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ACTION ALERT!!!!! Advocates to Speak in Support of Motorcycle Helmet Bill

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With the start of spring just days away, we’ll start seeing motorcycles on the road. In Connecticut, it isn’t mandatory for riders to wear helmets, but every year there is a push at the Capitol to change that.

You may never ride a motorcycle, but you certainly share the road with them. So the question is should riders be forced to wear helmets?

There’s a group of people pressuring legislators to make that decision. They’re gathering at the Legislative Office Building to take a stand.

The group called “Heads First Connecticut” is made up of bikers, hospital leaders, police and advocates like AAA. They said helmets are the best defense against injury and compare it to a seatbelt or a car seat.

Legislators are already considering a bill that would require helmets.

Last month, there was a public hearing on it. People on both sides of the argument turned out.

“This should be our choice. You know? I want to take that chance. Let those who ride decide,” said Norman Lejoie of Thomaston.

“But their choice comes at everyone else’s expense. Family members of brain injury victims, first responders, doctors and nurses, and taxpayers ultimately must shoulder the expense,” said Paul Siciliano of Heads First Connecticut.

The group that wants helmets will be meeting at the LOB and are holding a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.


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