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Bikie does burnout at Queensland police station, crashes during escape:Finks bikie kingpin, 33, is accused of ‘storming a home and beating a man with a tyre iron before threatening to kill his children’ – months after declaring his gang members were ‘just like everyone else’

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Sydney Morning Herald

A motorbike rider, believed to be wearing Bandidos gang colours, has done a burnout in the driveway of a Queensland police station and crashed while trying to make his escape.

Police said the motorcyclist did the stunt about 5.20pm on Thursday in front of the Springwood station, located in Logan City south of Brisbane.

After generating a thick cloud of white smoke from the burning rubber, CCTV vision showed the biker trying to make his escape, but he crashed metres from the scene of the crime.

As the rider picked himself up and got back on his motorbike, officers from the station came running out into the street to see what was going on.

The burnout bandit managed to make a successful getaway on the second attempt and was last seen riding along the Pacific Highway Service Road.

Police have appealed to anyone who was in the area at the time of the incident or drivers who have dashcam footage to come forward, in the hope officers can identify the motorbike rider.

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Daily Mail UK

A Finks bikie boss has made a brief appearance in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court 

  • Brent James ‘BJ’ Reker has been charged with offences including threats to kill
  • The 33-year-old is alleged to have entered a house and assaulted a man he knew

A Finks bikie boss arrested by police this week is alleged to have entered a house armed with a tyre iron and assaulted a man he knew.

Face-tattooed Brent James ‘BJ’ Reker made a brief appearance in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Thursday after he was charged with multiple offences.

The 33-year-old is also alleged to have threatened to kill the victim’s children and another individual.

During his brief court appearance, Reker did not seek bail, The Herald Sun reported.

The court heard Reker was a risk of self-harm, was suffering from nose bleeds and he may require chest surgery after he sustained a chest injury.

He was taking medication to treat asthma, bipolar, depression and anxiety, the court heard.

Reker has been remanded in custody and will next appear in court in January.

The Herald Sun reported police have obtained 15,000 conversations from telephone intercepts and listening devices, which they are currently working through as they prepare their case against Reker.

Reker was arrested at his property in Karingal Drive Frankston, on Wednesday afternoon.

Detectives from the Echo Taskforce allegedly found a gun, ammunition, a samurai sword, a Range Rover, Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang clothing, and what are believed to be stolen military medals.

They also allegedly seized a range of drugs including methamphetamine, cocaine and steroids.

The offences Reker has been charged with include aggravated home invasion, intention to cause injury, unlawful assault and threats to kill.

His arrest follows a September 9 aggravated burglary in Hampton Park, south-east of Melbourne’s CBD.

Reker’s home was targeted in a drive-by shooting at the end of May while his wife and eleven-day-old baby slept inside.

Underworld figures feared an all-out bikie war was going to erupt following the incident.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Australia in March, Reker said the Finks bikie gang was just like everyone else.

Bikie clubs are the last stand for human rights – in Australia no one is allowed to do anything anymore. We – just like everyone else – just want to hang out with our mates and go for a drink on Friday night without being told we can’t,’ Reker said.

‘Victoria is the last state where there are still basic human rights – police can’t just bash down a door and come into our homes – they can’t tell us we can’t talk to our mates.’

This is compared to tough anti-bikie laws in New South Wales and Queensland that prohibit bikies riding together and communicating with each other.

‘You are not going to be able to stop bike clubs – and if you force them into hiding they will automatically be doing something wrong when they meet – so where does it stop.’

Reker acknowledged ‘the way he looks’ has often caught the attention of the police, who followed him when he first moved into Melbourne.

‘They didn’t trust us because of what had happened before – I got pulled over more than ten times a day – but they have laid off because we haven’t done anything wrong,’ he said.

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