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Michael J. Fox got a tattoo on his forearm for a meaningful reason: Here’s the ‘long story’ behind his ink


You can’t, unfortunately, travel back in time to undo bad tattoos — so before getting inked, MIchael J. Fox put years of thought into his.

Back in January, Fox, 57, posted an Instagram of his brand-new forearm tattoo, captioning it, “First tattoo, sea turtle, long story.”

The actor explained the significance of his new body art to Fortune during its Brainstorm Health conference in San Diego this week.

“It was New Year’s 1999, and I went swimming and I saw a turtle, kind of a damaged little turtle,” Fox recalled. “And I followed him around for awhile. And I came out, and I decided to start the foundation.”

The turtle is shown swimming through five hoops, representing Fox’s five decades of life, as well as “the idea of emerging and coming into something new all the time,” he said.

Source: AOL News

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