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Five men with ties to Comanchero bikie gang are found guilty of kidnapping a man and dousing him with kerosene during 20-hour ordeal

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Five men with connections to the Comanchero bikie gang have been found guilty of kidnapping and assaulting a meth dealer, a court heard today.

Denis Brown was kidnapped from his Perth home, assaulted with a metal pole, soaked in petrol and forced to watch five men ransack his home in a 20-hour attack over a $55,000 drug deal in August last year.

Darryl Peter Haddrill, Joshua David Joseph Bolton, Dejan Kalezic, Malcolm Theodore Ward and Kim Roy Hansen have this week been found guilty of detaining another with intent to gain a benefit and assault occasioning bodily harm.

Haddrill, Kalezic, Ward and Bolton – who is believed to be a member of the Comancheros – were also found guilty of aggravated burglary.

Mr Brown testified that Haddrill had approached him in March 2017, requesting $55,000 worth of meth, Perth Now reports.

When Haddrill failed to pay up, the court heard that Mr Brown requested a valuable item as collateral, with Haddrill agreeing the meth dealer could take his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Prosecutors claimed that there was an agreement in place whereby Haddrill would get the drugs and his motorcycle when the $55,000 payment had been made.

However, Mr Brown never received payment and said he was awoken five months later at his Ellenbrook home by Bolton – who was wielding a crowbar – as well as another man, and thrown into the boot of a car.

Mr Brown then alleged that he was taken to a ‘bush location’ where Bolton repeatedly punched him, holding a handgun behind his kneecap and demanding to know the location of the motorcycle.

The court heard that Mr Brown then directed his kidnappers to the home of his supplier in Rockingham, but when they saw he had company, they drove back to Mr Brown’s home in Ellenbrook.


It is understood that Mr Brown then watched as the assailants ransacked his home, before taking him to Bassendean where he was further assaulted, this time with a metal pole, and had his leg doused in kerosene.

The motorcycle was reportedly recovered later that day.

It is alleged that Haddrill also tried to get Brown’s family to pay him $70,000 as ‘punishment for messing with the wrong people’ and to cover damages to his motorbike.

While Bolton and Kalezic were the ‘muscle’ in the attack, with Ward and Hansen playing ‘supporting roles’, prosecutors told the court that all five men were equally responsible.

The offenders will be sentenced on 13 December.

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