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Dozens of bikers attend funeral for Hells Angels member gunned down~A heavy police presence was visible outside the Woodbridge funeral home

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CBC News

Dozens of bikers turned out on Saturday afternoon for the funeral of a Hells Angels motorcycle gang member shot to death in Mississauga earlier this month.

Motorcycle club members from across Ontario and as far away as Quebec and British Columbia attended a service for Michael Deabaitua-Schulde at the Vescio Funeral Home in Woodbridge.

Deabaitua-Schulde, 32, was described by police as a “well-entrenched” member of the notorious motorcycle gang’s Niagara chapter. He was gunned down in the parking lot of HUF Boxing Gym on March 11, in what investigators called a targeted hit.

Police have arrested four men from Montreal in connection with the daylight slaying.

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Many Hells Angels, along with members of allied outlaw motorcycle clubs — commonly called “support clubs” — were seen milling about outside the funeral home before the service began. There was also a heavy police presence, with officers from the OPP and York keeping a close eye on those in attendance.

Funerals for club members often offer police a rare opportunity to keep tabs on the who’s who of the biker underworld.

The Hells Angels have hundreds of members in Canada. The gang first moved into Ontario in 2000, after they emerged victorious in a bloody biker war in Quebec fought against the Rock Machine MC.

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  1. I like how tou said “gang” like 4 or 5 times, shows how much you know right off the bat. Its a club, gangs are punk little scumbag b*tches, these are real men. Something you probably wouldnt know about. We are clubs, you propiganda spreading rag. Oh and the police can go eat a fat bag of d*cks, gether your inteligence from my balls pigs, ACAB!!

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  2. While the guy up there did not have to be so aggressive he does have a point. This site should not be using words that are purposefully placed to reinforce this rampant overused stereotype and misconception common on most media to grab attention

    And it’s no excuse that it was a reproduced article. Others may not agree but I beleive as an editor you are still responsible for any articles reproduced on this site

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