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Fernando D Araujo a repeat of Big Petes cosmic riders-Truth about Motorcycle Club Protocol & Why Bikers have it wrong about the Confederation of Clubs .

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Truth about Motorcycle Club Protocol & Why Bikers have it wrong about the Confederation of Clubs . Fernando D Araujo a repeat of Big Petes cosmic riders.
I believe that this is one of the most misunderstood topics within the biker scene. Most bikers who do not have any experience with clubs are quick to jump on the band wagon of those who are pop up clubs. The Pop Up Clubs argument many times is “Why should we have to ask permission from a dominant club? This is a free country.” Basically let me set the record straight on that argument. People who go out and start a pop up club without following the traditional routes; which have been in existence since the very least the mid 60s are cowards. There are two reasons why people do not go through the traditional route of joining a motorcycle club.

1. They are either out bad like this Fernando D Araujo (More about this schuck later on!) from well established clubs. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard of people being put out bad from legitimate clubs and turning around pulling stunts starting their own stuff.
2. People cannot put enough effort and dedication into going through the process of the Hang Around and Prospect or Probationary Period. These types of people wish to buy their patches without earning them. These are also the type of people who use the premise of brotherhood to make money of unsuspected and uneducated people.

Case in point.

We’ve uncovered this douche is currently trying to sell patches online for clubs to start. Yes, It’s a repeat of Peter James scam with the Cosmic Riders he talks so openly about in his work of fiction. Anyways, it’s our understanding that this Fernando D Araujo is not only selling patches online to unsuspecting bikers; he is also telling them to pick up their support patches from a local chapter. I thought Pete took the cake on deception but this Fernando is right up there with him. How low can someone actually go in their pursuit of money? Now, I for one know the Outlaws MC are some of the most honorable people in the motorcycle club scene.The actions of this Fernando D Araujo should in no way reflect upon them. He’s Out Bad just like Pete James is when his deception was discovered. I’m inserting this schmucks Facebook page so if ever contacted by him about one of his scams you will know who he is. Insane Throttle will be putting up an Out Bad page for individuals who were put out bad from their clubs. Why? Because we feel it’s important to inform not only civilians who might fall prey to scams from these people but clubs can have a source to go to that has been verified. In Order for a club to ask for someone to be put up on the page, they must

1. Be apart of the Confederation of Clubs. We will not deal with any club who is not apart of the Confederation of Clubs.
2. Must be authorized to submit the information.
3. We will not print club affiliation unless requested to do so by the club. If another club contacts us about a person on this list we will request permission to forward their contact information to the appropriate club. Only name and picture will be displayed unless requested to do otherwise.

Let’s talk about the Truth of Protocol.

I cannot find a more perfect example than this Fernando D Araujo . Here you have an individual giving the whole motorcycle club scene a black eye. This individual is taking advantage of people, and this is one aspect of why protocol was set up in the first place. Protocol was set up so people like this could not put heat on motorcycle clubs. When you have an individual like this or a rogue motorcycle club out there hurting the image of the mc scene all kinds of problems come down on the legitimate clubs. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again. Civilians cannot distinguish between clubs. Most of the time some small club can cause so many problems it’s the dominant in the area that will always suffer. Why? Because all the civilian sees are one of the bigger clubs. They automatically associate these rogue clubs with say 81, AOA, Bandits, Mongols, SOS, or Pagans. In reality these rogue clubs have nothing to do with the dominants.
The this is America Argument we can wear what we like.

One of the misunderstandings people has is thinking they have a right to do what they want because this is America. To some point they are correct. Here is the thing, though. The Motorcycle Club Scene is an exclusive society which has unwritten rules going back to the start of the expansions of the big clubs. Just like every society has their codes of conduct so do motorcycle clubs. The MC Scene is a society in which people are not owed anything. It must be earned. Just because you think you’re entitled to do something doesn’t make it reality. I always laugh when I seen people flaunt the muscle over the internet. They woof so much it’s actually quiet funny. Entertainment aside, when they hit the streets it’s a whole different story. This goes to the larger point here. If someone believes they have the right to wear a patch and break with tradition than you better be able to back it up. Again, you’re not owed anything and quite frankly unless you wore a patch for a traditional club your thoughts don’t mean a damn thing on this subject.
People who do not earn their patch are doomed to fail.

My question is simple, and this goes out to the pop up clubs. What pride do you have in yourself knowing you had to go the route of buying a patch? My answer to that question is simple. You have no pride whatsoever in yourself and the rag you wear is nothing more than bought Walmart fabric with no meaning. You individuals are the exact reason why people like Fernando D Araujo and Big Pete James exist. You provide these ass-monkeys with an income, and you’re too stupid to even know it. Why? Again, you’re cowards who cannot stand up and be men and earn your patches. Instead, you go to the scams these people are pulling and make all clubs look like shit to the general public. Not to mention hurt the image of those who actually put in the blood, sweat and tears into what they achieved.

Fernando D Araujo Facebook Page

The Confederation of Clubs and the misinformation about them.

The Confederation of Clubs has to be the most misunderstood organization out there. The Confederation of Clubs is set in place to provide protection for motorcyclists and to promote the freedom of motorcycle clubs. The aim of the organization is to discourage discrimination toward motorcyclists. (NCOM Website) Before I go on lets take a look at a video from the Confederation of Clubs themselves so you can get a better understanding of the organization right from them.


Another source I would like to point you at is the Sons of Silence Website. Their website gives a fantastic article about Leonard Loyd Reed “JR”. A man I believe is one of the top 3 influential men in the history of the motorcycle scene. A man who had a great deal of faith and work into the Confederation of Clubs.

When I was first coming up in the motorcycle club scene in the early 1990’s the Confederation was just starting to spread it’s wings. Thankfully so! The 90’s, especially the early 90’s. This was a time when guys were getting thrown off their bikes and put faces down on the ground just because they were wearing a patch. Leo was out of control, and the rights of motorcycle club members were being violated every chance Leo got. Now you know why old timers and those who lived thought the early periods of the scene can’t stand cops. There would be no way you would catch anyone associating with a cop, unlike today’s biker. Actually the easiest way you can tell if someone lived through those times and were actually involved in the biker scene is simple. Do they profess a desire in any which way to work with leos or support them. If they do, they were not apart of the scene in the early days. Again, cops back then didn’t give a shit one bit about bikers. They lumped bikers in one big category. It wasn’t until the RUB invasion of the mid 1990s they started to hold back some on the antics. Why? Because those RUBS were not full-time bikers and held positions of power. A cop couldn’t have one of them face down on the ground.
So where does the misconception about the Confederation of Clubs come in?

It’s very interesting actually. Protocol and the Confederation of Clubs are always tied to together by those that are uninformed.This is mostly because of people who are ignorant of the scene. These people always try to equate the two as being one in the same. They are not. Just because the member clubs of the Confederation use, the tradition of protocol does not mean thats what the Confederation is all about. It’s that fallacy which is spread by people who go out and try and start these pop up clubs or are members of law enforcement. The Confederation of Clubs does not have any part in deciding who gets to open a motorcycle club in the area. The Confederation of Clubs is a motorcycle club rights organization pure and simple. Just like ABATE is too independents thats exactly what the COC is for club members. Protocol and starting up clubs are solely with the dominant club. The COC again, has nothing to do with all that. The COC is there to fight for motorcycle club rights. Ask yourself this very simple question. Do you think the lawyers who participate in the Confederation of Clubs would be party to anything that has to do with what people say about the Confederation? Come on, use your brain and common sense.

That’s the problem isn’t it? People don’t use common sense these days.
2018 has brought an influx of people who are quiet honestly, retards. These are people who believe they can speak to something even though they have no experience with the subject. These are also the type of people which fall for scams from the likes of Fernando D Araujo and Pete James. Their ignorance of how motorcycle club traditions are set in place to protect them is completely ignored in the hopes of gaining a patch and respect without any kind of work behind it. When these types of people finally figure out they’ve been taking in by a scam they keep pursuing another path as they did the first time. Just with a different scam artist the next time around. You would think any sane and logical person would stop waisting their time on scams and do it the right way. But again, common sense isn’t around in modern times like it used to be.

Fernando D Araujo and Pete James are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to people who are out there waiting to take advantage of the ignorant. They thrive on people who do not know any better in the hopes of exploiting that weakness. I’m not immune to this. I fell for Pete James games at first as well. I have no excuse, but I didn’t do my due diligence with the club he came from. In the process of not doing my due diligence my credibility as an independent journalist took a hit. Something I work very hard rebuilding day by day. My advice to people out there who don’t know any better or have any experience in the scene is to lean on the traditions that have been set in place for decades. They are there to protect you from people like Fernando D Araujo, Pete James and the many others who wish to put themselves before the better of their club.
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  1. The real problem is that tge “clubs” are criminal enterprises that use violence and intimidation against anyone who wants to have a real club and Brotherhood. A gang is a gang regardless of what they claim. And I’m pretty sure that your list of ‘out bad’s” will get you some legal troubles. I have 1st hand experience with this and I know. You just keep grinding out the bullshit. No one needs your permission to have a club. There was just a bunch of guys sent to prison for trying that bullshit. Your tyranny is over and the courts and cops are just looking for you idiots to pull this shit so they can pull your patches. Why do you think Iron Order is thriving and pushing you guys out? No one owes you idiots anything in the way of respect or permission. Your dinosaur days are numbered and no one cares about your bullshit ideas. Put out on bad doesn’t mean anything except someone got caught fucking up and someone else was put out on bad for telling his Brother’s about it. I got put out on bad for exposing a chomo. So fuck off with your lies and bullshit. Assholes fucking with civilians to feel superior. Coverups and criminals are all it’s about. Drunk drugged out assholes living off of their women because they can’t hold jobs and be at every club function and the dues and taxes are just a money making machine for the Bosses and no one else.


  2. Excellent article! COC’S were and are organized to combat harassment and discrimination against motorcyclists, so they’ll never tell anyone they can or cannot wear a patch. That is, as you illustrated, a matter between the individual clubs and the local dominants. A non-association list of pop-up and rogue clubs should be published along with the out bad dirt bags

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