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Mongols Motorcycle Club brings in tons of revenue but law enforcement still ride them non stop. Video Enclosed

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PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – The Mongols motorcycle club is back in Palm Springs for their annual event — selling out all 255 rooms at the Hilton in downtown Palm Springs. The Palm Springs police department has implemented extra security measures in the surrounding area out of “an abundance of caution.”
“You can’t escape the noise…there’s a couple hundred that come in at one time with all the bikes. So you got the vibrations of the bikes coming up and yeah…it’s a pretty large spectacle,” said Shannon Anderson, the General Manager of the Hilton Palm Springs.
Some locals expressed concern with the return of the biker group. “If you even Wikipedia them…and it says rape, murder drugs…I think it makes people feel uncomfortable,” said Marsha Robinson, a local shop owner. One bar said they refuse to let anyone inside wearing a leather Mongol vest.
Palm Springs police has arrested members of the club for minor violations in the past.
Others downtown say the event is good for the local economy. “To my knowledge there’s never been too many issues with them out here…it’s good for business, like anything,” said Aaron Jesson, a local resident.
The Hilton tells us the club hasn’t caused any trouble this year. “This group has been coming to us now since about 2013 it’s a complete buyout. The club comes they bring their family members they hang out by the pool they relax they’re here to have fun have a good time. We’ve certainly never had any issues. In fact our staff really enjoy this group,” said Anderson.
Despite this, Palm Springs police and other law enforcement agencies could be seen patrolling the streets around the Hilton. PSPD proactively published a statement on informing the public that the motorcyclists would be in town, and that residents would notice an “influx of law enforcement personnel” and not to worry “as it is out of an abundance of caution that they are here.”

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