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Woman stabbed multiple times in Philadelphia motorcycle club-US Military Veterans Motorcycle Club gives $3,200 to benefit local charity

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A woman was stabbed multiple times inside a motorcycle club in the Cobbs Creek section of Philadelphia. The incident happened at the Wheels of Soul Motorcycle Club on the 6100 block of Market Street around 3 a.m. on Friday.

Police say the 23-year-old woman was stabbed multiple times in the head, face and chest during an altercation.

She was transported to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center and listed in critical condition.


Two weeks ago, the U. S. Military Veterans Motorcycle Club, Pensacola Crossbones chapter, held a poker run to benefit WEAR’s Communities Caring at Christmas.

The members and their guests brought new toys and made cash donations.

Some of the riders rolled up to the t-v station on Friday morning bringing their check for $3,200.

The veterans say the poker run is about fun and camaraderie but, most of all, it’s another chance to serve.

Andrew “Hagrid” Kelleher, U. S. Military Vets Motorcycle Club says “Taking care of other people and loving what you leave behind is something that I think is ingrained in every military person; part of why they do it. Whether it be the home they came from or where they found themselves after they got out; you know, it’s all about helping out where you call home.”

The motorcycle veterans say they are already planning the next ride for “Communities caring at Christmas.”

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  1. My comment is how awful that this story couldn’t even hold the real story about the woman stabbed it briefly mentions her then quickly jumps back to this wonderful motorcycle club and it wonderful toy poker event and just ignores the poor victim and the details on what happened. That’s horrible and rude, also in light of latest court case against another MC group doesn’t that then mean this group here is also considered an organized crime group given that they’re a MC, the fact it was an organized event and that a person was attacked and later died as a result well then I guess they fall under the same as the latest Mongold MC I’m just wondering how that works for one singled out group and not the rest and there’s more then a few I consider more violent and organized specifically for the goal of crime and alot more worse then the Mongols MC. Again I’m a bit confused in it my condolences to family of the woman who lost her life.


  2. it comes down to the old old saying. If i have to try to explain it to you. your not going understand it anyhow.


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