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What The Sons Of Anarchy Cast Are Doing Now (2019)The Sons Of Anarchy cast are what helped power the show and here’s what they’ve been up to since it ended.

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This gritty FX crime saga had one of the best ensembles on television, but what are the Sons Of Anarchy cast up to now? Sons Of Anarchy ran from 2008 to 2014 and followed the often violent struggles of the SAMCRO motorcycle club. Creator Kurt Sutter often compared the story to Hamlet, with the main character Jax clashing with father figure Clay, who took over from his father as the club’s president and married Jax’s mother Gemma.

Sons Of Anarchy was a dark, bloody show with no real heroes, but the characters and performances made it addictive viewing. The show was never afraid to pull punches or kill off an important character, and Sutter decided to end it after seven seasons before it grew stale. In the time since it ended, the show still seems to gain new fans every year.

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The Sons Of Anarchy cast are what helped power the show and here’s what they’ve been up to since it ended.

Charlie Hunnam – Jax Teller

Charlie Hunnam’s Jax Teller was the main character and backbone of the Sons Of Anarchy cast. Hunnam has been busy in recent years, including leading roles in King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword and Papillion. He also co-starred in Netflix action thriller Triple Frontier and will reunite with director Guy Ritchie for The Gentlemen.

Ron Perlman – Clay Morrow

Ron Perlman was a prolific performer before Sons Of Anarchy, and he hasn’t slowed down in the years since. He played leading roles in TV series StartUp and Hand Of God, reprised his voice-over role in video game Fallout 76 and will next appear in Paul W.S. Anderson’s video game adaptation Monster Hunter.

Katey Sagal – Gemma Morrow

Gemma was Jax’s mother and Clay’s wife and was often seen as the Lady Macbeth of the series. Since the end of Sons Of Anarchy, she’s appeared on Sutter’s follow-up show The Bastard Executioner, guest starred on The Connors and appeared as Dr. Ingrid Jones on Shameless.

Kim Coates – Tig Trager

Tig is a fan favorite character from the series, though his violent temper often got both himself and the club in trouble. Like Ron Perlman, Kim Coates is another performer who never seems to stop working, and has since played a lead role in TV series Bad Blood, Ghost Wars and movie drama Cold Brook.

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Maggie Siff – Tara Knowles

Tara Knowles was Jax’s wife but their relationship was far from simple. Since leaving the Sons Of Anarchy cast Maggie Siff has appeared in the film drama One Percent More Humid and TV series Billions.

Emilio Rivera – Marcus Alvarez

Marcus was a former rival to Jax but their relationship softened a little over the course of the series. Emilio Rivera later reprised Marcus for Sons Of Anarchy spinoff Mayans MC and has also appeared in Venom and will co-star in Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell.

Ryan Hurst – Opie Winston

Opie was Jax’s best friend and impossibly loyal to his club. Ryan Hurst has since gone to roles in Bates Motel and was most recently seen as Beta on The Walking Dead season 9.

Theo Rossi – Juan Ortiz

Theo Rossi played Juan “Juice” Ortiz in Sons Of Anarchy and has since appeared on Netflix series Luke Cage and will play a leading role in World War II horror movie Ghosts Of War.

Mark Boone Junior – Bobby Munson

Bobby was one of the most level-headed of the club but he could be violent when he needed to be. Mark Boone Junior has since moved on to roles in TV series Patriot, dark comedy Living Room Coffin and will next be seen in TV show Paradise City.

Tommy Flanagan – Chibs Telford

Since the end of Sons Of Anarchy Scottish actor Tommy Flanagan has appeared in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2, Papillon and will next appear in TV series Wu Assassins.


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