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Face-tattooed Head Hunter biker, 35, slashes a man in the face and stabs another in bar brawl : Video Enclosed

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A heavily tattooed bikie gang member has been caught on video brandishing a gun after stabbing one man and slashing another man’s face in an unprovoked attack.

Kalwyn George Kershaw, 35, a member of the Head Hunter gang, had been drinking with other gang members at bar in Tauranga, on New Zealand‘s North Island, on the night of the attack.

There had been an altercation with rivals Greazy Dogs gang at the bar, the New Zealand Herald reported.

When Kershaw and other gang members left the bar they approached a group of men in the carpark who they believed had links to the rival gang.

The attack, which was caught on CCTV footage, shows Kershaw walk into one of the men, when the group push back Kershaw pulls out a knife and slashes a man’s face before stabbing another man.

He then pulled out a loaded gun.

The two men have no gang connections.

Kershaw and his posse left in a taxi but were caught a short time later by police.

The attack happened in May – just three weeks after his most recent stint in jail.

Detective Sergeant Darryl Brazier said it was lucky no one died.

‘This man is a very angry man. He was clearly there to intimidate and probably hurt.’

‘These guys thrive on intimidation. And that’s what they do it.’

Kershaw pleaded guilty to five charges from the stabbing in May this year, including assault with intent to injure, possession of methamphetamine and unlawfully carrying a firearm.

He was sentenced in the Tauranga District Court on Friday to four years and nine months behind bars.

His criminal record now boasts more than 100 convictions.

Source Daily News

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