stop came on the heels of a major state police investigation into rival biker activity. In May more than 50 people affiliated with various biker clubs were arrested on drugs and weapons charges after state and federal agents staged a series of early morning raids in northern Rhode Island.

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The Sudburystar

A Superior Court judge has dismissed the application of a former Canada Revenue Agency employee and accused a motorcycle gang member of having the CRA produce various third-party records for use in his defence against charges that he improperly accessed tax information in 2014.

Christopher Casola of Sudbury faces charges including breach of trust by accessing taxpayer information other than for the public good, fraudulently accessing a CRA computer, as well as two counts that allege that the breach of trust and unauthorized use of a computer were done for the benefit of The Bacchus Motorcycle Club.

Casola also faces eight counts involving several weapons offences, including possession of an SKS assault rifle, alleged to have occurred in 2016.

The accused had requested access to various CRA records, including the mainframe computer that contains the records of all individuals who have filed a tax return; the CRA Matching Action Review System (MARS) database accessible on servers between March 26, 2014, and Jan. 7, 2015; a data dump of the entire Notepad option in the MARS database; as well as what is referred to as the “entire CRA workload audit trail” in connection with the review of the accused’s work that was undertaken by the CRA after security concerns became known.

In a decision delivered July 11, Justice Dan Cornell wrote that the applicant had stated the records were necessary to duplicate the CRA’s internal review, which allegedly indicated Casola, a former assessment processing clerk in the electronic processing and records division at the Sudbury Tax Centre, had accessed the files of several individuals with alleged connections to another motorcycle club, thereby contravening the agency’s code of ethics and conduct.

Cornell accepted the Crown’s argument, however, that the applicant did not articulate why they required entries for dates other that those when the alleged unauthorized access occurred.

“Despite being asked on more than one occasion to provide a reason for the requests that have been made, the only answer that was given is that the accused ‘wants to recreate the CRA process to double check the results to see if the results are accurate’,” the justice wrote. “This is not sufficient to establish that the information that is being sought is likely relevant to an issue that may arise at trial.

“The applicant did not provide an expert report, or for that matter, outline any possible concerns about the accuracy of the information that was provided or to raise questions about the process that was followed by the CRA during the review of the CRA records. In the end, all that was put forward in support of the request for the production of third party records were vague assertions that there was a problem with the results of the searches that had been undertaken.”

Those “vague assertions” amount to nothing more than “sheer speculation,” Cornell wrote, and “fall far short of satisfying the onus that lies upon the applicant to establish that such third party records should be produced in order to permit the accused to make full answer and defence.”

“In view of the fact that I have determined that the information sought is not likely relevant to an issue at trial or the competence of a witness to testify, I need not attempt to balance competing privacy interests of those who would be affected by disclosure against the accused’s right to be able to make full answer and defence.

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