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No charges filed against 2 IMPD officers arrested for OWI after motorcycle crash

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INDIANAPOLIS — Two Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers who were arrested on suspicion of operating motorcycles under the influence when one of them was involved in a crash back in October will not face charges.

The crash happened around Fountain Square on October 22 just after 11 p.m.

Police reports state that Dustin Keedy and Timothy Elliott were riding in the area when Keedy was involved in a crash that was not his fault. He and Elliott both tested above the legal limit for alcohol at the scene and were placed under arrest.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s office says further blood tests taken at the hospital found Elliott’s blood alcohol level to be between .068 to .082 percent and Keedy’s blood alcohol level to be between .67 to .081 percent.

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“Due to no additional signs of impairment and the majority of the blood alcohol ranges for each individual falling clearly below the statutory level of impairment at .08 percent, it was determined that criminal charges were not justified,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement released Friday.

Both officers were placed on administrative leave following their arrests back in October and will re main on leave pending the outcome of their internal investigation.

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Source the Indy Channel

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