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Hells Angels deserve praise -Motorcycle club, union, nonprofit make Solano youths smile-High-profile Hells Angel wedding takes place in downtown Montreal

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The Hells Angels caused an uproar by bell ringing for the Salvation Army, a Christian organization. They chose to wear their club clothes to this, which included patches on some, depicting many heritages, including White, Latino, Japanese and others. When interviewed, they responded by saying they welcome all people from all walks of life, some chose to put heritage patches on, others not, it’s not required. They explained they wanted to help their community. People started a Facebook rant and the Salvation Army caved to the pressure of mean-spirited people and chose to not allow them this opportunity next year.

In this time of celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, where is peace and goodwill to all men? Jesus did not judge anyone, he ate with prostitutes and thieves. All were welcomed at his table, he condemned no one for who they were or what they’ve done. These men wanted to help their community, nothing more. Jesus said let those among you who have not sinned cast the first stone, is anyone up for that challenge?

These men that stood in the cold ringing a bell filled six buckets with money. Is that money now tainted somehow? Is it less important than if the Girl Scouts did it? Are the people that money will help going to refuse it because of what the person who collected it was wearing? Should we not all strive to help the community as they did? Will the people on Facebook stand in the cold for their community? There is enough shame here to go around, but not for these men, they gave of themselves.

Lori Higgins, Portage

Source NWI Portage

Motorcycle club, union, nonprofit make Solano youths smile
By Kimberly K. Fu
Fluffing out his brilliant red suit edged in white with a matching hat, the only thing protecting him from the rain, Santa hopped aboard his Harley Davidson Road King early Saturday and roared out of Cordelia, an escort of leather-clad elves behind him.
Operation Christmas Joy was in full swing and the reward — the smiles of hundreds of Solano youths — awaited.
‘Twas the 14th annual Solano County Toy Run sponsored by Bad Boyz MC, Operating Engineers Local #3 and Mission Samoa.
Gathered at the Sheetmetal Workers Local 104 headquarters on Central Place, at least 100 supporters and their families kicked off the event with a pancake breakfast. The fat golden discs and sides, including heaping mounds of sausages, quickly disappeared and were accompanied by excited conversations and hugs.
Tons of toys were piled along one wall and bicycles destined for little boys and girls were packed into the beds of at least one pickup truck. Soon, the crew would head out along the freeway and meander through Fairfield to deliver the donated goodies to Solano’s disadvantaged youth.
“We’ve been very blessed,” said Operating Engineers Local 3 District Rep. Jim Jacobs, explaining that Local 3 members have good-paying jobs and want to share what they can with the community.
It’s what made Salvador Cid III, a graphic artist and photographer with Local 3 for just six months, participate with his family.
“It’s a fun event and they’re giving out toys to little kids,” he said. “They’re always doing stuff like this, helping people. … They’re a family and even in the short time I’ve been here, I feel like part of the family.”
Santa, also known as Angelo Cellini, has portrayed the jolly red leader since the toy run’s inception.He already had the equipment and he believes in the cause.
“My mom and dad bought me this Santa suit 20 years ago,” he advised.
Since then, he’s played Santa for a bunch of events, including ones hosted by the Sons of Italy, Shriners, the Masons and more.
Retired from Local 3 for about four years, he and his wife split their time between Solano and Oregon.
Outside, more riders arrived and more toys filled the beds of three pickups.
Bianca Plancarte of Napa was enthusiastic about the event.
“It’s my first time. I think it’s pretty awesome,” she said. “It’s satisfying knowing you’re giving something to a kid.”
Stephanie Sibley of Vacaville explained that the business she works for, Coast Landscape Management, donated $500 that went toward purchasing eight bicycles.
It’s exciting, she said.
Gene Ahu, with Bad Boyz MC and Mission Samoa and an event organizer, said the event is slated to go on and on and on.
“It’s just something that continues for the kids,” he pointed out.
But the event couldn’t happen without the community’s input, he added.
“We want to thank everyone for their support and their gifts,” he said.
Source The Reporter

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By Global News
Hells Angel Martin Robert and Annie Arbic arrive to Le Windsor hotel to celebrate their wedding along with some of their most prominent guests.
High-profile members of Quebec organized crime dressed to the nines to attend the wedding of a Hells Angel’s member and the daughter of a drug trafficker in downtown Montreal.
According to Le Journal de Montreal, Martin Robert and Annie Arbic tied the knot at the swanky downtown Le Windsor hotel. Among the nearly 300 guests were people linked to the Mafia and the Rizzuto clan.
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Camera flashes lit up when Robert, who has been on Quebec’s most wanted list, arrived with his bride in a vintage Cadillac to the venue. Surrounded by media, the couple rushed up the stairs.
Various police forces weren’t far away, taking pictures and keeping a close eye on the who’s-who of the province’s underworld.
Both Arbic and Robert are convicted criminals, having served time in prison.
Arbic was in jail for crimes related to Project Cleopatra, a police operation looking into the export of Quebec-grown marijuana into the United States. Arbic’s mother, Sharon Simons, also known as “the Queen of Kanesatake,” was dubbed the leader of the network.
In 2009, Arbic was denied parole in part for her relationship with Robert.
In 2010, Robert was arrested under charges of murder and drug trafficking in Cancun, Mexico, where he was living under a false identity.